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Hazel Han delman - Temple Sinai Las Vegas NV I   wanted   to   write   and   let   you   know   how   impressed   I   was   by   the   way   you   spoke   to   my   granddaughter   Ashley   on   Sunday Feb 23. The message was very inspirational and it will be a message I hope she carries with her always. Thank you. Stefanie Helms - Temple Sinai Las Vegas NV Dear   Rabbi   Druin,   What   a   great   pleasure   to   meet   you   today!   My   daughter   Sailor   and   I   enjoyed   thoroughly   the   scribing experience   and   your   explanation   of   our   letter   "vav".   Thank   you   for   coming   to   Temple   Sinai   and   for   sharing   your   love   and knowledge of Torah with us. ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Rabb i Todd Chizner - Temple Judea of Manhasset I   am   the   senior   rabbi   of   Temple   Judea   of   Manhasset.     About   three   years   ago   I   contacted   Sofer   on   Site   to   inquire about   having   a   new   Torah   scroll   scribed.      I   had   quite   a   few   goals   I   wanted   to   accomplish   with   the   scribing   of   this new   Torah.      I   wanted   the   new   Torah   to   be   in   memory   of   our   rabbi   emeritus,   Rabbi Abner   Bergman.      Yet,   I   wanted everyone   in   our   temple   community   to   be   involved   and   use   this   opportunity   to   bring   our   community   closer together.      (I   didn't   just   want   to   put   a   new   Torah   in   the   Ark)      In   other   words,   I   wanted   a   Torah   Project:   one   that every   temple   family   could   and   would   participate   in.      And,   as   an   added   goal,   I   wanted   this   to   be   a   source   of significant   fund   raising   for   the   temple.      Finally,   I   knew   the   Torah   had   to   be   light   enough   to   be   carried   comfortably by all of our b'nei mitzvah.  I   wasn't   sure   if   it   was   even   possible   to   accomplish   all   of   this.      In   fact,   I   recall   discussing   this   with   the   president   of   the   temple   and   we   were   unable   to come   up   with   a   way   to   do   all   of   this   without   devaluing   one   goal   for   the   sake   of   another.      The   president   of   the   Temple   and   I   called   Sofer   on   Site   and we   got   on   the   phone   with   Rabbi   Moshe   Druin.      Within   minutes   Rabbi   Druin   understood   exactly   what   we   were   looking   for   and   managed   to   come   up with   a   brilliant   plan   of   how   to   accomplish   all   of   our   goals   and   preserve   the   integrity   of   each   one.     Talking   with   him   was   like   listening   to   a   creative   idea machine.      He   rattled   off   idea   after   idea,   which   he   needed   to   do   when   we   said   things   like   "that   wont   work   at   our   temple"   or   "that's   not   exactly   what   we are   looking   for".      At   the   end   of   that   first   conversation   the   president   and   I   were   convinced   that   Sofer   on   Site   was   the   right   company   to   work   with.     From that point on, we had an incredibly successful Torah project.  We   dedicated   the   Torah   in   October   of   2013   in   an   amazing   wedding   ceremony.      Every   group   in   our   temple   was   present.      Every   child   in   our   religious were   there.   And   Rabbi   Bergman's   family   filled   in   the   last   word   of   the   Torah,   under   the   chupah,   capping   off   an   incredibly   moving   and   meaningful project!  Thank You again to all of our friends at Sofer on Site.  You truly enabled our community of share in the scribing of a very special Torah.   ══ ══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Steve Hecht - Executive Director,  Beth El Congregation of the South Hill, PA   When   we   embarked   on   our   "Inclusion"   Torah   Project,   we   hoped   that   initiative   had   the   ability   to   bring   together   our   Beth   El Community   and   touch   all   the   arms   of   the   Shul.   But,   we   were   a   bit   skeptical   that   it   would   be   as   far   reaching   as   it   became.   We   were amazed   at   the   amount   of   families   that   took   part   in   the   scribing   of   a   letter   and   their   individual   connections   to   that   letter. The   monies pledged will enable us to meet our capital needs and we could not have met those obligations without this successful campaign. Sofer   on   Site   led   us   through   the   process   with   their   professionalism,   expertise   and   attention   to   detail.   We   would   highly   recommend them. Dr. Jay Feuer - Project Chair,  Beth El Congregation of the South Hill, PA   As   the   chairperson   of   the   Torah   project,   I   was   amazed   at   the   reaction   of   the   synagogue   members.      Filling   in   a   letter   or   taking   part   in   other   events related to the new Torah meant something different to everyone, but the one common thread was an excitement and a thrill to be part of the project. ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Cantor Donna Azu  - Temple Shalom, Naples, FL. I   had   a   wonderful   experience   with   Sofer   on   Site. They   were   very   professional   and   were   able   to   accommodate   the   needs   of our congregation. Rabbi Selwyn was very engaging and our congregants had a meaningful and wonderful experience. ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Car in Buckman - Marketing & Publicity Chair, Beth El Temple, Hartford, CT   In   2012/2013   Beth   El   Temple   embarked   on   a   wonderful   journey   -   our   Temple   had   the   unique   and   wonderful experience   of   writing   a   Torah.      Rabbi   Selwyn   and   Rabbi   Druin   were   terrific!      They   worked   individually   with   each and   every   family   to   make   their   lettering   experience   personal   and   special.      They   ran   fun,   experiential   educational sessions for adults and children in our religious school. I   had   the   privilege   of   working   hand-in-hand   with   Rabbi   Goldstein   to   design   and   create   marketing   materials   for   this year-long   project.      Together   we   designed   beautiful   pieces   that   worked   in   tandem   with   our   Temple's   branding   and its   message.      