═══════════════════════════════ R abbi Shawna Brynjegard-Bialik - Temple Ahavat Shalom, Northridge, CA. This   week   was   another   incredible   week   of Torah   at Temple Ahavat   Shalom.   We   had   two days   of   letter   writing,   including   a   visit   with   the Torah   to   the   Jewish   Home.   Our   incredible committee   put   in   12   hour   days   to   make   sure   it   all   ran   smoothly   and   that   every   family had   a   chance   to   write   in   the Torah.   Laraine,   Howard,   Fran, Al,   Sheila   and   Cindy   were   all at    the    Jewish    Home    by    8    a.m.    to    make    sure    there    would    be    a    beautiful    festive atmosphere   for   the   residents.   The   response   has   been   overwhelmingly   positive   and   it has   been   a   pure   joy   to   see   so   many   families   making   a   connection   to   our   Kolin   Torah and to our community and finding their families place in the Torah. Our visit to the Jewish Home will be featured on the channel 4 NBC local news tonight - spread the word. Our Torah   is   looking   beautiful   -   the   parchment   is   clean   and   most   of   the   repairs   have   been   made   to   the   letters   -   our Torah is   really   coming   back   to   life.   It   will   be   clear   and   easy   to   read   and   I   am   looking   forward   to   having   our   community   read from it. Thank you all for your part in making this happen. _________________ Laraine Miller - Temple Ahavat Shalom, Northridge, CA. “Howard and I are grateful for the opportunity and the ability to participate in the undertaking of this spectacular project. The   response   of   our   congregation   exceeds   our   expectations.   Our   hearts   are   filled   with   joy   as   we   reflect   on   the   journey since   late   summer   to   now.   We   look   forward   to   June   12   to   our   celebration   of   writing   the   last   word,   unveiling   the   wimple and engaging in a wonderful service dedicated to the complete restoration of our very special Torah. Thank   you   Rabbi   Druin   for   your   compassionate   and   witty   expertise   in   helping   us   reach   this   day.   Your   dynamism   is unforgettable. Thank   you   Rabbi   Shawna   for   guiding   us   as   a   committee   of   volunteers   to   reach   our   goals   and   for   helping   numerous families select specific Torah verses as their dedications. Thank   you   to   our   fellow   congregants   who   have   come   together   to   make   this   all   happen,   those   serving   on   the   committee and   those   who   chose   to   complete   a   pledge.   Thank   you   Rabbi   Lutz   for   kick   starting   this   journey   when   you   declared   it was   time   to   restore   our   Kolin Torah   and   bring   it   back   to   full   life,   to   not   only   be   carried,   but   to   be   read   from   throughout   the years    to    come.”...”Thank    you    ...for    helping    us    with    restoring    our    little    Torah!    It    was    a    remarkable    feat    for    our congregation,   having   just   finished   a   major   capital   campaign.   275   groups   held   the   quill   with   you   ---   involving   more participation of any one event than ever before at TAS! Sincerely, ═══════════════════════════════ V era Wolff Sullivan - Co-President - Park Avenue Synagogue Singles Committee Dear Rabbi: It   was   wonderful   to   speak   to   you   again   today   at   Mitzvah   Sunday   and   recall   with   you those   special   moments   when,   during   the   Torah   Project   earlier   this   year,   you   gave   me my   letter….my   "lamed".   As   I   said   today,   when   I   sat   down   with   you,   you   looked   me straight   in   the   eye   as   if   I   was   the   only   person   in   the   universe.   You   said   "Have   I   got   a letter   for   you."   I   was   so   thrilled   as   if   I   was   getting   the   birthday   present   of   a   lifetime!   In   the time   you   spent   explaining   the   significance   of   the   "Lamed"   to   me,   I   felt   like   I   was   the most   valued   and   cherished   being   on   earth.   It   was   such   a   special   experience.   I   have treasured   the   card   you   gave   me.   When   I   got   home,   I   put   it   on   my   bulletin   board   because   I   wanted   to   save   it   but   I   didn't know   exactly   where   to   put   it.   Then   when   I   was   praying   one   morning   with   my   prayer   book   and   my   tallis,   I   had   a brainstorm.   