═══════════════════════════════ G loria Avner, Executive Vice-President - Keys Jewish Community Center, FL Dear Moshe and Menachem   I   trust   that   you   and   Sofers-on-Site   are   healthy   and   prospering.   It   is   hard   to   believe   that   a year   has   passed   since   you   worked   with   us.   Gratitude   still   abounds   for   the   wonderful experience our congregation had with you. In   my   head   I   am   hearing   your   voice   today,   your   reassurance   that   you   would   always   be   with   us,   a   part   of   us.   We   are wanting   to   do   our   part   to   preserve   the   work   you   did   last   year.   We   have   been   planning   to   air   out   our   Torah   this   Shabbat morning   after   services.   None   of   us   have   done   this   before,   not   even   our   Resident   Scholar,   Rabbi   Agler,   though   he   is willing   to   help.   A   number   of   us   watched   you   do   it   when   we   brought   our   torah   to   you.   You   accomplished   the   task   with     such   rapidity   and   grace,   it   seemed   like   a   dance.   We   want   to   honor   our   Holocaust   Torah   and   preserve   it   far   into   the future.   Can   you   give   us   some   advice   and   instruction,   preferably   step   by   step.   Even   better,   do   you   have   a   video   of   how   it is done. ═══════════════════════════════ D avid Miller -  Temple Beth Shalom - Santa Fe, NM Rabbi   Druin   played   such   a   strong   part   in   our   Holocaust   Torah   Restoration   Project   video presentation because   he   has   such   a   powerful   presence   when   speaking   with   TBS   individuals   or families. Thank you so much for helping make this such a wonderful Project and documentary. ═══════════════════════════════ R abbi Bennett F. Miller -  Anshe Emeth Memorial Temple - New Brunswick, NJ I   am   writing   to   express   my   appreciation   to   Rabbi   Salazar   for   his   visit   here   in   New Brunswick, and his kindness and care of our Torah Scrolls. We are very grateful. We   have   also   received   the   recommendations   that   you   have   made   to   us   about   continued repair and restoration. Now   that   Chagim   are   over   we   will   make   some   decisions   soon   and   be   in   touch   with   you about continuing to ensure that our Toras are fully Kosher and kept in proper condition. ═══════════════════════════════ M arlene Tomlin, President -  Beth Israel Synagogue - Vidalia, GA It   has   been   a   joyous   blessing   to   work   with   everyone   at   Sofer   On   Site .   Our   thanks   and our prayers will always be with all of you. ​What   a   joy!      The   workmanship   was   beautiful!   What   a   lovely   sight!      Again,   many   thank yous   with   much   gratitude   and   many   blessings   to   you   and   your   staff.      I   hope   that   we   will get   to   meet   one   day!   Your   warmth   and   caring   shine   through   in   your   communications.     We   greatly   appreciate   everything   all   of   you   have   done   to   assist   us   in   koshering   our Torah! ​═══════════════════════════════ M ark Miller -  Temple Bat Yahm - newport Beach, CA Dear Moshe, Wonderful to hear from you and to receive your good wishes and blessings. I   have   fond   memories   of   our   time   together   and   the   wonderful   spiritual   meaning   and financial success of the project over which you presided. G-d willing we will get together in the future. Shabbat Shalom ═══════════════════════════════ R abbi Ilan Glazer -  Beth Sholom Synagogue - Memphis, TN Just   wanted   to   take   a   minute   to   let   you   know   how   thoroughly   delighted   everyone   was with   Levi’s   visit   to   our   shul   this   week.   It   was   clear   from   start   to   finish   that   he   had   the best   interests   of   our   shul   in   mind,   and   worked   to   make   sure   we   would   have   a   kosher Torah   when   he   left.   His   presentation   at   night   was   fabulous,   and   everyone   who   attended was impressed with his devotion to the holy art of sofrut. I   know   Levi   said   he   would   send   us   a   report   next   week   with   detailed   information   about our Torahs   and   the   work   needing   to   be   done. There   is   definite   interest   among   our   leadership   in   having   Levi   return   before the chagim in order to make sure we will have all of our Torahs in top shape and ready to go for yontif. Again, I know it took a lot to arrange for Levi to visit us this time. We certainly hope he can return soon Thanks and blessings, ═══════════════════════════════ L isa Goldberg - Executive Director - Temple Israel - westport, CT I   must   tell   you,   when   we   rededicated   the Torahs   on   Kol   Nidrei,   I   was   crying   with   tears   of joy   and   appreciation   –   what   wonderful   work   you   did,   and   how   lucky   we   are   to   be   free and able to celebrate and practice our Judaism in peace. ═══════════════════════════════ L eslie Bernstein - Calvary Hospital - NY Dear Rabbi Selwyn, Thank   you   for   your   words   of   thanks,   and   for   your   kind   words   about   our   staff   too   –   I   feel very fortunate every time I step into the door here, that is for sure. All   of   us   at   the   Fund   and   Public   Affairs   are   hoping   to   find   a   way   to   bring   you   back   to Calvary   –   we   are   so   blessed   to   have   gotten   to   know   you   over   your   visits   here,   and   to have   been   in   your   presence   as   you   interacted   with   our   families.   