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Testimonials Personal feedback on Sofer On Site’s projects and services.
L isa Goldberg - Executive Director -  Temple Israel  - westport, CT I   must   tell   you,   when   we   rededicated   the Torahs   on   Kol   Nidrei,   I   was   crying with   tears   of   joy   and   appreciation   –   what   wonderful   work   you   did,   and   how lucky   we   are   to   be   free   and   able   to   celebrate   and   practice   our   Judaism   in peace. Shabbat Shalom, Lisa ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ L eslie Bernstein - Calvary Hospital - NY Dear Rabbi Selwyn, Thank   you   for   your   words   of   thanks,   and   for   your   kind   words   about   our staff   too   –   I   feel   very   fortunate   every   time   I   step   into   the   door   here,   that   is for sure. All   of   us   at   the   Fund   and   Public   Affairs   are   hoping   to   find   a   way   to   bring you   back   to   Calvary   –   we   are   so   blessed   to   have   gotten   to   know   you   over your   visits   here,   and   to   have   been   in   your   presence   as   you   interacted   with our   families.   I   often   say   that   for   our   caregivers,   the   work   they   do   at   Calvary is   not   a   job,   but   a   calling,   and   that   is   how   I   think   we   all   felt   watching   you   speak   with   everyone   who   came   to   write   a   letter. You truly came to understand the mission of this place – on behalf of all of us at the Fund and Public Affairs, thank you. Wishing   you   a   restful   Shabbos,   and   all   best   as   you   go   forward   with   your   sacred   work.   Looking   forward   to   welcoming   you back to Calvary, too – I have to believe we will find a way!  With all best wishes, Leslie Rabbi Rachmiel Rothberger - Calvary Hospital - NY Dear Rabbis Druin and Selwyn, As   our   Torah   restoration   project   has   come   to   a   close   at   Calvary   Hospital,   we   want   to   truly   thank   you   for   leading   us   on this   most   inspirational   journey.      Each   of   the   educational   components   from   the   evaluation   our   Torah,   to   the   launch,   letter writing   ceremonies,   as   well   as   our   rededication   invigorated   a   spirit   of   excitement   and   positive   energy   to   all   who   came   in contact with the Torah. Moreover,   our   restoration   project   helped   strengthen   a   sense   of   unity   among   our   global   and   diverse   community   at Calvary   Hospital.   The   personal   explanations   that   accompanied   the   writing   of   the   letters   were   a   source   of   enlightenment for   the   members   of   our   staff   and   families.   The   participants   were   able   to   sense   their   personal   connection   to   this   special Torah scroll and internalize that fact that Torah is a Toras Chaim (Living document). The   project   had   also   served   as   a   source   of   comfort   for   our   families.   Family   members   were   able   to   pay   tribute   to   their loved   ones   in   this   most   special   way   in   the   very   place   from   where   their   loved   departed   to   meet   their   maker.   It   was   a distinct   honor   to   work   with   you   on   this   project,   and   very   fitting   within   the   philosophy   of   Calvary   Hospital,   “the   place where   life   continues,”   that   life   was   restored   to   this   special   Torah.      May   Hashem   bless   you   and   your   families,   and   may you merit continuing to sanctify G-d’s name with the holy work that you are doing. Leslie Bernstein - Calvary Hospital - NY Shalom, Tabbi Druin. This   project   has   made   many   new   friends,   and   strengthened   cords   with   existing   friends,   over   the   past   year   –   for   me,   it has   been   a   labor   of   love   that   I   believe   will   continue   to   resonate   as   we   move   forward.   We   also   hope   to   find   occasions   to have Rabbi Selwyn back in our community – he has been a wonderful presence here, for which we are most grateful. Wishing you a peaceful and restful Shabbos, and may we all go from strength to strength, Leslie ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Rabbi Binyomin Luban, Rabbi Yisroel Y. Niman, Rabbi Mordechai Palgon - Roshey HaYeshiva - Yeshiva Toras Chaim Toras Emes - Miami, FL Dear Rabbi Druin, On   behalf   of   the   Roshei   HaYeshiva,   Board   of   Directors,   and   the   entire Yeshiva   Toras   Chaim   Toras   Emes   family,   we   would   like   to   thank   you   for coordinating   such   a   successful   Sefer   Torah   Campaign   in   such   a   short time. From   the   very   beginning,   your   expertise   proved   to   be   invaluable.   Your   suggestions   were   always   on   the   mark   and   your guidance   was   the   key   to   our   success.   Your   commitment   to   our   campaign   ensured   that   each   of   the   seven   Torah   Writing events,   culminating   with   the   Hachnasas   Sefer   Torah,   ran   smoothly   and   were   truly   moving.   It   was   abundantly   clear   that Sofer   On   Site   was   consistently   reliable,   punctual   and   extremely   knowledgeable.   The   moving   words   spoken   at   each event inspired the attendees and set the proper tone throughout  the campaign. We   are   extremely   grateful   to   have   had   the   opportunity   to   partner   with   this   amazing   journey   and   wish   you   continued hatzlacha in your avodas hakodesh. With much appreciation, Rabbi Binyomin Luban - Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Yisroel Y. Niman - Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Mordechai Palgon - Rosh HaYeshiva ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ S tuart Snow - Congregation Beth Shalom - Arlington, TX Dear Rabbis Druin, Selwyn and Bialo and Leah, I      wanted   to   reach   out   to   wish   each   of   you   a   sweet   new   year   filled   with health, happiness and peace of mind. Because   of   your   individual   and   collective   efforts   Beth   Shalom’s   spiritual component and capacity has been elevated! Enclosed   below   is   a   photograph   of   our   Aron   HaKodesh   with   the   Torah scrolls in their new HHD covers. Thank you for your efforts on our behalf. Shabbat Shalom and Shana Tova Tikateivu! Stuart ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Mark Loewenstein - Mishkan Torah Congregation, MD Shalom Leah and Baruch, I'd   like   to   drop   you   a   brief   note   to   let   you   know   how   absolutely   delighted we   were   with   Rabbi   Salazar's   visit   to   our   shul   yesterday.      Rabbi   Salazar is   clearly   a   very   talented   and   dedicated   sofer.      When   I   first   contacted Sofer   on   Site,   my   immediate   aim   was   to   ensure   that   our   Czech   scroll   met the   minimum   standards   of   the   Memorial   Trust.      The   congregation   and   I are thrilled that the end result is a kosher scroll that we can actually use. Rabbi   Salazar's   education   class   was   wonderful.      It   was   insightful,   fascinating,   and   informative,   and   delivered   in   an entertaining   way   with   plenty   of   humor.      Rabbi   Salazar   truly   made   the   subject   come   alive.      We   were   all   taken   by   his charm. My thanks to both of you for your help in arranging this. Mark ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ E llen Bortz - Temple Beth Ami Nursery School, MD Hello Leah, I   wanted   to   express   our   deep   appreciation   for   Rabbi   Levi   Selwyn’s   time   with our   Pre-K   students   during   his   day   at   Temple   Beth Ami,   in   Rockville,   MD,   this past Wednesday. His   engagement   and   patience   with   the   children   was   really   remarkable.   He had   to   repeat   the   same   ‘schpeil’   three   times,   and   each   time   was   fresh   and friendly!   Our   children   came   to   him   well   prepared,   and   therefore   really   took pride in actually seeing, first hand, many of the things they had been taught. Again, thank you so much. Shabbat Shalom.