I   decided   to   put   the   card   in   my   prayer   book   with   the Amidah.   Now,   every   morning   when   I   say   the Amidah,   I am always reminded of the letter, its significance and that special and precious gift of your time. Thank you again. ═══════════════════════════════ Julie - Temple B'nai Shalom - Fairfax Station, VA Thank   you   for   giving   the   kids   an   opportunity   to   interact   with   the   Torah   scribe   yesterday. It   made   a   big   impression   on   Andrew.   First,   he   called   me   as   soon   as   he   came   home   (I was   at   a   book   club   meeting)   to   tell   me   that   the   scribe   wrote   his   name   on   a   piece   of cowhide,   "just   like   it   would   be   in   the   Torah."   Then   he   found   a   special   box   to   keep   it   in. Finally,   this   morning,   he   tied   the   box   closed   and   announced   that   he   was   bringing   it   to school to show his friend, Solomon (the only other Jewish kid in his class). It's   clear   that   small   gift   was   quite   meaningful   to Andrew,   and   that   is   special   to   both   him and me. _________________ Amy R. Perlin D.D., Senior Rabbi - Temple B'nai Shalom, Fairfax Station, VA Rabbi   Gedaliah   Druin   has   restored   all   four   of   my   Torahs   with   kavannah   and   excellence.   He   is   a   gifted   teacher,   and honest   man   in   a   field   where   that   is   most   rare.   He   secured   two   of   my   Torahs   for   me   with   the   highest   ethical   standards.   I have   no   experience   with   a   new   Torah,   but   it   is   a   privilege   to   recommend   this   wonderful   scribe.   He   is   truly   a   mensch. Shabbat Shalom, Rabbi Perlin ═══════════════════════════════ J oel Kelson - Vassar Temple, Poughkeepsie, NY Shalom Rabbi Shmuel Goldstein, I    really    enjoyed    my    letter    fill-in    experience,    enjoyed    talking    to    both    Rabbis    Druin (Gedalya   a   couple   weeks   before),   and   found   the   whole   thing   deeply   moving.   I   believe this   passage   in   the   Torah   is   reflected   in   the   Pidyon   Haben   ceremony.   I   am   honored   to have filled in this letter with my family, including my first-born son. Many   thanks, _________________ Laura   Brundage   -   Vassar   Temple,   Poughkeepsie, NY Dear Rabbi Shmuel Goldstein, Thank   you   very   much   for   making   the   day   a   personal   and   meaningful   connection   for   each   of   my   girls   and   me   as   well. Your   patience   in   explaining   what   must   have   been   the   same   information   over   and   over   coupled   with   your   ability   to personalize our letter in a way that we felt there a special purpose for US to have THAT letter is a gift. Thank   you   again, ═══════════════════════════════ M arc Mayer - Temple Jeremiah - Northfield, IL I   was   chosen   as   the   committee   chair   person   for   our   Torah   writing   project   at   Temple Jeremiah,   a   reform   temple   in   Northfield,   Illinois,   a   northern   suburb   of   Chicago.   The project   came   to   be   known   as   the   "Torah   of   Our   Own"   project.   My   first   task   was   choosing the   Sofer   to   write   our   Torah   and   that   is   how   I   met   Rabbi   Moshe   Druin   and   Sofer   On Site.   I   was   provided   with   several   Sofer's   written   materials,   including   Sofer   On   Site's.   I was   initially   very   impressed   with   Sofer   On   Site's   marketing   information,   but   it   was   the meeting   with   Rabbi   Druin   that   convinced   me   Sofer   On   Site   was   the   Sofer   for   Jeremiah. From   that   first   meeting   throughout   our   joint   involvement   in   the   Temple   Jeremiah   Torah of   Our   Own   project   Rabbi   Druin   never   ceased   to   amaze   me   with   his   energy,   wit, knowledge   of   all   things   Torah   and   ability   to   connect   with   each   and   every   one   of   our congregants in a meaningful way. Not   only   did   my   own   family   get   to   have   our   ten   minute   session   with   Rabbi   Druin   when we   wrote   our   own   letter   in   our   new   Torah,   but   as   the   committee   chairperson   I   got   to   observe   first   hand   most   of   our congregants as they wrote their letters in the Torah and interacted with Rabbi Druin. From   my   own   and   my   family's   experience,   we   were   amazed   at   how   easily   Rabbi   Druin   connected   with   everyone   in   the family   and   how   everyone   separately   related   to   his   explanation   of   the   significance   of   our   letter   and   word.   