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Judy Van Der Stelt - Congregation Rodeph Sholom - Tampa, FL Our   students   and   families   enjoyed   learning   more   about   writing   a   Torah   and   all   the activities   they   participated   in   over   the   15   months.      It   brought   everyone   together   with such joy, pride, and enthusiasm each step of the way.  We    also    had    the    opportunity    to    study    more    together    and    engage    our    students    in meaningful conversations about our new Torah.  The   children   are   excited   to   be   able   to   read   from   the   Torah   at   their   own   bar   or   bat mitzvah and to find their letter in the Torah during other celebrations and Shabbat services. Rabbi Joshua Hearshen - Congregation Rodeph Sholom - Tampa, FL When   we   decided   to   commission   a   new   Sefer   Torah   for   our   community   we   immediately   began   to   work   with   the   team   at   Sofer   on   Site.      From   the very   beginning   we   found   the   professionalism   and   care   was   extraordinary.      We   were   blown   away   by   their   enthusiasm   and   by   their   ability   to understand   the   nuances   of   each   community   that   they   work   with.     All   of   this   was   magnified   when   we   actually   began   to   writing   and   the   scribing   days.     Each   of   the   sofers   that   visited   us   was   a   mensch   and   was   filled   with   knowledge   beyond   compare.     As   a   rabbi   I   felt   respected   and   also   I   felt   a   great amount   of   collegial   warmth.      Whenever   we   needed   help   or   advice   on   different   parts   of   the   process   they   were   there   for   us   and   ready   to   help   us   out.     Thank you Sofer on Site for this incredible opportunity for our community. On   the   day   of   our   opening   ceremony   we   honored   many   different   people   with   the   honor   of   writing   letters   as   part   of   the   ceremony.      My   wife,   daughter and   myself   were   honored   with   the   seventh   letter   which   is   the   ב   of   the   word   ארב.      The   letter   ב   is   all   about   home   as   it   reflects   the   word   תיב.      ארב means   to   build.      As   a   rabbi   my   work,   and   the   work   of   my   family,   is   to   build   a   spiritual   home   for   my   community   to   meet   with   God   and   our   tradition.     This   is   sacred   work   and   I   love   that   this   was   the   way   it   worked   out   for   us   on   that   day.      There   were   other   occasions   when   we   had   the   opportunity   to write   letters   because   it   was   a   slow   day.      On   the   last   day   we   had   such   an   opportunity.      My   daughter,   תלייא,   was   at   school   and   I   called   my   wife   and asked   her   to   bring   her   by   the   synagogue   on   the   way   home   to   do   one   last   letter.      She   said   she   would.      I   was   sitting   at   the   dedication   table   and   I asked   from   across   the   bima   if   there   were   any   אs   coming   up   as   that   is   the   first   letter   of   my   daughter’s   name.      Not   even   ten   seconds   passed   before my   wife   texted   me   from   the   car   to   tell   me   that   Ayelet   was   excited   and   really   wanted   to   write   an   א.      It   was   quite   bashert   and   it   was   a   touching moment.      To   know   my   daughter   that   well…   and   to   have   her   so   excited   to   be   engaged   in   Torah…   Wow.      There   is   nothing   to   compare   to   that.      It   was so beautiful. Rabbi Josh Hearshen Abe Marcadis - Congregation Rodeph Sholom - Tampa, FL Great   experience   from   the   beginning   to   end.   Moving   experiences   for   our   congregants   and   very   meaningful   project.   Raised   funds   for   our   long-term endowment that will keep us growing strong in the future. Could not have done it without SOS. All the soferim are highly experienced and very friendly - the congregation enjoyed their teaching and explanations. ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Benjamin Groberman - Beth Israel - Vancouver, BC Together   with   my   parents,   I   helped   inscribe   a   letter   in   Beth   Israel's   new   sefer   Torah.   