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David Miller - TBS NM I've   had   such   a   wonderful   week   working   with   Shmuel   Goldstein   that   I   wanted   to share with you the following thoughts. Over   a   close   to   fifty   year   career   in   marketing   communications,   working   with   some   of finest   designers   in   the   country   on   some   of   the   top   brands   in   the   world,   I've   come   to realize   how   difficult   the   process   of   interaction   between   clients   and   creative   vendors or   between   even   two   creative   colleagues   can   be.   Often   there   is   an   immense   clash of    creative    ego    involved    because    one    individual    is    offering    another    their    best thinking,   their   creative   vision,   their   very   sense   of   how   to   communicate   an   idea. There's a lot of rough bumps behind the development of the finished product. Working   with   Reb   Goldstein   has   been   the   opposite   experience   for   me.   He's   open   to   hearing   my   ideas;   gently   inserts   his   thought   or   counter   ideas   if he   thinks   he   has   a   better   solution;   and   makes   the   entire   process   collaborative,   easy   and   yes,   even   fun.   That   of   course,   applies   to   the   development of   the   attention   getting,   creative   materials   we've   developed   to   launch   and   create   an   atmosphere   of   support   for   our   Holocaust   Torah   Restoration Project   (HTRP).   When   it   comes   to   the   technology   of   interacting   at   great   distance,   his   speed   and   ability   to   help   even   technological   neophytes   (or   is that Luddites) like myself makes the process even better. (He's   helped   me   overcome   my   reluctance   to   engage   in   the   new   collaborative   program   offered   by   Google   Docs.   I   was   initially   hesitant   both   because of   time   it   takes   to   learn   something   new   and   because   I   wasn't   certain   it   would   be   worth   the   effort.   It   doesn't   take   a   long   time   and   it's   definitely   worth   it. And Reb Goldstein is a master teacher and fun to work with.) Lastly,   let   me   say   that   even   before   we   have   formally   launched   our   project   and   way   ahead   of   seeing   the   hopefully   sizable   success   of   our   economic campaign,   I   feel   our   TBS   Board   made   the   right   choice   in   selecting   Sofer   on   Site   and   contracting   for   the   highest   level   of   input   and   advice   from   Sofer On Site. It's money well spent and Reb Goldstein is a large part of the reason why. ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Dr. Mark Eisenberg - The Community Synagogue  - Port Washington, NY Since   completing   our   new   Sefer   Torah   we   have   been   blessed   to   be   able   to   have   our   Bar and   Bat   Mitzvahs   chant   from   it   as   they   read   from   Torah   for   the   first   time.   The   experience that   we   had   scribing   the   Torah   was   something   that   touched   our   congregation   in   very   deep ways and will always be remembered by each of the families that participated.  It   was   particularly   special   for   me   to   watch   how   moved   people   became   and   how   deeply touched   they   were   when   they   came   up   for   their   turn   to   write   "their"   letter   in   our   Torah.     Thank you for partnering with us and helping our congregation fulfill the mitzvah. ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Rabbi Josh Snyder - Hillel at Goucher College - Baltimore, MD Thank   you   Reb   Gedalia   so   very   much   for   your   wonderful   job   in   leading   our Torah   Writing   and   dedication   events.      People   could not   stop   talking   about   you   and   the   experience.      I   appreciate   your   ability   to   both   welcome   and   challenge   participants   to   think about the meaning and significance of the act of writing a Sefer Torah.  Some   of   what   you   said   has   become   a   big   point   of   how   I   talk   about Torah.      Our   community   grew   up   in   many   ways   around   these events,   in   essence   we   have   been   called   to   the   Torah.      Thank   you   for   your   flexibility,   sense   of   humor,   attention   to   detail   and love for Torah and Yiddishkeit. ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Jack Cohen - Congregation B'nai Torah - Saint Peters, MO Our   Torah   was   in   bad   shape,   and   no   longer   kosher   when   we   contacted   Sofer   On   Site.   The   Czech Memorial   Trust,   which   had   provided   the   Torah   to   us   on   a   permanent   loan   20   year   earlier   recommended your   scribes   as   most   qualified   to   restore   this   Torah   which   had   survived   the   Holocaust.   Our   expectations were   high.   You   exceeded   our   expectations.   We   believe   that   Hashem   bestowed   this   Torah   upon   us,   and that   He   directed   our   search   to   you.   More   importantly,   He   gave   you   the   skill   to   restore   the   letters   and words that had fallen off the parchment to allow our continued prayers from a kosher Torah.  ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Phyllis Wininger - Temple Judea of Manhasset My   experience   with   Sofer   on   Site   is   one   I   will   always   remember.   I   personally   had   the   most   contact   with   Rabbi Goldstein.   As   publicity   co-chairperson,   he   helped   us   create   all   the   printed   material.   Besides   his   creative   talents, he   always   had   patience,   wisdom,   and   a   sense   of   humor.   Every   Sofer   who   came   to   our   Temple   for   Torah   scribing inspired all our families. It has been a pleasure working with Sofer on Site. Henry Levy -  Temple Judea of Manhasset, NY I   found   Sofer   On   Site   to   be   very   supportive   throughout   this   project.   Rabbi   Goldstein   is   a   great   communicator. Rabbi   Selwyn's   sense   of   humor   and   warmth   created   a   truly   spiritual   environment.   My   family   jointly   wrote   the   letter mem. My young grandchildren-- were mesmerized by the experience. ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Judy Yambra - Congregation Beth Yeshurun, TX While    our    year    long    Torah    scribing    truly    helped    to    create    incredibly    meaningful    connections    to    Torah    and    the congregation   for   our   members,   as   chairs   of   the   event,   we   also   created   fabulous   relations   with   the   Sofer   on   Site   Staff. Our   scribes,   Rabbi   Levi   Selwyn,   Rabbi   Moshe   Druin   and   Rabbi   Gedallia   Druin   (who   I   affectionately   referred   to   as   "Papa Druin"   to   tell   the   difference)   were   amazing   with   every   person   who   scribed.   And   we   give   great   kudos   to   Rabbis   Shmuel Goldstein   who   was   a TREMENDOUS   help   with   many   of   our   marketing   pieces.   He's   creative,   generous   with   his   time   and always   very   prompt   with   return   calls   and   e-mails.   He   ALMOST   got   us   to   use   Google   Docs   and   even   though   we   didn't, he was helpful, patient and a very kind "nudge" when he needed information. We   are   truly   thankful   for   the   advice   (not   all   of   which   was   taken   :-))   and   feel   very   blessed   to   have   been   part   of   what   has been the most special experience our congregation has had or will have for many years to come. Brian Strauss - Congregation Beth Yeshurun, TX A   terrific   experience.   The   scribes   were   engaging,   warm,   and   made   everyone's   experience   a   memorable   one.   I   was   amazed   by   their   attention   to detail and accessibility. Andrea Stein - Congregation Beth Yeshurun, TX It   has   been   a   joy   to   witness   so   many   families   and   individuals   take   their   place   with   the   scribe   and   write   a   letter   in   the   Torah,   thereby   performing   the 613th   commandment   -   to   write   a   Torah.   We   know   by   the   tears   and   smiles   we've   seen   that   a   most   meaningful   connection   to   the   Torah   and   to   Beth Yeshurun   has   been   experienced   by   all   who   participated.   We   give   out   heartfelt   thanks   and   immeasurable   gratitude   to   Sofer   on   Site,   who   have   given of   their   time   and   expertise   to   insure   the   success   of   this   project.   Their   professional   work   and   services   made   us   look   great!   They   are   the   reason   this project worked! ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Rabbi Jan M. Brahms, D.D. - Congregation Beth Shalom, TX The   presentations   Rabbi   Salazar   gave   to   our   students   and   to   the   adult   members   of   our   congregation   was   nothing short   of   brilliant.      He   adjusted   his   focus   to   the   age   of   those   who   came   to   witness   and   learn.      