In   many   cases   Rabbi   Goldstein   even   worked   directly   with   our   printer   to   ensure   that   our   collateral materials were perfect. One   of   the   most   special   aspects   of   this   project   was   being   able   to   share   it   with   the   community.      We   took   our   Sofer   and   parchment   on   the   road   to   visit schools,   nursing   homes,   and   assisted   living   facilities.      In   this   way   we   were   able   to   touch   holocaust   survivors   and   great   grandparents,   bringing multiple   generations   together   to   letter   in   the   Torah.   Even   now,   after   almost   a   year   of   reading   from   our   beautiful   new   Torah,   it   still   brings   tears   to   our eyes   when   a   bar   or   bat   mitzvah   family   shares   how   incredible   it   is   that   their   son/daughter   is   reading   from   the   very   scroll   in   which   their   child/family lettered. ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Teresa Hellman - Ceremony Chair - Congregation Bet h Torah, KS Dear Rabbi Druin and Rabbi Goldstein I   didn't   want   the   week   to   pass   without   telling   both   of   you   how   much   I   have   enjoyed   working   with   you   on this project for our synagogue. I   have   learned   so   much,   and   it   is   has   been   a   truly   rewarding   experience   to   have   been   the   Ceremonies Chair   on   this   project.      I   feel   that   the   resources   Sofer   on   Site   provided   us   allowed   me   to   pull   together   just the right activities to create meaningful ceremonies from the launch to the closing ceremony. Thank   you   for   your   guidance   and   insight   on   all   of   the   little   details   on   the   program.      In   fact   the   only   thing   I regret   not   including   in   our   service   on   Sunday   was   your   recommendation   of   having   the   youth   group standing   up   with   signs   saying   we   love   you   Rabbi   Levin   after   he   finished   his   remarks!      He   would   have   loved   it   and   I   could   almost   hear   it   when   he finished his remarks. It   was   a   lovely   service   and   we   honored   both   our   Rabbi   and   our   New   Torah   in   just   the   right   ways   with   your   guidance.      Thank   you   for   your contributions that day and throughout this past many months. All my best, Teresa Hellman ════════════════════════ ════════════════════════════════════════ Rabbi Yitzchok Schiff - Toras Emes, FL Rabbi    Druin,    Thank    you    SO    much    for    coming    to    show    the    boys    what    a    real    sofer    does.        It    was entertaining, informative and a lot of fun for all!  I have already received a mound of positive feedback. Safrus   has   been   a   personal   interest   of   mine,   and   the   electives   forced   me   to   do   some   decent   research   to be   able   to   present   something   meaningful   to   the   boys   over   the   course   of   the   4   sessions   I   had.      But   as   I pointed   out   to   them,   safrus   is   one   of   those   areas   of   yiddishkeit   that   you   can   spend   your   entire   life   devoted to   studying   and   still   only   begin   to   scratch   the   surface.     And   so,   it   was   so   uplifting   to   see   many   of   the   ideas   I presented   to   them   echoed   in   your   presentation.      But   the   way   you   did   it,   with   all   the   inside   info   and   with   all the real live props....... it was amazing! ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Pearl Halegua - Torah Project Chair - Temple Beth Sholom , Roslyn, N.Y. Our   goal   was   to   not   only   have   a   fund   raiser   but   to   also   give   each   of   our   members   the   opportunity   to fulfill   Mitzvah   613,   to   write   a   Sefer   Torah.   This   was   so   important   to   our   committee   that   we   stated   in   our literature,   no   member   was   required   to   make   any   donation   in   order   to   scribe.   Rabbi   Druin,   our   sofer, opened   up   a   lot   of   hearts   while   scribing   with   each   of   our   members.   Individuals   constantly   found meaningful   connections   with   the   letter   they   randomly   came   upon   to   write.   Each   was   moved   by   not   only the   experience   of   writing,   but   everyone   walked   away   with   a   pearl   of   wisdom   either   about   the   teaching   of torah, how it was made or a midrash about their letter. Everyone   grew   in   some   way.   Rabbi   Druin   was   also   wonderful   with   our   children,   especially   our   pre   schoolers.   He   made   the   experience   joyful   ,   as well   as   educational.   Torah   was   truly   our   theme   last   year   and   what   is   beautiful,   is   that   every   Shabbat   when   we   take   it   out,   our   congregation   feels connected to it in so many ways. Our bnei mitzvot each have a letter they wrote in the torah from which they read for their simcha. The   new   torah   is   so   light   compared   to   our   old   ones,   that   lifting   it   is   a   possibility   for   those   of   various   strength.   The   calligraphy   is   easy   to   read,   which makes   so   many   very   happy.   It   is   truly   reader   friendly.   Writing   this   torah   was   a   win,   win   experience;   not   only   did   we   benefit   from   it   financially,   but   our congregants benefitted spiritually on so many levels. Temple Beth Sholom truly "took hold of torah" with this project. While   looking   to   create   a   meaningful   fundraiser   the   concept   of   writing   a   torah   was   brought   up   .   Some   said   we   don’t   need   another   torah   …others said we need to write a new Torah for the next generation. Louis Naviasky - Torah Project Chair - Temple Beth Sholom , Roslyn, N.Y. What   started   out   as   a      18   month   fundraising   project   ended   up   turning   into   a   dynamic      community   building      event   encompassing   learning   and sharing.   Having   Rabbi   Moshe   Druin      was   the   key   to   the   success   of   the   program.   While   we   had   many   challenges,   Rabbi   Druin   overcame   them   and offered   solutions   that      reinvigorated   the   schul.   I   would      highly   recommend   that   your   schul   consider      embarking   on   this   meaningful   journey   with   Rabbi Druin and his team. ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════
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