═══════════════════════════════ R osemary   Lieberman   -   Torah   Project   Management   -   B'nai   Israel   Synagogue   - Pensacola, FL Dear Rabbi Salazar and Rabbi Goldstein, I   just   got   home   a   little   while   ago   from   the   synagogue   and   today's   wonderful   closing ceremony   and   felt   that   I   must   send   out   an   immediate   thank   you.   A   more   formal   thank you will be forthcoming to both of you from the committee. I    cannot    tell    you    how    thrilled    we    were    with    our    wedding    closing    ceremony.    The ceremony   was   incredibly   beautiful   and   Rabbi   Salazar   you   were   amazing;   I   cannot   tell you   how   many   glowing   compliments   I   received   about   you.   While   our   congregation   is indeed small, we made a huge accomplishment today! In   addition   to   the   closing   ceremony,   I   also   scribed   today   and   the   entire   experience   was   so   uplifting.   I   really   don't   have the   words   to   explain,   but   I   have   never   felt   the   feelings   that   I   felt   today.   I   feel   that   my   soul   is   glowing!   I   must   also   say Rabbi   Salazar,   that   you   are   one   of   the   most   unflappable   persons   I   have   ever   met!   You   are   such   a   credit   to   Sofer   On Site. In   addition,   our   project   would   not   have   been   a   success   without   the   diligence   of   Rabbi   Goldstein   and   his   assistance   and yes,   nudging   when   needed.   In   each   dealing   I   had   with   you   Rabbi   Goldstein,   you   were   professional,   patient,   and creative.   I   felt   very   blessed   to   have   you   on   this   project   along   with   your   creativity.   Our   committee   was   a   small   one   and   we weathered many challenges, but dealing with you wasn't one of them. From   the   bottom   of   my   heart   to   both   of   you   and   to   the   entire   Sofer   On   Site   organization,   thank   you,   thank   you,   thank you! With warmest personal regards, Rosemary _________________ Samuel   W.   Bearman   -   Marketing   &   Publicity   -   Chair   -   B'nai   Israel   Synagogue   -   Pensacola,   FL Dear Shmuel, Sofer   On   Site   was   terrific.   Everybody   with   the   organization   was   very   kind   and   everything   that   we   were   told   would   be done,   in   fact,   was   done. The   New Torah   Project   has   been   wonderful   in   so   many   ways   and   we   are   the   very   proud   owners of a new Torah. ═══════════════════════════════ M argaret Debbané - Temple Sholom Vancouver BC Dear Rabbi Druin: I   was   very   touched   by   participating   in   yesterday’s   scribing   activities.   The   brief   yet powerful   experience   unfolded   so   well   for   participants:   the   activities   in   Sarah’s Tent   were full   of   new   information;   the   hands   on   experience   with   a   Torah   was   a   beautiful   way   to have   practical   content   with   targeted   knowledge   (e.g.   the   first   song   included   in   the   Torah and    being    able    to    experience    it    visually);    the    participation    in    hand    washing    which inculcates   the   experience   with   solemnity;   and,   finally,   the   scribing   and   dialogue   with   you when you so beautifully illuminated your interpretation of the letter I wrote. I   was   Head   of   Public   Programs   at   the   J.   Paul   Getty   Museum   for   many   years   -   and   I   would   say   that   the   “gestalt”   of   my scribing   experience   yesterday   was   PERFECT   as   an   intimate   yet   public   program.   The   short   yet   structured   time   that   is created   for   each   participant   allows   one   to   come   away   with   an   enriched   understanding   of   Torah   -   and   a   new   respect   for it. I am grateful to have had this scribing experience. All the best, ═══════════════════════════════ F rances   B.   Pearlman   -   Director   of   Lifelong   Learning   -   Congregation   Habonim,   NY, NY Recently   Rabbi   Gedaliah   Druin   from   Sofer   On   Site   visited   our   school.   His   first   group   of 4th   &   5th   grade   students   was   fairly   large-   about   thirty   students.   He   was   engaging, entertaining   as   well   as   provided   a   wonderful   educational   program.   He   knew   just   how   to engage   students   both   individually   as   well   as   to   attend   to   the   needs   of   the   group   at   large.   Every   student   was   attentive and was in awe of his talents and the process he was sharing. He held their attention for a full hour. The   second   group   of   6th   &   7th   grade   students   was   significantly   smaller   and   he   artistically   adjusted   his   presentation   to meet   the   needs   of   this   size   group.   