Sofer    On    Site    offers    professionally    designed    set    of    lesson    plans,   for   classroom   settings   that   teachers may   use   as   part   of   their   daily   curriculum   in   a   way   that   the   student   will   have   a   basis   of   knowledge   on the   subject   matter   before   a   Sofer   visit.   The   topics   are   applicable   and   relevant   to   all   age   groups.   As each   class   is   a   world   unto   its   own,   teachers   are   empowered   and   encouraged   to   modify   and   adjust   the material as necessary to adapt to the character of the community, school and student. Lesson Plans Each of the above topics contains lesson plan that cover: Title -   Overall   Title Topics -   General   topics   to   be   discussed General Goal -   Overarching   goal   of   lesson Overview -   A   brief   synopsis   of   subject Specific   Objectives   -    Expectations    of    students    to    be    assessed    by    teacher    (modifiable    according   to   age   level   by   teacher) Required   Materials    -    General    materials    needed    for    lesson    (additional    materials    may    be    necessary   according   to   individual   teacher   and   age   level) Anticipatory Set (Lead-In)   -   Statements   by   teacher   to   engage   the   attention   of   students Discussion -   Initial   introduction   to   topic,   as   part   of   the   classroom   discussion Expanded   Information    -    Contains    information    that    teacher    utilizes    as    reference    material    towards   student   objectives Further   Discussion   -    Contains    sub-topics    that    can    be    used    for    higher    levels    of    learning    and   deeper   discussion Activities   -    Contains    various    activities    on    varying    age    levels,    that    can    be    implemented    to    enhance   the   lesson Quizzes -   Contains   open-ended   quiz   templates   that   can   be   used   to   assess   the   students   learning In addition to the above, we provide other relative materials that can augment what you may currently have. For more information or samples, contact us using the link on the bottom of this page and fill-out the form.
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Our curriculum includes topics from the following areas:
Torah         is         the         prized         inheritance        of         the         Jewish         people.         It         moves,        motivates,         and         unites         us         as         a        nation.         For      3,000         years         we         have        learned      to      live      our      lives      through     the          teachings,          guidance          and       message      of      Torah.      We   search      for     new        ways        to        bring        ourselves      closer      to      it.      At      Sofer      On      Site,      we     are      honored      to      provide      beautiful STa’M        of        the        highest        Halachic      standards,      while      bringing      Torah’s     timeless        messages        to        you,        and      inspire generations to come.
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