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Workshops Workshop A: Delve Into What Torah REALLY Is! A window into the Sofer’s world. Presenter: All Sofer On Site Educators Is   the   Torah   just   a   book?   Are   Hebrew   letters   just   shapes?   —   Does a   Sofer   (scribe)   just   write?   With   an   understanding   of   these   questions, you'll be given a glimpse into the world of a Torah scroll. In   this   workshop   you   will   be   able   to   view   and   analyze   the   actual materials   of   the   Sofer’s   craft      and   witness   a   demonstration   of   their function.   We   will   demonstrate   how   so   called,   "Hebrew   letters"   are brought   into   being.      You   will   reflect   and   consider   the   character   and traits   of   a   Sofer   in   order   to   fulfill   this   monumental   task.   With   all   this and   more,   you   will   acquire   a   totally   unexpected   and   fresh   insight   into the Torah creation and content. (Recommended for Adults, children and families. Duration 1.5 hours) ___________________________________________________________ Workshop B: G-d’s “Black Box” - Now In Your Hands An exciting journey behind the making of Tefillin. Presenter: All Sofer On Site Educators A wonderful way to inspire young and old about this ancient yet vibrant mitzvah of tefillin. See how tefilln are made from a piece of raw leather and ultimately formed into what we see are black boxes. Understand the reasons behind its structure through an interactive class with real live examples.   See how tefillin are sewn and sealed and view various samples of different types, sizes and qualities.  Practice the donning of tefillin and most importantly, feel the energy of G-d’s special sign upon us. (Recommended for Teens-Families. Duration 1.5 hours) ___________________________________________________________ Workshop C: Sefer Torah - You own it, You love it, Now care for it! Learn how to protect this legacy and save money. Become a Holy Roller! Presenter: All Sofer On Site Educators A Sefer Torah costs tens of thousands of dollars and should last hundreds of years. So why do they deteriorate so quickly and need expensive restoration? The answer will surprise you. As guardians of your Torah, we will show you what can be done to practically eliminate or inhibit these processes, and improve your Torah’s condition. You will receive hands-on instructions to practice these methods. Through this workshop, you’ll gain an appreciation of your Torahs, their condition will improve, thus enabling you to save thousands of dollars through eliminating expensive future repairs.  Read more on becoming a Holy Roller through this special training session. (Recommended for Adults, children and families. Duration 1.5 hours) ___________________________________________________________ Workshop D: Becoming a Master Scribbler The scribal art of Hebrew calligraphy. Presenter: All Sofer On Site Educators Who knew that the skill of writing a torah is still well and alive today? The art of writing Torah letters are precise and it’s details require a lot of practice. In this workshop we will introduce you to this wonderful skill of a Sofer. Learn how a quill and parchment is prepared and how to form Hebrew letters.  Each participant will be given a quill and parchment to practice the writing of their own Hebrew name.  after one sees how much time, skill and patience is needed for the writing of a sefer Torah, participants will gain a newfound appreciation and love for their own Torahs. (Recommended for children and teens. Adults are welcome. Duration 1.5 hours) ___________________________________________________________ Workshop E: Your 12 Jewish Senses Discover new gateways to better relationships. Presenter: Rabbi Gedaliah Druin Are you sensitive to all your senses, as well as how to use them? These 12 Jewish senses, as derived from the Hebrew letters, are the channels for grasping and absorbing who we are. This workshop will enable the listener to explore alternative methods to understand oneself, the world and G-d. The understanding of these dynamics will allow you to implement new ways to enhance your relationships and communicate with others effectively. Aside from giving you the practical expertise of these senses, we will use the specific Hebrew words that are used to define “sense” “relationships” and “education” in order to practically redefine the approach to Jewish education. (Recommended for Adults. Duration 1.5 hours) ___________________________________________________________ Workshop F: The Music of the Shema Prayer The Sound of Silence Presenter: Rabbi Gedaliah Druin Before one can begin to experience sound & music, one needs to learn the art of Shema - to listen. Discover how musical phrases are created and turned into “houses” from which music and melody flow. Experience the ways of moving rhythm; the relation of fingers to guitar strings and voice/humming/whistling to guitar and rhythm. Learn how to tune the guitar by sight or sound. Enable yourself to hear the infinite sound of music emanating from the guitar and create songs. Learn to play the guitar and create songs in one hour (hands on) with a 30 minute introduction. The crowning Mitzvah is not to write a Sefer Torah, but rather to “Write for yourselves this Song”. (Recommended for Adults and young adults. Optional: Bring your own guitar. Duration 1.5 hours) ___________________________________________________________   Workshop G: The Aura of Torah Distinguishing Light & Darkness Presenter: Rabbi Gedaliah Druin Mystical: Where is the spirit of “The Law”? Was darkness created by G-d? Look into a Torah and let it reveal its secrets. Learn the spiritual secrets of a Kabbalistic scroll, and why all Torah scrolls reveal more than meets the eye. Practical: How to protect your community from the modern, rampant deception in the purchase and repair of Torah Scrolls. Don’t be the next victim. (Recommended for Adults. Duration 1.5 hours) ___________________________________________________________   Workshop H: Is your Mezuzah a blessing? How a Jewish alarm system works. Presenter: All Sofer On Site Educators In this workshop you’ll learn; what is a Mezuzah and it’s origins? Why it’s needed? What difference does it make if it is Kosher or not? Join us on a Mezuzah Journey and see how it is made and its use. Watch a scroll being made in front of your eyes and learn its secrets and energy. (Recommended for Adults, children and families. Duration 1.5 hours) ___________________________________________________________   Workshop I: A Megillah Nagillah Presentation The Joys of the Megillah Presenter: All Sofer On Site Educators Come and see how a Megillat Esther is written. Learn how it is the same and different than a Torah. participate in a lively and entertaining presentation on the unique art of the scribe. Is it hard to write a Megillah scroll? Well why not try it yourself with a hands on experience and crash course scribal art. A perfect way to realize the Gantzah Megillah! (Recommended for Adults, children and families. Duration 1.5 hours for all ages)
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