═══════════════════════════════ Ll oyd Doigan - Education Chair - Temple Shir Shalom, MI Dear Rabbi, L'Shana Tova. Peace, love and health to you and your family. Our   Torah   project   was   the   most   powerful   spiritual   experience   I   have   enjoyed.   When   we kicked   off   the   project   by   having   our   Temple   school   kids   march   down   the   aisle   with poster   boards   depicting   the   Jewish   holidays,   I   had   chills.   The   way   we   cooperated   in accomplishing   this   great   project   was   amazing   and   our   optimism   towards   completing   this task   grew   week   by   week.   With   Sofar   on   Site   as   a   guide,   our   scribing   experience included   a   discussion   regarding   a   400   year   old   torah   we   have   that   survived   Nazi   hatred.   If   one   though   about   the   number of   Jewish   hands   that   handled   that   torah   and   the   number   of   Jewish   eyes   that   read   from   it,   it   was   as   if   our   history   came alive.   Then   we   thought   about   the   number   of   Jewish   children   and   grandchildren   etc.   that   will   handle   and   read   from   our new   Torah,   one   could   believe   that   G-d's   promises   to   us   will   continue   to   lift   us   in   perpetuity.   The   scribing   experience   was overwhelming   and   difficult   to   describe   but   was   very   educational   and   rewarding.   When   the   new   Torah   entered   our sanctuary led by our kids again, you could feel its neshamah fill the room - again spiritual chills and overwhelming. We   hit   our   financial   goals   but   most   importantly   were   able   to   engage   with   more   than   a   third   of   our   congregation.   All   our scribing   sessions   were   full   and   we   probably   would   have   filled   one   or   two   more.   Even   area   churches   participated.   We found   great   leaders   within   the   congregation   who   will   lead   us   in   the   future.   We   found   wallets   that   were   previously unopened   and   volunteers   who   will   be   active   for   many   years.   Sofar   on   Site's   provided   great   organizational   skill,   deep data   bases   of   "how-to",   and,   most   importantly,   Rabbi's   who   are   mensches,   men   of   character   and   learning.   We   enjoyed Sofer On Site 's company and guidance and could not have accomplished this 613 project without you. All my best _________________ Rabbi Michael Moskowitz - Temple Shir Shalom, MI Rabbi Druin,   When   we   first   spoke   in   April   of   2013   and   I   shared   with   you   my   hopes   of   celebrating   our   25th   anniversary   by   scribing   a Torah,   and   you   told   me   it   was   possible   and   had   great   potential,   I   was   hopeful.   When   you   met   with   my   Board   of   Directors and   promised   success   exceeding   goals   we   had   ever   achieved,   I   was   excited. As   we   saw   the   magnitude   of   the   project   at hand   and   prepared   to   launch   our   Project   613,   I   became   leery   and   nervous.   But   with   your   guidance   and   fantastic   team, not only did everything we had hoped for come to fruition, but in the process, so much more became our reality. Project   613   was   a   way   for   Temple   Shir   Shalom   to   honor   our   past   and   prepare   for   our   future.   Never   could   I   have imagined   that   nearly   400   letters   of   Torah   would   be   written   by   our   Temple   families   and   friends.   Do   the   math.   That   means nearly   1300   people   walked   upon   on   our   bima,   held   the   quill,   spent   time   at   their   temple,   spent   time   with   their   rabbis   and cantor,   learned   Torah   and   yes,   so   many   in   the   process   decided   to   give   to   their   community   as   well.   It   was   a   fundraiser but   Project   613   became   so   much   more   -   educationally,   spiritually,   even   an   innovative   experience   for   community engaging.   And   most   of   all,   we   know   full   well   that   the   ruach   created   around   our   Torah   will   propel   us   to   even   greater opportunities. I   vividly   remember   when   we   sat   together   in   July   2013   and   we   discussed   an   opening   day   of   scribing   and   you   shared   that you   were   unavailable   that   day,   BUT   one   of   your   colleagues   would   be   available.   "Don't   worry,"   you   said,   "so   often   when   I send   a   colleague,   congregations   fall   in   love   with   him,   and   no   longer   ask   for   me."   It   sounded   like   a   good   sales   pitch   but we   needed   that   date   to   work.   So   Rabbi   Selwyn   was   sent   our   way.   From   the   day   he   arrived   at   Temple   Shir   Shalom,   he became   a   part   of   our   community.   