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Glo ria Avner, KJCC VP - Keys Jewish Community Center - Tavernier, FL Dear Moshe, Menachem, and Shmuel, As   we   work   on   the   final   tasks   necessary   to   complete   this   journey   begun   with   you   nearly   six   months   ago,   I   find   myself filled   with   gratitude.   Everything   you   promised   us   when   we   brought   you   our   Torah   has   been   fulfilled   to   the   letter.   We appreciated   then   your   honest   assessment   of   the   work   involved   to   restore   it   to   kosher   status   and   the   additional   work required   to   go   further   and   make   it   beautiful.   We   are   glad   we   opted   for   the   latter.   When   we   had   our   first   Shabbos morning   service   two   weeks   ago,   Sam   and   I   both   had   the   same   jaw-dropping   experience   as   Rabbi   Agler   performed Hagbah   and   lifted   the   opened   Torah   before   the   ark.   It   was   breathtakingly   beautiful   and   we   each   felt   both   pride   and   a deep spiritual bond with the Torah as well. So   thank   you   for   the   sofers'   fine   repair   and   beautification   work. Thank   you   for   showing   us   how   to   keep   our Torah   dry,   alive   and   well,   and   for   sending us   the   perfect   person   to   interact   with   our   people   on   the   actual   scribing/celebration   day.   Everyone   felt   that   they   received   information   that   was   both moving and perfectly applicable to them. Last,   I   want   particularly   to   thank   you   for   referring   us   to   Reb   Shmuel   Goldstein.   What   an   asset   he   is   to   successful   project   completion.   He   worked   with us   tirelessly   to   create   the   most   aesthetically   pleasing   and   profound   memento   of   the   day   that   we   could   have   imagined.   His   beautiful   artwork   and gentle   guidance   in   helping   us   to   customize   this   gift   for   our   needs   took   both   work   and   patience.   Despite   our   numerous   questions   and   requests,   he remained endlessly helpful, polite and committed to problem solving with satisfying solutions. He is a treasure. We   are   nearly   ready   to   send   out   the   certificates   and   thank   you   letters.   It   seems   only   fitting   that   our   first   Todah   Rabah   should   go   to   you,   all   of   you who   guided   and   helped   us   bring   this   project   to   fruition.   We   will   happily   give   superb   testimonials   to   any   of   your   future   clients   who   wish   to   know   what the S.O.S. Experience is like. (In addition) I   must   thank   you.   You   sent   us   the   perfect   person.   Rabbi   Selwyn   made   each   scriber   comfortable,   read   them   and   their   needs   perfectly,   educated, uplifted   and   totally   engaged   each   of   us,   young   or   old,   rich   or   poor,   religious   or   secular.   He   was   tireless   and   genuinely   seemed   to   enjoy   us   as   much as   we   enjoyed   him.   The   stations   worked   perfectly   (we   had   seven   of   them)   and   our   volunteers   did   a   beautiful   job   making   sure   each   one   going through   got   the   most   out   of   the   experience.   The   "wimpel"   creation   station   was   particularly   well   received.   I'll   send   you   a   photo   when   the   fabric squares are attached. The   day   was   uplifting   to   all.   Please   tell   Reb   Gedaliah   that   we   take   seriously   his   exhortation   to   treat   her   well:   "the   Torah   is   alive."   We   felt   it   all   day Sunday   and   I'm   sure   we   will   into   the   future.   When   you   see   the   photos   eventually,   you   will   be   able   to   tell   by   the   glow   on   faces   that   it   was   a   day beyond happiness. Oh, and you were so correct about choosing the letters by "G-d's lottery." Every person thought they got the perfect letter for them. Warm regards to all and early greetings for a zeeseh Shabbat, Gloria Avner, KJCC VP ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Rabbi Karen Allen - Congregation Beth Sholom - Leesburg, FL Dear Rabbi Bialo and Friends at Sofer on Site -- We   speak   of   you   with   respect,   admiration   and   love   very   often,   as   our   worship   has   been   transformed and   uplifted   by   our   (still   feels)   new   Torah.      The   entire   experience   of   working   with   you,   and   the   joy   of reading from the magnificent Torah, have been fabulous.  Just   this   week,   at   Congregation   Beth   Sholom's   Chanukah   celebration   in   Leesburg,   I   was   moved   to share   a   recollection   of   my   time   with   you.     