═══════════════════════════════ R abbi Jan M. Brahms, D.D. - Congregation Beth Shalom, TX The   presentations   Rabbi   Salazar   gave   to   our   students   and   to   the   adult   members   of   our congregation   was   nothing   short   of   brilliant.   He   adjusted   his   focus   to   the   age   of   those who   came   to   witness   and   learn.   He   is   a   truly   gifted   teacher   along   with   being   an   expert sofer   and   a   beautiful   mensch.   We   are   honored   he   was   with   us.   I   do   not   know   how   he did   what   he   did   from   a   physical   standpoint.   Due   to   Shabbat,   he   arrived   very   late   on Saturday   night.   He   started   early   on   Sunday   morning   and   went   non-stop   from   that   point on.   I   greatly   admire   his   stamina   along   with   his   kindness.   We   are   so   happy   we   have contracted   you   and   your   fellow   scribes   to   maintain   our   holy   Torahs...Once   again   thank you for your professionalism and for your beautiful work. ═══════════════════════════════ Fr ances Olick - Temple Hesed, PA Shalom Rabbi, Thank   you   so   very   much   for   all   the   love,   skill,   hard   work   and   wonderful   results   in cleaning up and repairing our 2 Torah scrolls. We   had   a   re-dedication   of   them   this   past   Friday   and   the   congregation   was   thrilled.   I personally   want   to   express   my   gratitude   to   you   for   your   patience   in   bringing   this   project to fruition and for all your patience with me during this project! ═══════════════════════════════ Li nda   and   Steve   Jacobson   -   B'nai   Israel   Synagogue   -   West   Bloomfield,   MI On   behalf   of   our   entire   family,   we   wish   to   thank   you   for   assisting   us   in   securing   and restoring   a   Sefer   Torah   as   a   legacy   for   our   children   and   the   generations   yet   to   be   born. We   look   forward   to   using   this   Torah   regularly   in   our   own   synagogue,   but   especially   for future simchas. We   are   fortunate   to   have   children   who   appreciate   the   value   of   such   a   gift,   and   feel blessed   that   we   are   able   to   do   this   for   all   of   us.   On   a   personal   note,   you   have   been   an outstanding   group   of   people   to   work   with,   both   yourselves   and   your   entire   office   staff and    rabbis    with    whom    we    have    spoken.    You    are    professional    and    kind    and    we appreciate   your   assistance   both   with   our   new   Torah   and   in   fixing   the   synagogue   Torahs at   B'nai   Israel   Synagogue.   Rabbi   Druin   has   been   especially   interesting   to   speak   with   and   to   get   to   know   personally.   Our entire   family   enjoyed   learning   from   him   and   speaking   with   him   as   they   filled   in   their   letters.   Wishing   all   of   you   a   Shanah Tovah U'metukoh. May you all be inscribed for a good, healthy, peaceful year. ═══════════════════════════════ M iriam Weinstein - Temple Ahavat Achim - Gloucester, MA Our   synagogue   burned,   and   we   lost   all   our   torahs.   We   rebuilt   our   building;   the   next   step was   to   have   our   own   torah.   This   really   helped   us   to   move   into   our   future,   and   to   all   feel part   of   receiving   our   new   torah.   Sofer   On   Site   allowed   every   family   to   write   a   letter,   so that   they   could   be   part   of   this   mitzvah.   They   made   the   process   easy   for   us,   and managed to connect with everyone, from a newborn to a 90-year-old. _________________ Ruth Budelmann - Temple Ahavat Achim - Gloucester, MA We   loved   working   with   Sofer   On   Site!!   We   had   a   fire   which   destroyed   our   Temple.   After   rebuilding   our   synagogue,   we needed   to   buy   a   Torah.   I   did   not   want   to   "just   buy   a   Torah",   I   wanted   it   to   have   a   "community   building"   component.   We had heard about Sofer On Site and everything you do. The   power   of   families   being   able   to   write   a   letter   in   our   new   Torah   exceeded   our   expectations!   Our   Temple   families   still talk   about   the   moment   they   sat   down   to   write   a   letter   and   what   that   meant   to   them...And   we   now   have   a   new Torah......with   a   great   story.......how   members   all   had   the   opportunity   to   be   part   of   this   new   Torah   as   Temple   Ahavat Achim moves forward!!!! It   was   a   pleasure   working   with   Sofer   On   Site!!!!!!!   