He   was   able   to   address   the   individual   questions   of   the   students   and   to   engage   all   of the   students   for   an   entire   hour.   Another   remarkable   aspect   was   the   personalization   he   incorporated   by   scripting   the children’s Hebrew names. Sofer On Site was a pleasure to deal with and was responsive to emails while we made all the arrangements. Sincerely, ═══════════════════════════════ C huck London - Religious PracticesTemple Beth Shalom, Fort Walton Beach, FL Shalom Rabbi Bialo, I   just   need   to   let   you   know   we   had   a   wonderful   day   with   Rabbi   Salazar.   During   the morning,    we    had    members    and    school    students    writing    the    letters.    He    provided wonderful    explanations    and    was    especially    good    with    the    kids.    His    lecture    was exceptional.   He   was   informative,   entertaining   and   inspiring.   After   the   presentations,   he completed more letter writing with the congregation. As   a   congregation,   we   have   a   greater   understanding   and   appreciation   of   the   meaning of Torah, and our Torah in particular.   Thank you for all your help and good work, with a special thanks to Rabbi Salazar. ═══════════════════════════════ J udi   Snyder   -   Beth   El   Congregation   -   Baltimore,   MD Dear   Rabbi   Druin,   I   cannot   even   begin   to   express   how   thrilled   I   was   to   see   you   today and   get   the   once   in   a   lifetime   opportunity   to   scribe   a   letter!   Weeks   ago   Howard's   mother told   me   about   your   repairing   the Torah   at   Baltimore   Hebrew   Congregation   and   asked   if   I thought   this   was   something   that   she   should   do.   I   of   course   told   her   that   meeting   and scribing   a   letter   and   having   the   chance   to   hear   your   precious   words   was   an   experience that   couldn't   be   missed.   And   I   asked   her   if   Howard   and   I   could   share   the   moment   with her.   She   seemed   happy   that   we   wanted   to   be   with   her.   SO   -   I   thank   you   once   again   for enlightening   and   inspiring   me   and   for   helping   me   know   your   precious   message   to   me.   It has   lightened   me   and   will   help   to   make   me   a   better   and   more   forgiving   person.   You   are a blessing to all who have the pleasure to know you! ═══════════════════════════════ R abbi   Mark   Asher   Goodman   -   Rabbi   Mark   Asher   Goodman   -   Denver   Jewish   Day   School Sofer   On   Site   and   Rabbi   Druin   gave   a   tremendous,   one-in-a-lifetime   experience   to   all   of our   students.   It   was   the   perfect   example   of   how   experiential   education   can   be   the   most powerful   learning   of   all.   Our   kids   not   only   heard   how   a   Torah   was   written,   they   held   the materials,   smelled   the   parchment,   and   even   wrote   the   letters   themselves.   Not   just   a mitzvah; a mitzvah that our students will remember for the rest of their lives! Chag Urim Sameach. L'Shalom (In Peace), Rabbi Goodman ═══════════════════════════════ L uis R. Dorfman - Executive Director, Congregation Beth Yeshurun, TX We   are   so   pleased   with   the   results   of   our   Renewing   the   Promise   Torah   Scribing   Project that was recently completed . And we have a beautiful new Sefer Torah as a result. Your    guidance    throughout    the    project    was    superb    and    contributed    greatly    to    our success.   Our   congregants   enjoyed   the   scribing   experience   and   learning   from   your sofrim.   Your   sofrim   who   visited   were   learned   and   extremely   personable.   Everyone   who scribed   had   nothing   but   great   things   to   say   about   them   -   how   they   explained   the significance   of   the   letters   and   the   words,   how   important   they   made   our   congregants feel. Your   entire   team   supported   us   and   helped   us   all   the   way   through   --   from   the   preliminary planning through the execution, from the opening kickoff through the dedication. There's no way we could have done this without you. Todah Rabbah. ═══════════════════════════════ Mark Malone - Torah Project Management Chair - Temple Shalom, Naples, FL. I had   the   pleasure   to   be   on   the   "Our   Torah"   team   at   Temple   Shalom   in   Naples,   Florida. The   staff   at   Sofer   On   Site   were   wonderful.   They   made   the   creation   of   "Our   Torah"   a fabulous   and   incredibly   moving   experience   for   everyone   at   our   temple.   This   project brought   our   membership   together   in   a   manner   which   no   other   experience   could   have done. As   a   member   of   the   team   heading   coordination   this   project,   I   had   the   opportunity to   volunteer   on   several   of   the   dates   on   which   members   of   the   temple   wrote   their   letters in   Our   Torah.   