As   we   sang   Chanukah   songs,   basking   in   the   radiance   of   a   table   covered   with      Menorahs,   I   was   reminded of   the   spiritual   radiance   of   your   beautiful   space,   generated   by   both   the   numerous   Torahs   and   the   great   spiritual   intensity   of   the   sofers   engrossed   in the holy books. Thanks so much for keeping in touch -- with blessings for good health, fulfillment, and the inspiration that you evoke in all of us -- Rabbi Karen Allen ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Rabbi David Gelfand - Temple Israel of the City of New York We   more   than   highly   recommend   Sofer   On   Site.      We   have   had   an   ongoing   relationship   with   them   for   8 years   from   writing   a   new   Torah,   to   repairing   our   regular   scrolls,   to   restoring   a   Holocaust   scroll   from   the Westminster   Trust   in   London.      They   have   taught   for   us   in   our   schools   –   from   Nursery,   supplementary religious   school   to   adults   and   been   incredibly   effective   each   and   every   time.      We   had   done   serious homework   before   we   employed   them   and   have   developed   a   sacred   relationship   and   abiding   friendship,   as   well   as   total   respect   for   them,   their   staff and their work. Should you have any particular questions, please feel free to be in further touch. Kol tuv 2016!   David ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Steve Haubenstock - Congregation Rodeph Sholom - Tampa, FL Dear Rabbi Goldstein, I   want   to   let   you   know   how   grateful   I   am   to   have   your   assistance   throughout   Inscribing Our    Legacy    at    Congregation    Rodeph    Sholom    in    Tampa,    Florida.        It    has    been    so successful    because    of    your    help    to    efficiently    guide    our    committees    and    provide invaluable   marketing   and   graphic   resources.      We   appreciate   how   you   always   make yourself   available   on   our   schedule   and   gracefully   work   through   all   the   problems   we present   to   you.      It   is   always   a   wonder   when   we   connect   with   you   on-line   and   watch   as   you   make   our   ideas   turn   into   the   marketing   tools   needed   to communicate   with   our   congregation   and   encourage   their   participation.      As   a   co-chair   I   have   appreciated   your   willingness   to   ask   our   committee chairs   if   you   can   give   them   direct   assistance.      Since   this   is   this   group   of   volunteers   first   Torah   project,   working   with   Sofer   on   Site   provided   the information needed to get organized and create a stable platform that nurtured our project.  I could not have hoped for better support. Thank you so much, Steve Haubenstock Laurie Chane - Congregation Rodeph Sholom - Tampa FL Dear Rabbi Goldstein, I thought it was a tremendous success. I think it accomplished both goals of 1) investing the synagogue community into the future 2) fund raising I   was   present   at   nearly   every   event   and   repeatedly   heard   positive   feedback.   Your   involvement   and   assistance   was   fantastic.   I   am   now   a   regular user   of   Google   Docs   etc   in   my   business   and   personal   life.   :)   The   materials   provided   were   on   target   every   time   as   was   your   advice.   I'm   very   glad   I was able to participate to the extent  I was, and very grateful it is over. ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Adi Bunim - Congregation Beth Israel - Vancouver, BC Rabbi   Druin.      I   want   to   thank   you   for   the   personal   time   you   took   with   our   family   yesterday   as   we scribed   the   letter   ה   in   the   word   ארומה   (as   our   son   dashed   into   the   sanctuary   at   the   last   minute).     Your   instinct   was   incredible   as   the   words   you   spoke   resonated   very   strongly   with   me.      Though   I was   brought   up   a   Jew   in   a   Conservativish   home,   went   to   an   orthodox   Yeshiva   in   NJ   until   8th grade,   spent   a   lot   of   time   in   Israel   (where   all   of   my   Fathers   side   is   from),   I   have   pretty   much   lost all   affinity   towards   Judaism.      I   came   to   synagogue   yesterday   to   placate   my   wife   who   was   more interested   than   me   to   perform   this   mitzvah.      Ironically,   it   was   me   that   was   uncharacteristically moved   by   it   all.   Your   words   made   me   realize   that   it   (whatever   "it"   is)   was   still   there   somewhere deep   in   me   and   is   something   I   will   never   be   able   to   let   go   of.      It   was   an   honor   to   be   able   to perform   the   mitzvah   of   scribing   the   Torah.      It   was   meaningful   to   me   in   a   way   that   I   can't   exactly describe and that I never thought would be.  