Thank   you   for   your   enthusiasm   and   knowledge   !!   Thank   you   for making the process of receiving a Torah   so   meaningful!   _________________ Miriam   Weinstein   &   Ruth   Budelman,   Richmond   Torah   Center,   San   Fransisco,   CA Thanks   so   much! We   just   wanted   to   let   you   know   that   our   event   on   Sunday   was   tremendously   successful.   During   the   program,   Rabbi Selwyn   kept   the   kids   totally   involved. And   he   managed   to   connect,   in   a   very   personal   way,   with   every   group   that   wrote   a letter.   We   have   had   the   most   enthusiastic   thanks   from   everyone   who   was   there.   Thanks,   Rabbi   Selwyn,   for   everything, including your advice about publicizing the event... ═══════════════════════════════ R abbi   Elias   Lieberman   -   Falmouth   Jewish   Congregation,   MA   I   wanted   to   let   you   know   how   pleased   we   were   with   Rabbi   Salazar’s   presentation   to   our community     this     morning.     He     was     informative,     personable     and     obviously     very knowledgeable and we were delighted to have had him here. B’vracha, _________________ Pamela   Rothstein,   Director   of   Lifelong   Learning   -   Falmouth   Jewish   Congregation,   MA I   echo   Rabbi   Lieberman's   sentiments   about   Rabbi   Salazar's   excellent   presentation.   He   was   engaging,   inspired,   and informative.   I   know   that   those   present   --   a   good   sized   crowd   of   24   on   a   weekday   -   appreciated   his   holistic   teaching about the art, history, and craft of his work within the context of Judaism   and   Torah.   ═══════════════════════════════ R abbi Yaron Kapitulnik, Temple Judea, Palm Beach, FL Just a few months ago we have finished writing a new Torah for our Temple. Our   project   was   in   many   ways   unique   and   was   definitely   one   of   the   most   significant processes that ever took place in our temple since its establishment 33 years ago. As    we    started    planning    this    year,    we    immediately    discovered    the    amazing    and dedicated   staff   at   “Sofer   On   Site”.   From   the   first   meeting   it   was   clear   that   we   are working   with   a   group   of   professionals   that   are   not   just   knowledgeable   and   eager   to succeed but also friendly, open minded and passionate about their work. We   had   many   concerns   and   many   questions   in   the   first   stages,   and   when   ever   we   needed   direction   and   help   there   was always a warm voice on the other side of the phone with good advice. Although   we   did   not   follow   the   exact   plan   that   was   suggested   and   deviated   in   order   to   create   a   project   that   was   more   fit for our congregation, the staff at Sofer On Site were always accommodating and flexible. Rabbi   Levi   Selwyn,   “OUR   SOFER”   came   to   our   congregation   over   10   times.   In   each   and   every   visit   he   was   nothing short   of   an   angel   sent   to   us!   He   was   patient,   knowledgeable   and   gracious,   he   treated   all   people,   men,   woman,   children, Jews   and   non-Jews   with   respect,   with   courtesy   and   for   many,   the   meeting   with   him   was   the   highlight   of   the   entire experience. We   are   grateful   for   the   entire   staff   of   Sofer   On   Site   and   their   incredible   support,   because   of   you   our   temple   is   now stronger, united and better educated. But mostly – inspired by the beauty and power of Torah. ═══════════════════════════════ J acquie Serebrani-Kesner, Temple Isaiah, Lexington, MA   Dear Rabbi Druin, Thank   you   for   sharing   your   wisdom   and   experience   with   the   children   at   Temple   Isaiah. The   opportunity   to   observe   and   engage   with   you   was   a   life-changing   and   deeply   moving experience   for   all   of   us.   After   your   presentation   the   children   and   I   gathered   to   further discuss   your   process   and   share   reflections   about   your   soulful   connection   to   your   work. On   Wednesday   each   child   was   given   a   quill   (a   feather   from   my   furry   and   feathered menagerie),   a   bubble   of   liquid   darkness,   and   a   sheet   of   clean   white   paper.   They   tried   to steady   their   hands   and   create   either   the   first   letter   in   their   Hebrew   name/s,   their   Hebrew name   or,   their   English   first   name.   