Torah         is         the         prized         inheritance        of         the         Jewish         people.         It         moves,        motivates,         and         unites         us         as         a        nation.         For      3,000         years         we         have        learned      to      live      our      lives      through     the          teachings,          guidance          and       message      of      Torah.      We   search      for     new        ways        to        bring        ourselves      closer      to      it.      At      Sofer      On      Site,      we     are      honored      to      provide      beautiful STa’M        of        the        highest        Halachic      standards,      while      bringing      Torah’s     timeless        messages        to        you,        and      inspire generations to come.
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Holocaust Scroll Project
Restoring the Past No    project    is    as    potentially    inspirational    as    a Holocaust     Torah     Project.     It     symbolizes     the resurrection   and   revival   of   the   Jewish   people   as   it survived    though    one    of    the    most    difficult    and horrific periods of our history. These    projects    highlight    the    need    for    Jewish continuity    as    no    other    and    serve    as    a    living testament   to   the   world,   that   with   our   Torah   we   can endure even the greatest challenges. As   in   a   New   Torah   Project,   individuals   are   enjoined with   the   help   of   one   of   our   sofrim   to   re-ink   the letters   that   have   become   unfit   for   ritual   usage.   By rehabilitating   and   fixing   these   letters   with   the   sofer, each    individual    takes    part    in    the    rebirth    of    this precious   inheritance.   We   Jews   have   always   been taught   that   that   which   is   old   or   ancient   does   not deem   it   as   useless   or   something   to   be   discarded, on   the   contrary,   it   is   our   duty   and   responsibility   to as   a   people,   community   and   individuals   to   see   to   it that   our   heritage   be   rejuvenated   so   that   our   youth may   learn   to   treasure   and   partake   of   its   wisdom and beauty. A   Holocaust   Torah   Project   will   include   a   community Torah     scribing     experience     as     well     as     many educational   programs   and   presentations.   Such   a project    can    also    be    used    for    a    wide    range    of fundraising initiatives. We   are   all   the   guardians   of   these   precious   scrolls, to   upkeep   and   share   with   the   next   generation.   Be part    of    protecting    our    history    while    plowing    the seeds   of   our   future   in   this   unique   and   marvelous project.
Torah Journey Projects
Holocaust Scroll Project
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