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Preservation and Growth Every   community   cherishes   the   memory   and   legacy   of   its   personal   past.   Undertaking   the   necessary Torah   repairs,   can   transform   from   a   mere   congregational   expense   and   into   a   money   generating   and   an inspiring experience for all - A Torah Restoration Project. As   every   letter   is   repaired,   we   encourage   members   to   partake   in   the   action   which   creates   emotional inroads   to   their   hearts.   By   preserving   our   past,   we   show   and   celebrate   the   eternity   of   our   nation   while inspiring ongoing commitment and future communal growth. While   your   Torahs   will   be   fully   restored   to   their   original   glory,   members   will   partake   in   learning, celebrating    and    even    inking    their    own    letters.    This    is    a    project    full    of    conviction,    mystery,    and community unity.   If   you   are   ready   to   care   for   your   Torahs,   we   are   willing   and   honored   to   serve   as   your   Torah   Doctor   in repairing   your   scrolls.   Together   we   will   transform   this   into   a   memorable   moment   in   the   life   of   your congregation. Join the movement and enlist today as a Guardian of Torah!  
Torah         is         the         prized         inheritance        of         the         Jewish         people.         It         moves,        motivates,         and         unites         us         as         a        nation.         For      3,000         years         we         have        learned      to      live      our      lives      through     the          teachings,          guidance          and       message      of      Torah.      We   search      for     new        ways        to        bring        ourselves      closer      to      it.      At      Sofer      On      Site,      we     are      honored      to      provide      beautiful STa’M        of        the        highest        Halachic      standards,      while      bringing      Torah’s     timeless        messages        to        you,        and      inspire generations to come.
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