We   looked   forward   to   Rabbi   Selwyn's   visits   -   his   intellect   and   teaching   is   infused   in every   interaction,   but   even   more,   what   so   draws   everyone   to   him   is   this   man's   kindness   and   generosity   of   spirit.   It   is   so sincere   and   genuine.   Actually,   it   is   contagious.   His   warmth   and   openness   enveloped   our   community.   And   for   me personally, I recognize and feel blessed that I have gained a colleague and friend. Thank   you   for   convincing   me   to   work   with   you   and   your   entire   team   at   Sofer   On   Site .   And   thank   you   for   the   time   you gave us these past 18 months. It   has   been   a   tremendous   journey   filled   with   joy,   learning   and   great   success.   Kol tuv, _________________ Andre Douville, Executive Director - Temple Shir Shalom, MI From   our   initial   meeting   with   Rabbi   Druin   to   our   Torah   Homecoming   ceremony   more   than   a   year   later,   the   entire experience   of   writing   a   Torah   and   working   with   Sofer   On   Site    was   phenomenal.   We   did   our   homework.   Our   due diligence   process   included   meeting   with   other   scribing   vendors   and   talking   with   multiple   congregations   that   had   worked with SOS in the past. SOS was clearly the best company in the market; their integrity and knowledge are unparalleled. From   their   expertise   in   strategic,   short   term   and   long   term   fundraising   provided   by   Rabbi   Druin   to   their   dynamic,   creative and   cutting   edge   marketing   support   provided   by   Rabbi   Goldstein   combined   with   the   wit   and   wisdom   of   their   scribe Rabbi   Selwyn,   the   18   month   process   was   truly   a   journey   we   will   never   forget.   By   writing   our   own Torah,   one   we   can   truly call   our   own,   we   literally   inscribed   our   legacy   for   generations   to   come.   None   of   that   would   have   been   possible   without the guidance and relationship we had with SOS. _________________ Joshua Sherbin, Head Chair - Temple Shir Shalom, MI Throughout   2014,   we   worked   closely   with   Sofer   On   Site    to   develop   and   implement   the   scribing   of   a   new Torah   in   honor of   our   temple's   25th   anniversary.   The   SOS   team   provided   insight,   expertise   and   enthusiastic   support.   Rabbi   Druin   and Selwyn   visited   for   scribing   sessions   and   shared   their   warmth,   intellect   and   zeal   for   Torah   with   our   congregation.   Our partnership with SOS played a significant role in the success of our Torah scribing project.    My   family   wrote   the   letter   hey   during   the   first   day   we   organized   for   temple   members   to   scribe.   We   learned   about   the   5 fingers,   sense   and   dimensions   represented   by   hey. As   the   project   chair   for   our   Torah   project,   the   impact   of   the   hey   had special   meaning   as   it   captured   the   multi-dimensional   impact   of   the   project   on   our   congregation   -   emotional,   intellectual and transcendent on the oneness of our congregation. ═══════════════════════════════ Alex Weinberg - Director of Congregational Learning, Temple Beth Sholom, NJ Hi Rabbi Salazar: I   wanted   to   take   a   moment   to   thank   you   for   all   of   your   work,   care,   and   ruah   that   you shared   with   our   community!   Your   passion   for   Torah   was   felt   in   every   meeting   that   you had   with   our   congregants—each   family   (every   family!)   talked   about   how   special   it   was to   meet   with   you   before   they   wrote   in   the   Torah—how   personal   and   unique   you   made   their   experience.   Yashar   Koah   for not   only   restoring   a   magnificent   Sefer Torah   for   our   community,   but   also   giving   so   many   of   our   families   a   connection   with Torah   that   they   will   not   forget.   It   was   such   an   honor   to   watch   you   work   with   our   community   and   restore   our   Torah   letter by   letter.   Thank   you   for   all   of   your   work   and   dedication   to   our   community.   I   very   much   hope   our   paths   will   cross   again soon. Wishing you much success in your next project in Houston! Rabbi   Bialo   and   Rabbi   Druin—thank   you   as   well   for   all   of   your   work   and   help   with   our   Sefer   Torah   project.   We   are   so excited   to   have   such   a   special   Torah   return   to   our   Aron   Kodesh—thank   you   for   all   that   you   did   to   help   this   project   and bring back our Torah! It was wonderful to work with you all again on another Torah project—I look forward to our next partnership! With much thanks and appreciation, ═══════════════════════════════ L eslie M. Bernstein - Director, Foundation and Corporate Relations - Calvary Hospital, NY Dear Rabbi Druin, Thanks   for   two   beautiful   programs   yesterday   at   Calvary   –   the   only   word   I   have   for   your presentations    is    “amazing!”    –    You    drew    people    in    with    humor,    love,    fascinating information    –    I    could    go    on    and    on,    but    in    essence,    thank    you    for    a    wonderful introduction   to   our   project.   Looking   forward   to   several   more   inspiring   events   with   you   all best, and wishing you safe travels, Leslie _________________ Barbara J. Nitzberg - Director of Public Affairs & Community Relations - Calvary Hospital, NY Rabbi   Druin   did   an   unbelievable   job   with   the   employee   presentation   and   the   kick-off   at   the   92nd   Street   Y.   I   have   spoken to   a   number   of   attendees   at   both   events   and   they   are   in   awe   of   what   Rabbi   Druin   shared.   Yasher   koach   to   him   for enlightening all of us! ═══════════════════════════════ Ca thie Platt - Baltimore Hebrew Congregation, MD You    won't    remember    me,    but    I    was    invited    to    join    Rabbi    Elissa    Sachs-Kohen's wonderful family this past Sunday at Baltimore Hebrew Congregation to meet with you. When   you   were   speaking   of   reconstructing   the   Hebrew   letter   "Raysh",   of   the   word "forgiveness"   (HaKaparot)   as   it   relates   to   the   happiness   we   feel   when   we   ask   for forgiveness,   and   right   before   we   all   touched   the   end   of   your   feather,   I   felt   as   if   it   pierced in   the   center   of   my   heart   and   tears   began   to   flow.   I   was   deeply   touched   by   something-   I would   say   -   in   the   energy   that   was   existent   in   your   words,   in   the   Torah,   perhaps something associated with the Kabbalah. I   have   been   on   the   spiritual   path   for   some   years   now   as   well   as   being   a   psychotherapist here   in   Charlottesville,   Virginia,   and   I   have   had   several   experiences   in   which   I   felt   a door   opened   within   me   that   allowed   me   to   touch   a   higher   force   .   However,   this   experience   took   me   completely   by surprise.   With   some   apologies   (although   possibly   not   needed),   I   am   not   a   "religious"   Jew   but   I   do   respond   to   energies   in my environment. I have not tried to analyze my experience, just felt it. I   wanted   to   share   my   experience   with   you   and   thank   you   for   your   warmth,   your   explanations,   and   your   inclusion   of   us   in your work. Many thanks. ═══════════════════════════════ R icki Greenspon, Head Chair - Temple Sinai, Las Vegas, NV Dear Shmuel, I   would   like   to,   first   and   foremost,   say   that   our   Torah   Project   was   unique.   It   was   not   the usual   fundraising   project   that   is   normally   done.   Our   Project   was   done   in   conjunction with   our   Capital/Sustainability   Campaign.   In   that   regard,   we   did   not   have   all   of   the   usual things   that   are   talked   about   in   your   educational   materials.   Those   that   contributed, whatever the amount was, were entitled to scribe. Rabbi   Druin   was   here   for   a   total   of   four   different   Torah   Scribings.   Included   in   that   was one   for   the   children   in   our   Sunday   school.   The   kids   loved   it!   They   got   a   kick   out   of Rabbi Druins talks and impersonations. He was/is wonderful with the kids. For   the   adults,   he   was   remarkable.   Every   family   came   away   with   something   that   was meaningful   to   them.   Whatever   letter   he   scribed,   he   attributed   something   of   that   letter   and   the   sentence   to   the   family, after   asking   only   one   or   two   questions   of   the   family.   Truly   remarkable   how   he   was   able   to   make   those   statements   so very personable. I know that my certificate and photo are framed and on the wall. What an experience! The   coup   de   grâce,   was   when   Rabbi   Druin   came   to   Las   Vegas   for   our   Temple   Consecration/Dedication.   He   spoke,   we laughed,   we   cried.   We   gave   raffle   tickets   to   everyone   in   the   synagogue   and   he   pulled   the   winning   ticket   for   someone   to scribe.   What   a   treat!   The   person   that   won,   had   not   scribed   and   was   thrilled   with   this   honor.   That   afternoon   was   the culmination of a long haul with construction, delays etc. But all of that was worth it when Rabbi Druin worked his magic. I wish every congregation the joy of commissioning a Torah, specific for them, and having Rabbi Druin do the scribing. B'Shalom
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