═══════════════════════════════ C arin Buckman - Marketing & Publicity Chair, Beth El Temple, Hartford, CT   In   2012/2013   Beth   El   Temple   embarked   on   a   wonderful   journey   -   our   Temple   had   the unique   and   wonderful   experience   of   writing   a   Torah.   Rabbi   Selwyn   and   Rabbi   Druin were   terrific!   They   worked   individually   with   each   and   every   family   to   make   their   lettering experience   personal   and   special.   They   ran   fun,   experiential   educational   sessions   for adults and children in our religious school. I   had   the   privilege   of   working   hand-in-hand   with   Rabbi   Goldstein   to   design   and   create marketing   materials   for   this   year-long   project.   Together   we   designed   beautiful   pieces that   worked   in   tandem   with   our   Temple's   branding   and   its   message.   In   many   cases Rabbi   Goldstein   even   worked   directly   with   our   printer   to   ensure   that   our   collateral materials were perfect. One   of   the   most   special   aspects   of   this   project   was   being   able   to   share   it   with   the   community.   We   took   our   Sofer   and parchment   on   the   road   to   visit   schools,   nursing   homes,   and   assisted   living   facilities.   In   this   way   we   were   able   to   touch holocaust   survivors   and   great   grandparents,   bringing   multiple   generations   together   to   letter   in   the Torah.   Even   now,   after almost   a   year   of   reading   from   our   beautiful   new   Torah,   it   still   brings   tears   to   our   eyes   when   a   bar   or   bat   mitzvah   family shares how incredible it is that their son/daughter is reading from the very scroll in which their child/family lettered. _________________ Daniel Kulakofsky, Beth El Temple, Hartford, CT   Our   Torah   experience   was   enriched   at   every   turn   by   the   wonderful,   knowledgeable   people   at   Sofer   On   Site.   Services such   as   project   planning,   idea   generation   and   design   were   always   available   and   done   professionally.   But   the   real beauty   of   Sofer   On   Site   was   clear   at   every   program   and   lettering   event   we   held.   The   time   spent   with   every   member   of our   congregation,   the   engagement   and   the   personal   connections   that   were   made,   particularly   when   our   community   was lettering   the   Torah,   were   remarkable.   Literally   hundreds   of   people   told   stories   of   how   the   Sofrim   connected   in   a   magical way   under   the   Chupah.   Many   members   were   moved   to   tears   by   the   experience   while   almost   everyone   was   surprised   by how   moved   they   were   scribing   their   letters.   Clearly   we   have   Sofer   On   Site   to   thank   for   guiding   us   and   helping   to   create such a wonderful experience. _________________ Rabbi Howard Sowalsky (Ritual & Executive Director) & Judith Rosenthal - Torah Project Co-Chair Beth   El   Temple,   Hartford,   CT   Sofer   On   Site   provided   incredible   leadership   and   guidance   with   great   passion   and   teaching   with   regard   to   our   Torah Experience   at   Beth   El   Temple   in   West   Hartford,   CT.   Our   scribes,   Rabbis   Selwyn   and   Druin   were   unparalleled   in imparting   their   knowledge   and   resourcefulness.   They   connected   and   touched   everyone   with   whom   they   came   in contact. Rabbi   Goldstein   is   an   IT   whiz   and   has   patience   beyond   description.   The   Torah   Experience   with   Sofer   On   Site   is   a lifetime achievement and sacred Jewish experience I will cherish forever. Most of all, I will treasure the friendships with Rabbis Selwyn, Druin and Goldstein. ═══════════════════════════════ T eresa   Hellman   -   Ceremony   Chair   -   Congregation   Beth   Torah,   KS Dear Rabbi Druin and Rabbi Goldstein I   didn't   want   the   week   to   pass   without   telling   both   of   you   how   much   I   have   enjoyed working with you on this project for our synagogue. I   have   learned   so   much,   and   it   is   has   been   a   truly   rewarding   experience   to   have   been the   Ceremonies   Chair   on   this   project.   I   feel   that   the   resources   Sofer   On   Site   provided us   allowed   me   to   pull   together   just   the   right   activities   to   create   meaningful   ceremonies from the launch to the closing ceremony. Thank   you   for   your   guidance   and   insight   on   all   of   the   little   details   on   the   program.   In   fact   the   only   thing   I   regret   not including   in   our   service   on   Sunday   was   your   recommendation   of   having   the   youth   group   standing   up   with   signs   saying we   love   you   Rabbi   Levin   after   he   finished   his   remarks!   