═══════════════════════════════ C huck Mondrus - Temple Ahavat Shalom, Northridge, CA. “To Rabbis Druin, Shawna, and Lutz, This project has brought our community together in an amazing way.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!”   _________________ Sheila Reback - Temple Ahavat Shalom, Northridge, CA. “The   Torah   Restoration   Project   has   been   one   of   life's   highlights,   and   thank   you   for   sharing   and   contributing   to   its success.   And   to   my   wonderful   co-workers   and   clergy,   it   has   been   quite   a   journey.   My   deepest   thanks   for   the   privilege   and   honor of serving on this committee.”    _________________ Frances Lapides - Temple Ahavat Shalom, Northridge, CA. “My   husband   and   I   chaired   the Torah   Writing   committee   and   I   must   say   it   was   one   of   the   most   fulfilling   volunteer   jobs   we have   ever   done.   Rabbi   Druin   was   the   easiest   person   to   work   with.   He   put   up   with   all   our   mishagash   and   always   was   so accommodating.   The   experience   he   gave   each   and   every   signer   was   so   inspiring.   Most   people   came   out   of   the sanctuary   in   tears   at   the   way   he   had   connected   to   each   and   everyone.   He   seems   to   have   a   special   sense   as   to   what people need and are looking for to make them feel fulfilled. Watching   him   with   our   children   was   so   amazing.   When   he   met   with   the   preschool,   I   was   told   they   only   can   really   pay attention   to   one   thing   for   20   minutes. After   40   minutes   while   he   still   had   the   kids   enthralled   we   had   to   interupt   as   we   had people   waiting   to   write   in   the   torah.   The   experience   also   provided   me   a   chance   to   really   get   to   know   our   congregation as   I   spoke   with   everyone   who   signed   to   set   up   their   appointment   and   was   time   consuming   it   was   also   so   rewarding   -   not one   person   called   to   complain   -   everyone   was   so   grateful   for   the   opportunity   to   write   a   letter   in   the   torah.   The   materials and   suggestions   of   Sofer   On   Site   were   also   a   great   help   as   we   set   up   the   experience   that   our   congregants   would   have. We   thank   you   so   much   for   the   opportunity   to   work   with   you   and   would   be   glad   to   talk   with   anyone   who   is   considering working with you to tell about our wonderful experience. ═══════════════════════════════ L ouise Zirretta - Past President - Har Sinai Congregation - Owings Mills, MD Our   Torah   Restoration   project   was   completed   during   my   term   as   President   and   under our   Interim   Rabbi   Darryl   Crystal.   It   was   an   extraordinary   experience,   and   one   that created   wonderful   community   and   pride.   We   are   forever   pleased   with   all   that   Sofer   On Site did to make that holy undertaking so special!   L'Shalom, ═══════════════════════════════ J oanna Nevins - Congregation B’nai Yisrael - Armonk, NY I   just   wanted   to   say,   Thank   you   to   Rabbi   Yochanan   Salazar   for   such   an   amazing   visit this   past   Thursday.   Our   students   had   such   a   wonderful   time.   Parents   emailed   us   over the   weekend   to   say   that   their   child   was   still   talking   about   the   Sofer!   Rabbi   Salazar   was great with our young people. He really was patient and responsive to all their questions. B'Shalom ═══════════════════════════════ J onathan Burstein - Temple Aliya - Woodland Hills, CA Sofer   On   Site   made   our   Torah   writing   experience   something   special,   the   Rabbi   had something   special   to   say   to   each   individual   writing   a   letter.   I   could   not   believe   the passion and joy which they injected into our Torah....they were simply put...the BEST. ═══════════════════════════════ C antor Elizabeth Shammash - Tiferet Bet Israel, Blue Bell, PA Thank   YOU,    Rabbi    Druin,    Sunday    morning    was    just    beautiful    for    us    ,and    the    joy continued   to   the   evening   when   we   had   a   wonderful   concert   and   made   a   Shehechiyanu. Thank   you   for   all   of   your   travel,   teaching,   energy   and   effort   in   helping   us   with   this amazing   project.   I   got   a   glimpse   into   the   scroll   ,   and   the   calligraphy   is   so   beautiful   and so   clear;   it   is   going   to   be   JOY   to   read   from,   light   to   carry,   and   will   really   be   a   help   to   the Bnai   Mitzvah   who   sometimes   have   trouble   when   the   calligraphy   is   to   fancy   or   words   too tight together. It will be a great gift to this congregation forever. Toda Raba!! ═══════════════════════════════ R abbi David Rosen - Beth Yeshurun, Houston TX. One    of    the    most    surprising   parts   of   the   Torah   Project   has   been   the   stream   of   people who   have   come   to   me   after   scribing   their   letters,   and   have   told   me   (often   through   tear- filled   eyes)   how   moved   they   were   by   the   experience.   Over   and   over,   I   have   been   told   by men   and   women   alike   that   scribing   their   letter   was   one   of   the   most   moving   spiritual experiences    of    their    lives.    Even    people    I    know    who    rarely    show    emotion    have expressed   the   emotional   impact   of   the   Torah   scribing   experience.   Clearly,   writing   a   Torah   has   proven   to   be   more   than any   of   us   imagined:   It's   not   just   the   physical   experience   itself,   but   something   much   deeper,   and   what   excites   me   is knowing   there   are   still   hundreds   of   families   who   have   not   yet   had   the   experience   but   have   something   waiting   for   them that will surprise, delight and touch them in ways they cannot begin to understand! Working   with   Rabbi   Druin   and   his   associates   was   a   wonderful   experience.   