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Har vey Sundel - Marketing & Publicity Chair - Hebrew Educational Alliance Harvey Sundel - Hebrew Educational Alliance Sofer   on   Site   was   terrific   to   work   with.      They   have   extensive   experience   with   helping   Shuls develop and implement a Torah writing Project.  As a result, they have an extensive database full   of   examples   of   visuals,   forms,   etc.   used   by   other   Shuls   who   have   implemented   a Torah   writing project.      We   were   encouraged   to   review   these   examples   and   use   things   that   would   be   appropriate for   us.      Rabbi   Goldstein,   with   whom   I   worked,   made   valuable   suggestions,   and   was   always   willing to tweak whatever we chose to make it better fit our needs. When needed, he would customize a visual jus for us. Congregants   were   very   impressed   with   Rabbi   Druin.   He   did   an   incredible   job   of   talking   people   and   telling   the      the   meaning   of   their   letter.      Many people I spoke to said they were genuinely moved by the experience. Overall. Sofer on Site helped us implement a very successful and meaningful Torah writing project. Ellen Schneeweis - Education Chair - Hebrew Educational Alliance, Denver, CO I   had   the   most   wonderful   experience   Co-chairing   the   Education   of   Mitzvah   613.   I   felt   like   this   project   really   was   beautiful   to   bring   everyone   in   our HEA   membership   together   as   one   community.   Personally   it   was   such   a   touching   and   treasured   experience   that   included   my   children,   as   well!   I   have done   a   lot   of   volunteer   work   in   many   Jewish   Communities   since   1993.   Flattered   that   I   could   be   chosen   for   this   position,   and   I   will   always   treasure this   project,   and   we   raised   a   lot   of   money,   in   a   meaningful   way!   We   were   lucky   enough   to   use   the   Torah   for   my   youngest   son's   (I   have   four   sons.) May 16, 2015 Bar Mitzvah!! m those who enjoyed such a positive experience. ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Michelle Goldsmith, Congregation with Beth Emeth, VA I   have   had   the   pleasure   of   working   with   Sofer   on   Site   at   two   different   synagogues   -   Temple   Beth-El   in   Birmingham, Alabama   and   Congregation   Beth   Emeth   in   Herndon,   Virginia.   Both   times   the   sofer   repaired   our   scrolls   beautifully   and educated   my   congregants   -   from   young   to   old   -   about   the   process   of   making   parchment,   writing   a   Torah,   how   to   keep   a Torah   clean   and   in   good   repair,   and   how   meaningful   it   is   to   create   and   preserve   Torah   scrolls.   Our   congregants   are   still talking about the visit from Sofer on Site and it has been six months! ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Rabbi Dan Moskovitz - Senior Rabbi Temple Sholom Vancouver, BC Canada Dear Rabbi Druin, Thank   you   so   much   for   not   only   our   physical Torah,   but   the Torah   of   your   beautiful   n’shama   that   you   lovingly shared   with   each   of   our   families.      Every   single   participant   told   me   how   magical   their   time   was   with   you   and how   personal   it   felt.      I   too   felt   that   we   were   uniquely   blessed   to   have   you   hold   our   hand   (or   our’s   yours) through   this   process.      Thank   you   so   much,   I   look   forward   to   seeing   you   and   hopefully   Yossi   next   year   in Vancouver. Kol Tuv Rabbi Dan Anne Andrew - Temple Sholom Vancouver, BC The   results   of   our   Letter   by   Letter   Torah   project   far   exceeded   my   expectations.   This   was   in   no   small   part   due   to   the   tremendous   skill   of   Rabbi Moshe   Druin   in   connecting   each   family   to   the   letter   that   they   scribed.   The   scribing   experience   was   described   as   unexpectedly   spiritually   uplifting   by many   of   the   members   of   our   congregation.   As   co-chair   of   this   project   I   really   appreciated   the   support   of   the   whole   Sofer   on   Site   organization   for leading us step by step through the process of putting the project together. Sharon McNamara Temple Sholom Vancouver, BC Our   participation   was   not   only   enjoyable   but   also   memorable   and   extremely   meaningful.      