He   would   have   loved   it   and   I   could   almost   hear   it   when   he finished his remarks. It   was   a   lovely   service   and   we   honored   both   our   Rabbi   and   our   New   Torah   in   just   the   right   ways   with   your   guidance. Thank you for your contributions that day and throughout this past many months. All my best, ═══════════════════════════════ R abbi Yitzchok Schiff - Toras Emes, FL Rabbi   Druin,   Thank   you   SO   much   for   coming   to   show   the   boys   what   a   real   sofer   does. It   was   entertaining,   informative   and   a   lot   of   fun   for   all!   I   have   already   received   a   mound of positive feedback. Safrus   has   been   a   personal   interest   of   mine,   and   the   electives   forced   me   to   do   some decent   research   to   be   able   to   present   something   meaningful   to   the   boys   over   the course   of   the   4   sessions   I   had.   But   as   I   pointed   out   to   them,   safrus   is   one   of   those areas   of   yiddishkeit   that   you   can   spend   your   entire   life   devoted   to   studying   and   still   only begin   to   scratch   the   surface.   And   so,   it   was   so   uplifting   to   see   many   of   the   ideas   I   presented   to   them   echoed   in   your presentation. But the way you did it, with all the inside info and with all the real live props....... it was amazing! ═══════════════════════════════ P earl Halegua - Torah Project Chair - Temple Beth Sholom , Roslyn, N.Y. Our   goal   was   to   not   only   have   a   fund   raiser   but   to   also   give   each   of   our   members   the opportunity   to   fulfill   Mitzvah   613,   to   write   a   Sefer   Torah.   This   was   so   important   to   our committee   that   we   stated   in   our   literature,   no   member   was   required   to   make   any donation   in   order   to   scribe.   Rabbi   Druin,   our   sofer,   opened   up   a   lot   of   hearts   while scribing     with     each     of     our     members.     Individuals     constantly     found     meaningful connections   with   the   letter   they   randomly   came   upon   to   write.   Each   was   moved   by   not only   the   experience   of   writing,   but   everyone   walked   away   with   a   pearl   of   wisdom   either about the teaching of torah, how it was made or a midrash about their letter. Everyone    grew    in    some    way.    Rabbi    Druin    was    also    wonderful    with    our    children, especially   our   pre   schoolers.   He   made   the   experience   joyful   ,   as   well   as   educational. Torah   was   truly   our   theme   last   year   and   what   is   beautiful,   is   that   every   Shabbat   when   we   take   it   out,   our   congregation feels   connected   to   it   in   so   many   ways.   Our   bnei   mitzvot   each   have   a   letter   they   wrote   in   the   torah   from   which   they   read for their simcha. The   new   torah   is   so   light   compared   to   our   old   ones,   that   lifting   it   is   a   possibility   for   those   of   various   strength.   The calligraphy   is   easy   to   read,   which   makes   so   many   very   happy.   It   is   truly   reader   friendly.   Writing   this   torah   was   a   win,   win experience;   not   only   did   we   benefit   from   it   financially,   but   our   congregants   benefitted   spiritually   on   so   many   levels. Temple Beth Sholom truly "took hold of torah" with this project. While   looking   to   create   a   meaningful   fundraiser   the   concept   of   writing   a   torah   was   brought   up   .   Some   said   we   don’t need another torah …others said we need to write a new Torah for the next generation. _________________ Louis Naviasky - Torah Project Chair - Temple Beth Sholom , Roslyn, N.Y. What   started   out   as   a   18   month   fundraising   project   ended   up   turning   into   a   dynamic   community   building   event encompassing   learning   and   sharing.   Having   Rabbi   Moshe   Druin   was   the   key   to   the   success   of   the   program.   While   we had   many   challenges,   Rabbi   Druin   overcame   them   and   offered   solutions   that   reinvigorated   the   schul.   I   would   highly recommend that your schul consider embarking on this meaningful journey with Rabbi Druin and his team. ═══════════════════════════════ R abbi   Karen   Allen   -   Congregation   Beth   Sholom   -   Leesburg,   Florida Dear Rabbi Bialo -- Thank   you   so   much   for   your   thoughtfulness   in   sending   us   this   entree   to   the   beautiful and meaningful events in London. Like   so   many   others,   I   have   been   filled   with   awe   and   tears   at   viewing   the   videos   and photos,   and   hearing   the   words   of   the   participants.   