It   was   wonderfully   meaningful   for   each   and   every   member   with   whom   I met.   I   cannot   recommend   this   highly   enough   for   any   temple   which   has   not   yet   created their own Torah. _________________ Caren Plotkin - Religious School Director - Temple Shalom, Naples, FL. Our   experience   with   Rabbi   Druin   was   wonderful. As   Director   of   the   Religious   School   I   had   many   opportunities   to   create and   plan   educational   experiences   for   various   age   groups   of   children.   Rabbi   Druin   was   a   delight   to   work   with   and   the students   really   enjoyed   his   lessons   and   interacting   with   him.   Each   program   was   successful   and   our   students,   staff   and parents left with new knowledge and pride as they helped create a legacy for our Temple community. My husband and I wrote the letter "shin". This was incredibly meaningful to us. The experience touched us deeply. ═══════════════════════════════ Mi chael Teller - Head Chair, Congregation Sha'aray Shalom, MA   On   behalf   of   Congregation   Sha'aray   Shalom,   in   Hingham,   MA,   I   would   like   to   thank   you, your   staff,   and   everyone   at   Sofer   On   Site   for   an   outstanding   job   restoring   our   Holocaust Torah.   Your   help   was   invaluable   in   evaluating   the   existing   Torah   and   determining   its origin   and   age.   We   were   thrilled   to   know   that   this   rare   Torah   is   over   250   years   old, originates   from   the   area   of   Czechoslovakia,   and   was   created   in   a   Kabbalistic   style which no longer exists today. We   know   this   from   the   numerous   times   that   Rabbi   Druin   and   your   entire   staff   visited   our Synagogue   to   educate   our   Congregation   on   not   only   the   history   of   this Torah,   but   on   the technical   and   spiritual   requirements   necessary   to   create   and   restore   any   Torah.   Our   Congregation   was   excited   to   know about   the   parchment,   the   ink,   the   quill,   and   most   importantly,   the   intent   of   the   scribes,   as   they   carefully   focus   on   each letter, the intent of the Word and their devotion to the Almighty, all at the same time. An amazing process. Our   new   Torah   is   beautiful   and   each   letter   is   filled   in   so   perfectly   that   it   is   now   kosher,   and   we   have   used   it   during   our services   for   the   past   year.   We   have   been   honored   that   our   most   recent   B'nai   Mitzvah   class   and   all   of   our   Torah   readers throughout   the   year   are   the   first   Jews   to   have   read   from   this   Torah   since   before   World   War   II.   Each   reader   honors   our ancestors   and,   especially,   those   Jews   in   that   small   village   in   Czechoslovakia   who   pooled   their   resources,   their   time,   and their love for their religion to create this beautiful "blueprint for the world". Perhaps   the   most   moving   and   inspiring   part   of   this   process   was   the   Letter   Writing   Program   where   Rabbi   Salazar   visited our   congregation   on   a   regular   basis.   He   would   sit   with   our   congregants   individually,   so   that   they   could   each   write   a   letter in   the Torah,   thus   fulfilling   the   613th   Mitzvah.   I   can   confidently   say   that   this   experience   was   life   changing   for   many   of   us. It   has   inspired   members   to   become   more   involved   in   our   Synagogue,   to   donate   more   money,   and   as   we   recently observed,   to   become   a   B'nai   Mitzvah   at   the   ages   of   50,   60,   or   even   70,   having   never   had   the   experience. After   filling   in a   letter   in   the Torah   with   our   scribe,   others   were   inspired   to   learn   more   about   their   religion,   their   culture,   and   their   Jewish lives. Those   of   us   who   organized   the   restoration   program   and   were   involved   in   the   scheduling   of   the   congregants   to participate   were   just   as   moved   by   seeing   the   other   members'   reactions   and   sharing   their   experiences.   Your   guidance also   led   us   to   a   journaling   and   self-reflection   process,   after   the   letter   writing   experience,   which   yielded   additional inspiration. I   cannot   express   how   deeply   moving   this   entire   experience   was   for   me   personally   and   for   all   of   those   involved.   We   so appreciate your efforts, your expertise, and your leadership. Thank you again for a wonderful experience.
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