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Check Your Tefillin & Mezuzot Just   as   it   is   a   Mitzvah   to   purchase   Kosher   Tefillin   &   Mezuzot   from   a   reputable source,   It   is   just   as   important   to   ensure   they   remain   Kosher.   It   is   a   Jewish   law, that   one   should   have   all   Mezuzot   and   Tefillin   examined   twice   in   every   seven years. we   offer   a   full   workshop   for   examining   Sta’m   in   a   timely   and   professional fashion.   Items   can   be   sent   to   our   premises   where   they   are   examined   as   soon as   possible   and   sent   back   when   completed.   However,   if   there   are   difficulties   or other complications, we will call you to review your options. Alternatively,   you   can   provide   this   service   for   your   community,   on   site. You   can request   a   visit   by   one   of   our   Sofrim   who   can   come   and   examine   Tefillin   and Mezuzot   at   your   location,   and   at   the   same   time   all   who   wish   can   stay   and watch.   Some   very   successful   programs   have   been   arranged   for   after   services on   a   Sunday   morning,   together   with   a   breakfast   and   a   discussion/lecture. Contact Us to arrange a date. Extra fee for coming out. For   more   information   on   Tefillin   or   Mezuzot   checking, please contact: (305) 937-7797 .
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