Thank you. ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Shari   Lipp-Levine   -   Executive   Director   -   Congregation   Beth-El   Zedeck, Indianapolis, IN Shari    Lipp-Levine    -    Executive    Director    -    Congregation    Beth-El    Zedeck, Indianapolis, IN In   2015   Congregation   Beth-El   Zedeck   celebrated   its   100th   anniversary   by writing   a   Torah.   We   could   not   have   had   a   more   wonderful   experience,   thanks   to   Rabbi   Druin,   Rabbi   Selwyn,   and   Sofer   on   Site!   What   began   as   a fundraising   project   for   our   Foundation   quickly   evolved   into   a   community-building,   educational,   and   spiritual   journey   for   our   entire   congregation. Sofer on Site assisted us in developing our “Torah Experience” and marketing pieces and helped everyone understand this important project. Rabbis   Druin   and   Selwyn   met   individually   with   participants   for   letter   fill-ins   and   everyone   was   very   moved   by   the   experience!   In   addition,   many   of the volunteers discovered that they really loved the project and the connections they made with fellow congregants, so they repeatedly volunteered. From   the   youngest   preschoolers   to   the   teens,   Rabbis   Druin   and   Selwyn   were   delightful   with   our   children.   They   kept   the   kids   engaged   and entertained,   and   their   presentations   were   age-appropriate.   The   educational   sessions   they   lead   for   our   adults   were   well-presented,   and   the   rabbis answered questions and shared their wisdom and obvious love of Torah in a way that made everyone feel comfortable. We thank Rabbis Druin and Selwyn and all of their colleagues at Sofer on Site for a memorable year in the life of Congregation Beth-El Zedeck! Shari Lipp-Levine - Executive Director ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Rabbi Michael Birnholz - Temple Beth Shalom - Vero Beach, Florida Dear R. Menachem and Sofer on Site, Thank   you   so   much   for   setting   up   the   Skype   Sofer   interaction   with   our   Hebrew   School   students.   Rabbi Levi   Selwyn   was   able   to   share   a   layer   of   Torah   experience   that   we   had   not   experienced.   The   process of   creating   the   parchment   and   writing   the   letters   is   as   much   a   part   of   study   as   reading   the   words. Thank   you   for   helping   us   expose   our   students   to   this   experience.   The   time   and   expertise   were   greatly appreciated.   Rabbi   Selwyn's   patience   with   the   technology   issues   and   knowledge   of   both   the   work   of the   Sofer   and   the   way   children   absorb   the   information   made   this   very   successful.   I   look   forward   to other opportunities to cross paths and work together. Rabbi Michael Birnholz ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Stuart Snow - Congregation Beth Shalom - Arlington, TX I    can    recommend    the    experienced    professionals    at    Sofer    on    Site    without    hesitation    for    any congregation   wishing   to   have   their   Torah   scrolls   evaluated,   cleaned   and   repaired   to   return   them   to Kashrut   status.      Every   member   of   the   staff   is   kind,   dedicated   to   the   task   at   hand,   professional   in   their demeanor   and   follow   up,   and   truly   a   partner   with   you   during   this   process.      We   could   not   be   more pleased.  They are with you before, during and after!  May HaShem continue to bless their efforts with success!  Thank you Sofer on Site. ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Arnie Rotter - Shalom Institute - Malibu, CA Amazing   experience   seeing   this   250   year   old   Czech   Torah   from   the   Holocaust   (one   of   1600   Torah   from destroyed   communities   that   survived   the   war)   and   listening   to   Sofer   Rabbi   Moshe   Druin,   a   gifted   speaker and educator. Seeing   this Torah   and   listening   to   Rabbi   Druin   is   a   memorable   and   impressionable   event   for   young   and   old, that   if   you   have   the   opportunity   to   see,   should   not   be   missed.      This   Torah   is   unique   in   several   ways:   It   is 250   years   old;   it   has   blood   stains   on   it   !!!;   it   was   written   by   a   talented   master   sofer;   it   has   both   Ashkenaz and Sephard styles of script (something you will not find on any modern Torahs) and also has several Kabbalistic style letters such as a spiral Peh.   Kol Hakavod to Rabbi Druin for traveling to LA and thank you to the Shalom Institute and Natalie Gerber for going forward with this project. ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════
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