Rabbi   Druin   was   always   available   for   counsel and   advice.   On   those   days   when   we   had   congregants   come   to   scribe   letters   in   our   new Torah,   everyone   had   nothing   but praise   for   Rabbi   Druin   and   his   fellow   scribes.   The   rabbis'   abilities   to   talk   about   each   congregant's   letter   made   everyone feel   closer   to   the   text   and   had   the   power   to   touch   each   person   and   each   family   emotionally.   All   in   all,   writing   our   Torah was a very positive experience for our congregation and I was very pleased that we chose Sofer On Site. ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ A my Mook - Bet Shira, House of Song, Port Townsend, WA Shalom Rabbi Druin, I   so   appreciate   your   reply   to   me,   it   means   a   lot   that   you   care   about   my   love   of   my Torah...I   want   you   to   know   that   your   integrity   and   work   were   unquestioned,   and   I   have so   much   respect   for   your   level   of   expertise   and   more   than   that   for   your   love   of   Torah.   I know   you   sacrifice   a   lot   to   travel   the   way   you   do   repairing   the   sacred   Torahs.   And   so, now   that   I   understand   what   I   probably   should   have   understood   already,   what   the   real costs   of   having   my   Torah   repaired   are,   I   am   pleased   to   send   you   your   hard   earned   fee for   the   amazing   work   you   have   done   on   my   beloved   Torah.   And   thank   you   to   your   staff who are so respectful and respond so quickly to all questions and concerns. ═══════════════════════════════ J an Catalfumo - Executive Director - Temple Beth El of Boca Raton, FL Today,   we   came   together   as   a   community   to   celebrate   the   fulfillment   of   the   613th commandment   –   to   scribe   a   Torah   in   our   lifetime.   The   power   of   this   accomplishment was   evident   as   each   segment   of   the   program   unfolded...   There   were   so   many   inspired people   who   helped   to   make   this   project   relevant   to   all   congregants   at   all   levels   of involvement   in   our   community...Joyful   members   and   guests   left   the   Temple   today   with great   pride   in   their   Jewish   heritage.   From   generation   to   generation,   we   will   continue   to inspire   our   members   by   reading   from   a Torah   that   we   helped   to   write.   We   will   remember unfolding    the   Torah,    writing    letters    together,    blessing    and    reading    from    the   Torah, dressing the Torah, and bringing the Torah under the wimple to its new home. _________________ David Oney - Torah Project Coordinator - Temple   Beth   El,   Boca   Raton   FL. Spending   a   year   scheduling   and   organizing   letter   scribing   events,   creating   new   communication   tools   ,   and   designing marketing   materials   to   support   our   amazing   Torah   Project   committee   as   we   wrote   a   new   Torah   with   Sofer   On   Site   for Temple    Beth    El    of    Boca    Raton    truly    was    a    once    in    a    lifetime    mitzvah.    Our    participants    immensely    enjoyed    the opportunity   to   scribe   a   letter   and   Rabbi   Bialo   who   enhanced   the   experience   with   his   knowledge,   warmth,   humor   and obvious   love   of   both   being   a   sofer   and   of   Torah.   I   personally   worked   mostly   behind   the   scenes   often   with   the   very talented   Rabbi   Shmuel   Goldstein.   With   patience   and   willingness   to   compromise,   to   accommodate   new   ideas,   and   to make   untold   revisions,   often   under   unreasonable   deadlines,   Rabbi   Goldstein   was   generous   in   explaining   the   why’s   and how’s of his vision thereby enhancing my skills in the art of design. Definitely a “bucket list” endeavor. ═══════════════════════════════ Stuart Leeman - Congregation Kol Tikvah - Parkland, FL We    used    Sofer    On    Site    and    had    a    great    experience    from    planning    until    the    final celebration. A success in every sense of the word. ═══════════════════════════════ M ike Edison - President - Congregation B'nai Israel   of   Fayetteville,   GA On   behalf   of   Congregation   B'nai   Israel   of   Fayetteville,   GA,   I   would   like   to   thank   Rabbi Salazar   for   your   work   here,   and   for   restoring   our   Holocaust   Torah   to   proper   condition.   I would   especially   like   to   thank   you   for   conducting   those   two   informational   classes   during the   day...Those   who   attended   your   classes   were   very   impressed   with   your   skill   and knowledge. Thank you once again. ═══════════════════════════════ D ebra Antzis - Project Chair Head - Temple Shalom, Naples, FL. Hi,   Rabbi   Goldstein,   I   just   wanted   to   thank   you   again,   I   love   the   logo.   Susan   and   Mark found   it   a   pleasure   to   work   with   you,   and   look   forward   to   more   collaboration   going forward. _________________ Susan Freeman & Marc Simon - Marketing - Temple Shalom, Naples, FL. The   (pleasurable)   feeling   (of   working   together   with   you)   is   mutual!   We   so   enjoyed   working   with   you   and   you   did   a beautiful   job!   We   just   want   you   to   know   that   we   love   it   (the   logo)   too,   as   does   the   whole   Marketing   Committee.   We   look forward to working together again as this project moves forward. Thank   you   very   much.  
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