Rabbi Druin's    insight    and    humour,    lessons    and    guidance    complemented    the    experience    of    the mitzvah. It was a simcha. Ron & Brenda Appleton - Beth Israel - Vancouver, BC A   most   wonderful   experience   and   very   informative.      We   were   delighted   to   have   been   able   to participate,  Rabbi Druin was delightful. ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Rabbi Wes Gardenswartz - Temple Emanuel - Newton, MA Dear Rabbi Druin: You totally rocked it! Thank   you   for   making   our   evening   enchanted   and   perfect   in   every   way.You   have   a   really   hard   job,   and   you   need   to   bring so   many   different   skills   to   bear.   One,   being   a   great   Sofer. Two,   knowing   lots   of Torah. Three,   being   a   great   showman   who can convey the Torah in entertaining ways. Four,   being   great   with   people.   Five,   creating   not   only   a   moment,   and   not   only   a   scroll,   but   also   a   community.   You   are   a community builder as well as scroll writer and Torah interpreter. You are truly a five-tool rabbi. Kol Hakavod. Shabbat shalom, Rabbi Wes Gardenswartz ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Lynn Wiener - Temple Judea - Coral Gables ,FL Rabbi   Selwyn   was   a   delight.   he   welcomed   us,   showed   us   and   taught   us   about   "our"   Hebrew letter,   aleph,   in   an   insightful   and   engaging   manner.   he   truly   included   us   in   the   process   and made   it   extraordinarily   special   and   incredibly   memorable.   We   wished   we   had   taped   our conversation! ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Vera   Newman   -   Chair   Torah   Restoration   Project   -   Congregation   Beth   Shalom - Atlanta, GA Good Morning, Once   again,   please   excuse   my   delay   in   responding   to   your   email.      Needless   to say,   we   are   so   grateful   for   the   opportunity   to   be   in   the   possession   of   Scroll   #1375 and   also   grateful   that   the   Trust   allowed   us   to   keep   the   damaged   section   of   the Scroll.   As   mentioned   in   our   last   correspondence,   the   pages   are   safely   enclosed   and   displayed   in   the   cabinet   that   was   built   for   the   Scroll   prior   to repair. As   was   mentioned   in   previous   correspondence,   it   was   thought   the   entire   Scroll   was   unusable.      When   Rabbi   Bialo,   with   Sofer   on   Site,   visited   us   for other   repairs,   we   also   requested   the   holocaust   scroll   be   superficially   inspected   per   the   requirements   of   the   Trust.      We   didn’t   really   plan   for   him   to open   it   because   we   were   afraid   it   would   fall   apart   and   we   did   not   want   to   risk   damaging   it   further.      It   appeared   beyond   repair.     The   edges   were   badly burned   and   blackened.      But   he   insisted,   so   I   quickly   asked   Rabbi   Zimmerman   to   join   us   to   see   it   being   unrolled.     As   we   opened   it,   black   dust   filled the   air.      Once   we   got   passed   that   chilling   experience,   Rabbi   Bialo   picked   up   an   eraser   and   began   removing   a   few   of   the   blackened   areas   around   a few   letters   and   discovered   that   it   was   readable.      The   letters   were   beautiful   and   unique,   unlike   anything   I   had   ever   seen.      My   first   thought   was   what my   grandfather,   a   sephardic   Hazan,   once   told   me   when   I   interrupted   him   while   he   was   repairing   one   of   the   shul’s   torahs...   ….”We   must   care   for each   and   every   Torah.      It   is   our   responsibility   as   Jews.”      Once   Rabbi   Bialo   told   us   he   believed   the   Scroll   could   be   repaired   and   restored,   with   just   a few   page   replacements,   Rabbi   Zimmerman   couldn't   wait   to   present   the   project   for   approval   to   our   congregants.     And   so….Scroll   #1375,   with   Sofer of Site's encouragement, embarked upon the rest of its journey to become kosher once again. We   did   not   make   this   a   city   wide   project.     Although   we   are   a   small   congregation   of   just   under   400   families,   we   were   able   to   raise   the   funds   for   the repair, plus additional funds for ark restoration.  