I   often   say   that   for   our caregivers,   the   work   they   do   at   Calvary   is   not   a   job,   but   a   calling,   and   that   is   how   I   think we   all   felt   watching   you   speak   with   everyone   who   came   to   write   a   letter.   You   truly   came to   understand   the   mission   of   this   place   –   on   behalf   of   all   of   us   at   the   Fund   and   Public Affairs, thank you. Wishing   you   a   restful   Shabbos,   and   all   best   as   you   go   forward   with   your   sacred   work.   Looking   forward   to   welcoming   you back to Calvary, too – I have to believe we will find a way! With all best wishes, Leslie _________________ Rabbi Rachmiel Rothberger - Calvary Hospital - NY Dear Rabbis Druin and Selwyn, As   our   Torah   restoration   project   has   come   to   a   close   at   Calvary   Hospital,   we   want   to   truly   thank   you   for   leading   us   on this   most   inspirational   journey.   Each   of   the   educational   components   from   the   evaluation   our   Torah,   to   the   launch,   letter writing   ceremonies,   as   well   as   our   rededication   invigorated   a   spirit   of   excitement   and   positive   energy   to   all   who   came   in contact with the Torah. Moreover,   our   restoration   project   helped   strengthen   a   sense   of   unity   among   our   global   and   diverse   community   at Calvary   Hospital.   The   personal   explanations   that   accompanied   the   writing   of   the   letters   were   a   source   of   enlightenment for   the   members   of   our   staff   and   families.   The   participants   were   able   to   sense   their   personal   connection   to   this   special Torah scroll and internalize that fact that Torah is a Toras Chaim (Living document). The   project   had   also   served   as   a   source   of   comfort   for   our   families.   Family   members   were   able   to   pay   tribute   to   their loved   ones   in   this   most   special   way   in   the   very   place   from   where   their   loved   departed   to   meet   their   maker.   It   was   a distinct   honor   to   work   with   you   on   this   project,   and   very   fitting   within   the   philosophy   of   Calvary   Hospital,   “the   place where   life   continues,”   that   life   was   restored   to   this   special Torah.   May   Hashem   bless   you   and   your   families,   and   may   you merit continuing to sanctify G-d’s name with the holy work that you are doing. _________________ Leslie Bernstein - Calvary Hospital - NY Shalom, Tabbi Druin. This   project   has   made   many   new   friends,   and   strengthened   cords   with   existing   friends,   over   the   past   year   –   for   me,   it has   been   a   labor   of   love   that   I   believe   will   continue   to   resonate   as   we   move   forward.   We   also   hope   to   find   occasions   to have Rabbi Selwyn back in our community – he has been a wonderful presence here, for which we are most grateful. Wishing you a peaceful and restful Shabbos, and may we all go from strength to strength, Leslie ═══════════════════════════════ R abbi Binyomin Luban, Rabbi Yisroel Y. Niman, Rabbi Mordechai Palgon - Roshey HaYeshiva - Yeshiva Toras Chaim Toras Emes - Miami, FL Dear Rabbi Druin, On   behalf   of   the   Roshei   HaYeshiva,   Board   of   Directors,   and   the   entire   Yeshiva   Toras Chaim    Toras    Emes    family,    we    would    like    to    thank    you    for    coordinating    such    a successful Sefer Torah Campaign in such a short time. From   the   very   beginning,   your   expertise   proved   to   be   invaluable.   Your   suggestions were   always   on   the   mark   and   your   guidance   was   the   key   to   our   success.   Your   commitment   to   our   campaign   ensured that   each   of   the   seven   Torah   Writing   events,   culminating   with   the   Hachnasas   Sefer   Torah,   ran   smoothly   and   were   truly moving.   It   was   abundantly   clear   that   Sofer   On   Site    was   consistently   reliable,   punctual   and   extremely   knowledgeable. The moving words spoken at each event inspired the attendees and set the proper tone throughout the campaign. We   are   extremely   grateful   to   have   had   the   opportunity   to   partner   with   this   amazing   journey   and   wish   you   continued hatzlacha in your avodas hakodesh. With much appreciation,
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