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Rabbi M ichael P. Singer, Temple Beth David, Palm Beach FL To Rabbi Menachem Bialo and the staff of Sofer-on-Site, I   wanted   to   write   to   personally   thank   you   for   the   incredible   and   sacred   experience   you   helped   bring   to my   synagogue,   Temple   Beth   David.   In   the   beginning,   we   were   really   not   sure   what   we   were   getting   into,   since   this   was   the   first   sefer   Torah   the synagogue had ever written. Not only did you guide us through the process but you let us eventually find the right fit for our community. From   working   with   our   religious   school   children,   our   Pre-School,   and   the   multi-generational   members   of   the   synagogue   you   were   able   to   craft multiple   educational   programs   that   allowed   people   to   not   only   learn   about   the   613th   Commandment   but   also   to   be   transformed   by   it.   We   knew   that there   would   be   a   tremendous   feeling   of   kedushah   when   embarking   on   the   writing   of   a   new   sefer   Torah   but   never   could   we   have   imagined   just   how deeply moved and profoundly changed each member would be by the personalized time you spent with them in the writing of the Torah. The   genuine   love   you   have   for   HaShem,   B’nai Yisrael,   and   our   tradition   was   always   present   in   how   you   connected   with   each   person   and   the   beauty and   care   you   took   in   writing   our   Torah.   So   as   the   Talmud   teaches   (Mesechet   Ta’anit   5b)   with   what   can   I   bless   you?   -   “May   it   be   God's   will   that   all your seeds should be like you...” Todah Rabbah to you and all at Sofer-On-Site. Temple Beth David is indeed lucky and grateful to you for helping us fulfill the 613th Commandment. B’shalom v’yedidut, Rabbi Michael P. Singer ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Rabbi Lynne Goldsmith, Temple Emanu-El, Dothan, AL Dear Rabbi Druin, I   wanted   to   let   you   know   that   the   celebration   of   return   for   our   Torah   that   was   held yesterday   was   wonderful.      Many   of   my   congregants   came   up   to   tell   me   what   a   meaningful   experience   it   had   been   for   them,   and   what   a   special moment it had been in their lives.  It does not get much better than that. Rabbi   Salazar   was   a   wonderful   teacher   and   provided   the   message   to   us   and   to   our   non-Jewish   community   of   the   connection   between   Torah   and God.  And it was particularly great to see him considering that Isaac was a real threat.  Thank you so much for sending him. Thank you once again for a wonderful day and for doing such beautiful work restoring our Torah scroll. ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Pa mela Kimball, Richmond Torah Center, San Fransisco, CA Rabbi   Druin   checked   my   mezuzah   in   Palo   Alto   at   Rabbi   Yossi   Levin's   shul   a   few   years   ago,   maybe   3   years   ago.   He   was   very perceptive   (if   not   psychic)   as   to   my   issues,   about   which   he   only   mentioned   one   ("focus,"   which   he   deduced   from   "you   shall   not follow after your eyes & 'bow down' to other g*ds" being unkosher on my mezuzah). ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Ra bbi Gilah Dror,  Rodef Sholom Temple, Hampton, VA   Rabbi   Salazar   came   to   Rodef   Sholom   Temple   to   repair   our   Torah   scrolls   and   provide   Holy   Roller   Training   to   a group   of   our   congregants.      He   worked   assiduously   on   the   repairs   for   hours.   Then   our   congregants   arrived   for   his training   session.   Rabbi   Salazar   did   an   amazing   job   bringing   us   into   a   holy   frame   of   mind   for   the   work   we   were about   to   undertake.   The   training   was   comprehensive   and   comprehensible,   and   we   have   appreciated   the   excellent follow-up   support   we   have   received   from   Sofer   on   Site   afterwards   as   well.   Our   trainees   were   inspired   and   excited about   the   prospect   of   continuing   to   maintain   our   Torahs   with   a   much   more   hands-on   approach   than   we   had   ever imagined   possible.   We   thank   Rabbi   Salazar   for   his   inspiring,   professional,   and   warm   presentation   of   a   very   holy Jewish task. ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Rabbi David R. Senter,  Manetto Hill Jewish Center, Plainview, NY   To Whom It May Concern: It   is   with   great   pleasure   that   I   recommend   Rabbi   Druin   and   the   Sofer   on   Site   team.   I   have   had   the   honor   of   using   the services   of   three   generations   of   Druin   family   sofrim   (scribes),   over   a   period   spanning   more   than   25   years.   During   that time   the   Druin   family   and   the   Sofer   on   Site   team   have   always   satisfied   our   needs   and   exceeded   our   expectations.         Your technical   expertise   is   second   to   none,   exceeded   only   by   the   love   of   Torah   and   Mitzvot   that   permeates   your   entire   team. This   love   is   combined   with   a   sincere   desire   to   share   Torah   knowledge.   The   net   result   is   an   expert   team   that   maintains   our   Torah   Scrolls   to   the highest   standard   while   teaching,   inspiring   and   engaging   congregants   of   diverse   backgrounds,   levels   of   observance,   and   age   groups.               Our   latest project   was   the   restoration   of   a   150   year   old   Holocaust   Torah.   The   experience   was   amazing.   The   Sofer   on   Site   team   was   with   us   every   step   of   the way.   Rabbi   Yochanan   Salazar   was   present   to   evaluate   the   Torah   when   it   was   removed   from   the   case.   He   returned   to   teach   us   about   our   Torah   and escort   the   Torah   to   Miami   where   every   individual   letter   rewritten   or   repaired.   The   process   brought   together   our   congregation   in   an   incredible experience. Please   feel   free   to   contact   me   at   the   above   number   if   you   have   any   questions.   I   would   be   happy   to   share   the   details   of   this   project   and   my   general experiences with the Druin family and the Sofer On Site team. With Torah Blessings and Best Wishes ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Cantor Manny Silver,  Temple Beth El- Hollywood, FL   I've   had   so   many   wonderful   and   memorable   moments   during   my   10   years   as   the   cantor   at Temple   Beth   El.   But   the   events   of   Sunday,   November   7,   2010   top   my   list. That   was   the   day   I   got the chance to fulfill the last of the 613 Mitzvot in the Torah, to write a Torah during my lifetime. Well,   I   didn't   actually   write   a   whole   Torah,   but   I   carried   out   the   spirit   of   the   commandment   by writing   two   letters   in   the   Torah.   To   be   totally   honest,   all   I   did   was   hold   onto   the   quill   as   the   letters   “yud”   and   “reish”   were   inscribed   by   Rabbi Menachem   Bialo,   a   marvelous   young   Rabbi   who   is   repairing   our   Holocaust   Torah,   a   200-year-old   Torah   scroll   used   by   the   Jews   of   a   town   in Czechoslovakia   who   were   murdered   during   World   War   II.   Rabbi   Bialo   is   a   “sofer,”   a Torah   scholar   who   is   specially   trained   in   writing   new Torahs   and repairing   old   ones.   On   that   Sunday   morning,   over   50   Temple   Beth   El   members,   who   donated   to   our   Torah   Restoration   Fund,   were   given   the privilege of partaking in this once-in-a-lifetime event.   I   am   especially   grateful   to   Dr.   Fred   Lippman   and   his   wife,   Judy,   who   donated   to   the   Torah   Restoration   Fund   in   my   name,   and   gave   me   the   honor   of writing   a   letter   in   the   Torah.   I   saw   Fred   and   Judy,   and   some   of   their   children   and   grandchildren   there   on   that   crisp   Sunday   morning,   and   I   thanked them   and   exchanged   greetings.   Just   three   weeks   later,   on   another   gorgeous   Sunday   morning,   we   would   all   be   gathered   in   our   beautiful   sanctuary again,   this   time   to   say   good-bye   to   Judy,   who   had   suddenly   passed   on.   One   of   her   last   good   deeds   on   earth   was   to   make   sure   that   future generations will read from our Torah. I   also   want   to   thank   Lynn   Strauss   and   her   group   of   “Holy   Rollers,”   who   have   worked   tirelessly   on   this   most   meaningful   project,   and   are   still   working hard   to   restore   some   of   our   other   Torahs   in   need   of   repair.   