We   had   2   scribing   events   where   our   congregants   could   come   and   scribe   with   Rabbi   Salazar,   with   Sofer   on   Site,   on   the   new   pages.      I   have   attached a   picture   of   him   talking   to   our   congregants   at   a   breakfast   prior   to   the   first   scribing   event.      His   charismatic   personality   created   much   enthusiasm   for that   event   and   the   next   one   in   December   6,   2015.      On   December   13th,   2015,   we   dedicated   our   precious   Torah   and   placed   it   into   its   new   home inside our ark.  So   the   end   is   a   new   beginning   for   Scroll   #1375,   while   the   3   pages   that   were   damaged   beyond   repair   continue   to   be   safely   displayed   to   remind   us   of its past.  We are grateful for the opportunity to play a small part in its journey. The work you and the Trust do has a rippling effect throughout the world.  Please let me know if I can help you in any way in the future. Warmest regards, Vera Newman ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Sid Sokol - Congregation Shir Ami - Cedar Park, TX On   behalf   of   Congregation   Shir-Ami   I   wish   to   thank   Rabbi   Selwyn,   Rabbi   Dorfman,   Leah Yehudah,   and   all   others   whom   I   may   not   know   of   but   who   played   a   part   in   our   highly successful event yesterday. Rabbi   Selwyn   arrived   at   10:30   a.m.   from   Houston,   and   got   right   to   work.   His   evaluation determined   his   priorities   for   repair   of   our   Torah   Scroll.   First,   he   told   us   that   it   was   in   fact   a Sefardic   scroll   less   than   50   years   old   and   may   or   may   not   have   been   written   by   a   student.   He told   us   that   the   seams   were   the   most   critical   work   to   be   done   since   there   were   tears   and   even separations,   probably   because   it   is   a   Sefardic   scroll   (most   likely   from   Israel)   and   it   had   been utilized as an Ashkanazi scroll would. After   he   repaired   the   seams,   he   then   began   with   the   text.   He   completed   this   work   at   about   6:30   pm   just   in   time   for   his   presentation   in   front   of   about 30 of our congregants. He was a huge success! We sincerely hope his experience was a pleasant one and that his return to South Florida was a save one and uneventful. Thanks again to your entire crew. Shalom, Sid ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Rochelle Schwartz - Temple Israel - West Bloomfield, MI My   husband   and   I   were   grateful   to   participate   in   such   an   amazing   experience.   Thank   you   to   Temple   Israel   for providing this opportunity to us and the community. ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Laurel Fisher - Temple Shalom - Dallas, TX Sofer   on   Site   was   ready   and   available   to   help   us   every   step   of   the   way.      From   planning our   events   to   creating   lovely   certificates   for   the   participants,   they   were   very   helpful.      Our Torah is lovely and I look forward to chanting from it for many years to come. I   have   written   one   other   letter   in   a   Torah,   the   bet   in   the   word   b'nai.      It   was   special because   I   know   I   can   always   find   it.      This   time,   we   wrote   the   aleph   in   the   word   bara   at the beginning of the Torah.  Again, I know just where to find my special letter. ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Benjamin I. Kreshtool - Beth El Congregation - Baltimore, MD Dear Rabbi Salazar Thank   you   very   much   for   looking   at   two   of   our   Sifrei   Torah    during   your   visit.   I very   much   appreciate   your   time   and   the   work   you   did.   Keeping   our   scrolls maintained   and   kosher   is   a   priority   of   mine,   and   I   am   personally   very   glad   of   the relationship we have with Sofer on Site. I am confident that should we require your services again, we will be in touch. Best wishes to you and yours in 5777! Sincerely, Benjamin I. Kreshtool   ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════
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