I   am   delighted   that   you   were   able   to be   there.   It   is   a   well-deserved   honor,   as   you   and   your   wonderful   staff   at   Sofer   On   Site have done so much to bring Torah to so many, certainly including our congregation. I   am   sharing   your   email   with   Linda   Bork   and   Marsha   Stemerman,   our   Congregation   Beth   Sholom   president   and   past president   who   were   so   instrumental   in   bringing   our   magnificent   Torah   to   us,   through   you.   Every   time   we   open   the   Ark, we   are   overcome   with   emotion,   just   as   we   were   on   that   first   day   we   brought   our   Torah   into   the   sanctuary   with   ceremony and celebration. That feeling never diminishes, nor does our gratitude to you for making it possible. We   want   you   to   know,   very   personally,   how   much   we   appreciate   your   continuing   presence   in   our   lives.   We   think   and speak of you often, always with a smile and a prayer for your continued good health and success. With love and blessings ═══════════════════════════════ N ancy Pryzant Picus - The Shlenker School of Congregation Beth Israel, Houston, TX As   the   Director   of   Jewish   Learning   for   a   large   Reform   Day   School   with   an   early   childhood   program,   I   was   concerned about   how   one   person   could   relate   so   well   to   children   ranging   in   age   from   four   to   eleven years   old.   My   concerns   were   completely   ungrounded,   however,   as   Rabbi   Salazar   is   not only   a   world-class   scribe;   he   is   also   an   incredible   teacher.   His   sense   of   humor   engaged the   students   immediately,   and   his   ability   to   convey   complex   ideas   into   age-appropriate language   was   clear   as   he   spoke   to   the   students.   His   group   presentations   were   fun, informative,   and   meaningful.   Our   students--and   their   teachers--are   so   much   richer   for the time they spent with him. ═══════════════════════════════ R abbi   Arik   Labowitz   -   Berkeley,   CA Dear   Moshe,   I   wanted   to   thank   you   again   for   coming   to   my   home   and   doing   such   an   amazing   job   teaching   and   taking care   of   this   Torah.   Everyone   that   attended   the   workshop   could   not   offer   enough   praise for   your   depth   of   knowledge   and   your   ability   to   connect   with   your   audience.   You   have   a rare   gift   and   I'm   so   glad   that   you   were   able   to   share   it   with   us.   Perhaps   we   can   make this   an   annual   event.   In   the   meantime   please   let   me   know   when   you'll   be   back   in   the bay area. Blessings to you and your family for a sweet and rejuvenating Shabbat, Arik ═══════════════════════════════ L auren Resnikoff Temple Judea of Manhasset I   worked   with   Sofer   On   Site   to   design   the   closing   ceremony.   Sofer   On   Site   offered   a   number   of   creative   ideas   and resources   for   a   meaningful   ceremony. Through   discussions   with   Sofer   On   Site,   we   were able to customize a moving celebration in which our scroll was wed to our congregation. _________________ Helen Weinstein - Temple Judea of Manhasset As   one   of   the   marketing   co-chairs,   I   had   extensive   contact   with   Rabbi   Goldstein.   I   found him   to   be   very   helpful,   giving   us   prompt   attention.   He   was   able   to   guide   us   through   the process,   helping   us   with   everything   from   the   initial   marketing   brochure   to   the   final   Closing   Ceremony.   His   breadth   and depth of knowledge made our project a success. _________________ Phyllis   Wininger   -   Temple   Judea   of   Manhasset My   experience   with   Sofer   On   Site   is   one   I   will   always   remember.   I   personally   had   the   most   contact   with   Rabbi   Goldstein. As   publicity   co-chairperson,   he   helped   us   create   all   the   printed   material.   Besides   his   creative   talents,   he   always   had patience,   wisdom,   and   a   sense   of   humor.   Every   Sofer   who   came   to   our   Temple   for   Torah   scribing   inspired   all   our families. It has been a pleasure working with Sofer On Site. _________________ Henry   Levy   -   Temple   Judea   of   Manhasset,   NY I   found   Sofer   On   Site   to   be   very   supportive   throughout   this   project.   Rabbi   Goldstein   is   a   great   communicator.   Rabbi Selwyn's   sense   of   humor   and   warmth   created   a   truly   spiritual   environment.   My   family   jointly   wrote   the   letter   mem.   My young grandchildren-- were mesmerized by the experience.
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