We   have   enclosed   these   cards   as   a   small   gesture   of our appreciation to you. Thank   you   for   sharing   your   wisdom   and   inspiring   all   of   us   to   journey   from   within   the liquid darkness into to the depth of each letter that emerges from the "bubble" of a "kiss".   With gratitude, Jacquie   Serebrani-Kesner   &   Dalet   Students ═══════════════════════════════ S usan Freeman, Temple Shalom, Naples, FL   Dear Rabbi Goldstein, I    want    you    to    know    how    much    we    appreciate    your    patience    and    willingness    to experiment   with   different   options.   I   know   we've   been   a   pain   in   the   neck   asking   to   see countless variations on the theme, with both the brochure and the banner. Your   creative   input   and   technical   skills   have   truly   helped   us   reach   our   goals.   The   brochure   is   beautiful   and   everyone   is pleased!   Marc   and   I   -   and   the   whole   Marketing   Committee   -   have   enjoyed   working   with   you   and   look   forward   to   future projects as "Our Torah" progresses at Temple Shalom. A million thanks, ═══════════════════════════════ D aniel Kulakofsky, Beth El Temple, Hartford, CT   Dear    Rabbi    Druin    while    there    are    miles    to    go    I    just    wanted    to    take    a    minute    to compliment    Rabbi    Goldstein.    Rabbi    Goldstein's    creativity    and    talent    have    already helped   us   to   produce   some   terrific   materials.   Even   more   important   however,   is   the exceptional   customer   experience   Rabbi   Goldstein   is   providing.   We   will   soon   be   out from   behind   our   very   tight   initial   deadlines   but   without   Rabbi   Goldstein   making   himself so   available   to   date   we   would   not   be   where   we   are.   You   should   also   know   that   even when   we   are   pushing   because   we   are   late   Rabbi   Goldstein   accommodates   us   with   a smile. I truly appreciate the support we are getting from Rabbi Goldstein. ═══════════════════════════════ Jo el Elliot, Executive Director - Temple B'rith Kodesh, Rochester, NY Rochel, Thanks   for   your   call   and   thanks   for   asking   for   feedback   about   Rabbi   Salazar's   visit.   Our committee   co-chairperson,   Steven   Robbins,   reported   he   did   a   truly   wonderful   job   taking all   of   the   Sunday   school   classes   through   short   sessions   on   what   it   means   to   be   a   Sofer and   the   elements   of   repairing   and   creating   a   Torah.   Rabbi   Salazar   was   wonderful   at adjusting   his   lectures   to   the   different   age   groups   and   emphasizing   different   aspects   of the   challenge   of   becoming   a   Sofer   and   creating/restoring   a   Torah.   He   used   his   own experiences   and   very   good   reference   points   to   drive   home   how   demanding   it   is   to   write for   4-6   hours   a   day   with   a   quill   and   how   the   process   is   purposefully   exacting   as   you create a holy scroll. After   those   sessions,   he   rolled   up   his   sleeves   and   got   to   work   on   the   scroll   we'd   selected   for   attention.   He   completed restoration   on   Genesis,   Exodus   and   Leviticus   on   Sunday   afternoon   and   Monday,   and   completed   the   work   on   Tuesday morning.   In   addition,   he   talked   with   Doug   Gallant,   our   own   passionate   "Torah   Restorah,"   and   carefully   reviewed   the Pilsn scroll (on loan from the Westminster Trust). We look forward to the detailed, updated   report   on   that   scroll.  
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Torah         is         the         prized         inheritance        of         the         Jewish         people.         It         moves,        motivates,         and         unites         us         as         a        nation.         For      3,000         years         we         have        learned      to      live      our      lives      through     the          teachings,          guidance          and       message      of      Torah.      We   search      for     new        ways        to        bring        ourselves      closer      to      it.      At      Sofer      On      Site,      we     are      honored      to      provide      beautiful STa’M        of        the        highest        Halachic      standards,      while      bringing      Torah’s     timeless        messages        to        you,        and      inspire generations to come.
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