Torah         is         the         prized         inheritance        of         the         Jewish         people.         It         moves,        motivates,         and         unites         us         as         a        nation.         For      3,000         years         we         have        learned      to      live      our      lives      through     the          teachings,          guidance          and       message      of      Torah.      We   search      for     new        ways        to        bring        ourselves      closer      to      it.      At      Sofer      On      Site,      we     are      honored      to      provide      beautiful STa’M        of        the        highest        Halachic      standards,      while      bringing      Torah’s     timeless        messages        to        you,        and      inspire generations to come.
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Hebrew Name Project
So what's in a name? A   Hebrew   name   is   not   just   a   bunch   of   letters   combined   in   a   way   to   call   someone   across   the   room.   It's so   much   more   than   that.   It   gives   life   to   the   soul   of   the   individual   and   defines   our   personality   traits   and more. The   Kabbalists   say   that   when   parents   name   a   child,   they   experience   a   minor   intuitive   prophecy   - because   somehow   that   child’s   destiny   is   wrapped   up   in   the   combination   of   Hebrew   letters   that   make up   his   or   her   name.   Tradition   also   tells   us   that   the   Jews   of   ancient   Egypt   kept   and   used   their   Jewish names which was one of the ways they stayed together as a people and merited redemption. A   Hebrew   Name   Project   is   a   week   long   program   involving   many   paths   to   learn   the   meaning   of   your name. Be   drawn   into   the   magic   of   your   Hebrew   name   and   learn   the   mystical   symbols   and   depth   behind   it. Learn to write it in the scribal tradition, and have it written for you for on authentic parchment. Make your Name Great Again!
Torah Journey Projects
Hebrew Name Project
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