By   the   way,   on   that   day   when   we   wrote   letters   in   the   Torah,   the   section   that   we   restored was   the   portion   of   B'shalach,   which   includes   the   “Song   at   the   Sea,”   the   victory   song   that   Moses   and   Israel   sang   after   they   were   saved   by   God   at   the Red Sea.   As   each   person   approached   the   Torah,   Rabbi   Bialo   pointed   out   the   next   word   that   needed   restoration   and   explained   its   meaning.      I   was   thrilled   and awestruck   when   I   sat   down   to   do   my   word,   and   it   was“asheera,”   the   Hebrew   word   meaning   “I   will   sing.”   I   could   never   have   picked   a   more   fitting word for myself!    To   me,   it   was   much   more   than   a   coincidence.   It   was   a   “wink   from   God,”   telling   me   that   He   is   always   there   to   help   us   to   navigate   our   path   in   life   and become all that we can be. ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Andy - Chizuk Amuno Congregation, Baltimore MD. Everyone felt wonderful about the whole experience. Even Ben was impressed, and he's a confirmed skeptic. By the way, the line before the one containing our letter had my father's name, and the line our letter was in had my son's name. What were the odds of that happening? ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Hazzan Marc A. Dinkin - Congregation B’nai Shalom, Walnut Creek CA. I    can    not    thank    you    and    your    organization    enough    for    sending    Rabbi    Bialo    to    us. Everything   about   him   was   a   blessing.   He   is   an   outstanding   representative   for   Sofer   On Site.   He   exuded   patience   and   a   relaxed   competent   manner   with   our   congregants.   His   ability   to   recognize   the   situation   and   the   participants   involved was   most   impressive.   I   found   him   to   be   respectful   and   polite   to   all   who   approached   and   surrounded   him.In   closing,   I   was   also   truly   moved   by   his adoration for Torah and the kavod he manifests through his responsibilities. ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Aline Fisher - Torah Project Chair, Temple Beth El, Boca Raton FL. TODAH   RABAH,   Rabbi   Bialo,   for   your   smile,   knowledge,   and   warmth   which   you   project   individually   and   to   each   group   with   whom you   meet.      Even   when   Dan   and   Rabbi   Bialo   are   not   feeling   well,   we   are   fortunate   that   they   both   exude   their   love   of   Torah   and   of humanity! ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Barry Krinsky - Temple Beth El, Boca Raton FL. Wes   –   thank   you   for   inviting   my   family   into   your   house   tonight.      It   was   a   special   experience   and   one   that   I   would   have   likely   passed up   had   I   not   been   invited   by   you.      It   was   particularly   special   given   my   son’s   upcoming   Bar   Mitzvah   this   weekend   and   it   will   likely play   into   the   comments   that   my   wife   and   I   will   be   addressing   to   Drew   on   the   bima   on   Saturday.      Drew   very   much   enjoyed   the evening   and   to   my   surprise   so   did   his   sister,   my   wife,   and   the   toughest   critic,   my   mom....   I   found   the   sofer   to   be   particularly interesting   and   entertaining.      Pretty   amazing   that   he   is   only   27   years   old.      He   is   a   gifted   story   teller   with   an   ability   to   relay   his   thoughts   in   a   way   that connected with my children.The positive experience and your generosity has also motivated my wife and I to want to make a donation to the temple.  ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Lynne Goldsmith - Temple Emanu-El - Dothan, Alabama Good Afternoon Rochel, We   had   a   wonderful   session   with   Rabbi   Salazar,   and   I   reported   it   to   the   Board   of   Trustees   the week after we saw him.  It turns out that we have an old, one of a kind Torah.  We do want to preserve it.  I   have   actually   talked   with   several   people   who   have   given   me   glowing   reports   about   Sofer   on   Site   and   Gedaliah   Druin   in   particular.      My   favorite   was the   rabbi   who   told   me   that   the   soferim   who   work   for   Sofer   on   Site   do   it   because   of   their   great   love   of Torah.      Doesn't   get   much   better   than   that.   Once again, thanks for all your help in setting all this up. L'Shalom, Lynne ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════
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