He   is   a   truly   gifted teacher   along   with   being   an   expert   sofer   and   a   beautiful   mensch.      We   are   honored   he   was   with   us.      I   do   not   know how   he   did   what   he   did   from   a   physical   standpoint.      Due   to   Shabbat,   he   arrived   very   late   on   Saturday   night.      He started   early   on   Sunday   morning   and   went   non-stop   from   that   point   on.      I   greatly   admire   his   stamina   along   with   his kindness.   We   are   so   happy   we   have   contracted   you   and   your   fellow   scribes   to   maintain   our   holy   Torahs...Once again thank you for your professionalism and for your beautiful work. ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Frances Olick - Temple Hesed, PA Shalom Rabbi, Thank   you   so   very   much   for   all   the   love,   skill,   hard   work   and   wonderful   results   in cleaning up and repairing our 2 Torah scrolls. We    had    a    re-dedication    of    them    this    past    Friday    and    the    congregation    was thrilled.   I   personally   want   to   express   my   gratitude   to   you   for   your   patience   in bringing this project to fruition and for all your patience with me during this project! ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Linda and Steve Jacobson - B'nai Israel Synagogue - West Bloomfield, MI On   behalf   of   our   entire   family,   we   wish   to   thank   you   for   assisting   us   in   securing   and   restoring   a   Sefer Torah   as   a   legacy   for   our   children   and   the   generations   yet   to   be   born.   We   look   forward   to   using   this Torah regularly in our own synagogue, but especially for future simchas. We   are   fortunate   to   have   children   who   appreciate   the   value   of   such   a   gift,   and   feel   blessed   that   we   are able   to   do   this   for   all   of   us.   On   a   personal   note,   you   have   been   an   outstanding   group   of   people   to   work with,   both   yourselves   and   your   entire   office   staff   and   rabbis   with   whom   we   have   spoken.   You   are   professional   and   kind   and   we   appreciate   your assistance   both   with   our   new   Torah   and   in   fixing   the   synagogue   Torahs   at   B'nai   Israel   Synagogue.   Rabbi   Druin   has   been   especially   interesting   to speak   with   and   to   get   to   know   personally.   Our   entire   family   enjoyed   learning   from   him   and   speaking   with   him   as   they   filled   in   their   letters.   Wishing   all of you a Shanah Tovah U'metukoh. May you all be inscribed for a good, healthy, peaceful year.  ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Miriam Weinstein - Temple Ahavat Achim - Gloucester, MA Our   synagogue   burned,   and   we   lost   all   our   torahs.   We   rebuilt   our   building;   the   next   step was   to   have   our   own   torah. This   really   helped   us   to   move   into   our   future,   and   to   all   feel   part of   receiving   our   new   torah.   Sofer   On   Site   allowed   every   family   to   write   a   letter,   so   that   they could   be   part   of   this   mitzvah. They   made   the   process   easy   for   us,   and   managed   to   connect with everyone, from a newborn to a 90-year-old. Ruth Budelmann - Temple Ahavat Achim - Gloucester, MA We   loved   working   with   Sofer   on   Site!!      We   had   a   fire   which   destroyed   our   Temple. After   rebuilding   our   synagogue,   we   needed   to   buy   a   Torah.   I   did not want to "just buy a Torah", I wanted it to have a "community building" component. We had heard about Sofer on Site and everything you do. The   power   of   families   being   able   to   write   a   letter   in   our   new   Torah   exceeded   our   expectations!   Our   Temple   families   still   talk   about   the   moment   they sat   down   to   write   a   letter   and   what   that   meant   to   them...And   we   now   have   a   new   Torah......with   a   great   story.......how   members   all   had   the opportunity to be part of this new Torah as Temple Ahavat Achim moves forward!!!! It   was   a   pleasure   working   with   Sofer   on   Site!!!!!!! Thank   you   for   your   enthusiasm   and   knowledge   !!     Thank   you   for   making   the   process   of   receiving   a Torah so meaningful! ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════
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