It   was   an   outstanding   project.      Thank   you   and   everyone involved. Gordon Cherry Ceremony - Chair -  Temple Sholom Vancouver, BC We were very inspired by Rabbi Druin's "drosh" on our letter and were in tears from the great spirit we felt. Rochelle Garfinkel - Executive Director  -  Temple Sholom Vancouver, BC It   was   a   privilege   to   photograph   the   scribing   sessions,   Rabbi   Druin   created   a   warm   and   inviting   experience   with   each   and   every   family,   making   them feel at one with the Torah and with the family members that they were were remembering and honouring Rhea Lazar - Torah Writing Chair -  Temple Sholom Vancouver, BC It   was   a   wonderful   experience   for   me   to   be   involved   in   the   planning   of   this   project,   working   and   getting   to   know   many   congregants   that   I   had   not known   before.      I   think   our   process   for   scribers   was   particularly   meaningful   because   of   our   very   strong   pre-scribing   activities,   where   people   had   a chance to learn a lot about Torah Jeffrey Balin Our   experience   with   Sofer   On   Site   in   general   and   Rabbi   Druin,   in   particular,   was   truly   outstanding.   Rabbi   Druin   brought   a   genuine   and   unique   level of   insight,   energy   and   honour   to   our   Torah   writing   project,   and   consequently   to   our   Torah   itself   and   the   entire   congregation.   His   attention   to   each person,   each   letter   and   each   detail   ensured   that   this   most   sacred   activity   remains   sacred   for   all   participants.   The   support,   structures   and suggestions from Sofer On Sites upfront were critical in launching this year-long journey in the right direction, and it only went up from there! ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Rabbi Alan B. Lucas - Senior Rabbi - Temple Beth Sholom, Roslyn Heights, NY Every   Shabbat   and   holiday   when   we   read   from   our   exquisite   new   torah   I   smile   as   I   think   of   the        amazing   process   we   went   through   in   its   creation.   So   many   members   of   our   shul   family   feel   a   deep        connection   with   this   torah   and   with   torah   learning   thanks   to   Rabbi   Druin.   He   lovingly   guided   us         through this   process.   How   wonderful   is   it   when   our   B’nei   Mitzvah   ask,   “Is   this   the   torah   that   I         wrote?”   How remarkable   is   it   that   young   and   old   now   understand   the   meaning   of   torah   and   the         mitzvah   of   writing   a sefer   torah   in   a   way   they   did   not   before.   Thank   you   Rabbi   Druin   and   thank         you   Sofer   on   Site   not   only for   our   wonderful   new   torah,   for   a   successful   fund   raising   program   but   for   a   Torah   learning   and   a   Torah living experience.   A   wonderful   by-product   was   the   success   of   our   fundraising   efforts   that   will   greatly   assist   us   with   projects   deemed   important   by   our   clergy   and   lay leadership.   Rabbis   Druin   and   Salazar   made   it   their   responsibility   to   learn   our   community's   culture   and   history   which   aided   them   in   bonding   with   our congregants   -   they   both   played   an   integral   role   in   the   process   as   over   2,500   individuals   scribed   over   the   course   of   17   dates   during   the   past anniversary year - a remarkable number that gained momentum by word-of-mouth from those who enjoyed such a positive experience. ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Lloyd Doigan - Education Chair - Temple Shir Shalom, MI Dear Rabbi, L'Shana Tova.  Peace, love and health to you and your family. Our   Torah   project   was   the   most   powerful   spiritual   experience   I   have   enjoyed.      When   we   kicked   off   the   project   by having   our   Temple   school   kids   march   down   the   aisle   with   poster   boards   depicting   the   Jewish   holidays,   I   had   chills.     The   way   we   cooperated   in   accomplishing   this   great   project   was   amazing   and   our   optimism   towards   completing this   task   grew   week   by   week.      With   Sofar   on   Site   as   a   guide,   our   scribing   experience   included   a   discussion regarding   a   400   year   old   torah   we   have   that   survived   Nazi   hatred.      