However,   it   was Rabbi   Druin's   ease   of   manner   with   each   of   our   congregants,   from   our   oldest,   100   year   old   member   to   the   small   babies who   sat   with   their   parents   while   they   wrote   their   letters   that   impressed   me   the   most.   His   discussions   with   all   our   families and his teaching at each of the sessions showed his passion for the Torah and his passion for teaching Torah. I   often   commented   how   it   appeared   every   family   walked   on   air   after   their   session   with   Rabbi   Druin.   To   a   person, everyone   who   attended   one   of   Rabbi   Druin's   Torah   writing   sessions   came   away   from   the   experience   expressing wonderment and joy in what they had just done. Sofer   On   Site   and   Rabbi   Druin   were   always   prompt,   courteous,   prepared   and   ready   to   teach   no   matter   who   the audience   was.   He   was   equally   adept   at   teaching   our   adult   classes   as   he   was   teaching   our   Hebrew   and   religious   school students.   The   staff   at   Sofer   On   Site   was   there   to   assist   us   in   every   aspect   of   our   project,   from   the   opening   ceremony, through fundraising, marketing, scheduling and the closing ceremony. While   our   project   was   a   success   in   terms   of   getting   our   beautiful   new   Torah   completed   and   having   many   of   our congregants   participate   in   writing   a   letter   in   the   Torah,   it   was   Rabbi   Druin's   positive   message   and   personality   that   made the project so fulfilling for me and our congregation. I   would   recommend   Sofer   On   Site   and   Rabbi   Druin   to   any   temple   considering   getting   involved   in   any   Torah   oriented project. ═══════════════════════════════ A nita Rubin - Congregation Shir Ami, Newtown, PA Rabbi,   thank   you   for   helping   make   the   closing   ceremonies   of   our   torah   program   such   a wonderful   and   meaningful   event.   I   was   so   moved   by   what   you   said   to   our   committee   as we   filled   in   our   letter   in   the   final   word   of   our   torah.   I   was   hoping   no   one   noticed   as   a   few tears   escaped   down   my   cheeks. And   watching   you   and   Rabbi   Strom   joyously   dance   on the   bimah.   It   wasn't   on   the   program   ---   but   what   a   great   additional.   My   husband   said   he wanted   us   all   to   join   in.   (I   told   him   "It   was   on   the   program!)   And   then   we   had   our   two girls   chant   so   beautifully   from   OUR   TORAH.   It   doesn't   get   any   better   than   that.   I   am sorry   for   omitting   your   name   from   the   program.   In   all   the   planning,   it   was   our   only   mistake.   Hope   and   I   knew   the fulfullment   of   the   613   commandment   was   your   part   of   the   program   but   it   never   got   to   print.   Thank   you   for   this   wonderful experience. It is one all of us will never forget. ═══════════════════════════════ N ancy Ellen Micco, Director ECLC, Temple Israel of the City of New York   Dear Penina: I   was   so   pleased   to   hear   from   you   and   am   honored   to   be   asked   for   a   recommendation. Rabbi   Druin   was   the   absolute   best.   He   came   and   visited   in   each   of   our   classrooms   and   his   presentations   were   perfect whether   he   was   speaking   to   our   young   two   year   olds   or   our   five   years.   He   clearly   knows   young   children   well.   He   came with   materials   that   the   children   could   not   only   look   at   but   feel   and   touch   as   well.   It   is   extremely   important   to   young children   to   be   able   to   have   a   tactile   experience   as   well.   He   patiently   answered   all   of   their   questions   whether   they   were on   topic   or   not.   He   was   as   delightful   with   adults   as   he   was   with   the   children.   When   I   had   my   turn   to   write   he   explained the   passage   to   me   thoroughly   before   he   guided   my   hand.   It   was   truly   a   very   moving   moment!   It   was   captured   in   a   photo that I have in my office. Rabbi Druin enhanced this once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you are considering writing your own Torah, Rabbi Druin is definitely your man.
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