If   one   though   about   the   number   of   Jewish hands   that   handled   that   torah   and   the   number   of   Jewish   eyes   that   read   from   it,   it   was   as   if   our   history   came   alive.     Then   we   thought   about   the   number   of   Jewish   children   and   grandchildren   etc.   that   will   handle   and   read   from   our new   Torah,   one   could   believe   that   G-d's   promises   to   us   will   continue   to   lift   us   in   perpetuity.      The   scribing experience   was   overwhelming   and   difficult   to   describe   but   was   very   educational   and   rewarding.      When   the   new   Torah   entered   our   sanctuary   led   by our kids again, you could feel its neshamah fill the room - again spiritual chills and overwhelming. We   hit   our   financial   goals   but   most   importantly   were   able   to   engage   with   more   than   a   third   of   our   congregation.     All   our   scribing   sessions   were   full and   we   probably   would   have   filled   one   or   two   more.      Even   area   churches   participated.      We   found   great   leaders   within   the   congregation   who   will lead   us   in   the   future.      We   found   wallets   that   were   previously   unopened   and   volunteers   who   will   be   active   for   many   years.      Sofar   on   Site's   provided great   organizational   skill,   deep   data   bases   of   "how-to",   and,   most   importantly,   Rabbi's   who   are   mensches,   men   of   character   and   learning.      We enjoyed Sofer On Site's company and guidance and could not have accomplished this 613 project without you. All my best, Lloyd ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Alex Weinberg - Director of Congregational Learning, Temple Beth Sholom, NJ Hi Rabbi Salazar: I   wanted   to   take   a   moment   to   thank   you   for   all   of   your   work,   care,   and   ruah   that   you   shared   with   our community! Your   passion   for Torah   was   felt   in   every   meeting   that   you   had   with   our   congregants—each   family (every   family!)   talked   about   how   special   it   was   to   meet   with   you   before   they   wrote   in   the   Torah—how personal   and   unique   you   made   their   experience.   Yashar   Koah   for   not   only   restoring   a   magnificent   Sefer Torah   for   our   community,   but   also   giving   so   many   of   our   families   a   connection   with   Torah   that   they   will   not forget.   It   was   such   an   honor   to   watch   you   work   with   our   community   and   restore   our   Torah   letter   by   letter.   Thank   you   for   all   of   your   work   and dedication to our community. I very much hope our paths will cross again soon. Wishing you much success in your next project in Houston! Rabbi   Bialo   and   Rabbi   Druin—thank   you   as   well   for   all   of   your   work   and   help   with   our   Sefer Torah   project.   We   are   so   excited   to   have   such   a   special Torah return to our Aron Kodesh—thank you for all that you did to help this project and bring back our Torah! It was wonderful to work with you all again on another Torah project—I look forward to our next partnership! With much thanks and appreciation, Alex ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Leslie M. Bernstein - Director, Foundation and Corporate Relations - Calvary Hospital, NY Dear Rabbi Druin, Thanks   for   two   beautiful   programs   yesterday   at   Calvary   –   the   only   word   I   have   for   your   presentations   is “amazing!”   –   You   drew   people   in   with   humor,   love,   fascinating   information   –   I   could   go   on   and   on,   but   in essence,   thank   you   for   a   wonderful   introduction   to   our   project.   Looking   forward   to   several   more   inspiring   events with you – all best, and wishing you safe travels, Leslie Barbara J. Nitzberg - Director of Public Affairs & Community Relations - Calvary Hospital, NY Rabbi   Druin   did   an   unbelievable   job   with   the   employee   presentation   and   the   kick-off   at   the   92nd   Street   Y.      I   have   spoken   to   a   number   of   attendees at both events and they are in awe of what Rabbi Druin shared.  Yasher koach to him for enlightening all of us! ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════
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