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Learning Opportunities Mysteries   of   the   Hebrew   Letters.   Can   letters   be   more   than just   a   tool   for   language?      Revealing   the   secrets   beyond   what you   see   at   first   glance.   Beyond   the   artistic   beauty   of   their shapes,   woven   into   these   letters   are   deep   and   inspirational meanings   that   provide   lessons   and   guidance   for   living.   But then, would you expect anything less from G-dly letters? Rule   #1   -      Be   Thankful   -   Modeh   Ani.   The   wisdom   and   insight behind   the   famous   prayer   we   say   each   morning   as   taught according    to    PaRDeS.    The    Pardes    system    of    exegesis, understanding   of   Biblical   text   in   Judaism   is   divided   among peshat     (simple     meaning),     remez     (hints,     clues),     derash (interpretation)   and   sod   (mystical,   lit.   secret)}.   Be   inspired   and be truly grateful! The   Secrets   of   the   Sh'ma.   Congregations   chant   it,   Jews   have died   saying   it,   some   whisper   it,   and   all   know   this   to   be   the pinnacle    essential    creed    of    Judaism.    What    is    its    hidden meaning    that    has    inspired    the    Jewish    nation    throughout history? The answer may be greater than you expected! Rosh   Chodesh   -   Women's   Learning.   A   Jewish   Female.   Is there   such   a   thing?   A   deeper   insight   into   the   better   half   of man. Gematria   -   Can   We   Have   Your   Number?   The   Torah   as   a mathematical   code   -   Gematria,   with   a   crystal   clear   out-look.     Counting   sand   or   sapphires   -   you   choose,   but   can   numbers give your life meaning and value? Dress   Me   Up   and   Take   Me   Out.   Why   do   we   dress   a   Torah? Exploring   traditions   that   transcend   time.   All   you   wanted   to know about using a Torah scroll in the sanctuary. The   Making   of   a   Torah:   From   birth   to   marriage,   from   cow   to Torah,   come   and   explore   this   ancient   and   fascinating   art   while using   the   latest   digital   technology.   The   old   and   new   come together to create a G-dly instrument. Jewish   Money   and   Spiritual   Credit:   Money   comes   and   Money goes   but   can   we   keep   what   we   earn,   and   is   it   really   ours? Yes there   is   a   way   to   have   your   cake   and   eat   it!   Find   out   in   the Jewish way of Money Permanent Management. The   Torah,   Its   Relevance   in   Our   Days:   But   we   live   in   the modern   times…   sounds   familiar?   This   statement   is   also   over 3000   years   old!   And   furthermore,   how   can   a   3000   year   old book   make   sense   of   our   year   2006?   But   then   again   is   it   really only    another    book?    Come    and    explore    the    hidden    and reveled   paths   to   finding   guidance   and   meaning   for   our   day and age. A    Well    Dressed    Torah:    And    I    thought    only    people    get dressed?   Why   do   we   dress   a   Torah   and   where   does   this custom    originate?    Torah    decorations,    ornaments    and    just being   well   dressed   will   unfold   before   your   eyes   as   we   delve into this ancient tradition.
Scholar-In-Residence • Learn it • Live it • It’s yours! The   Sofrim   at   Sofer   On   Site   have   been   recognized   nationwide   as being   much   more   than   just   talented   scribes.   Each   of   our   traveling Sofrim   has   many   years   of   experience   in   the   education   arena   as   well as being public speakers. Whether   a   lecture   for   an   hour,   a   key   note   speaker   or   a   scholar   in residence   for   a   few   days,   we   offer   a   wide   range   of   contemporary topics which are often a spring board for ongoing group discussions. See below a sample of our many topics.
Lecture Titles The   following   is   a   title   list   of   suggested   topics   for   classes,   discussion groups   and   lectures   for   larger   audiences.   This   list   should   be   used   as   a base to structure the program you desire. A Sofer Doesn't Write Hebrew Letters are Not Letters The Torah is Not a Book Discover How a Sefer Torah is Made Torah sparks & the wonders of the Hebrew letters Parchment of Light - Ink of Liquid Darkness Computer vs. the art of the Scribe Health, Kabala and the Hebrew letters Have you checked your Mezuzot lately? Explore and participate in calligraphic writing on parchment Is your Mezuzah a blessing? Come see the inside (or recipe) for Tefillin What makes a Torah holy? All planes have accurate data in their black boxes. What's in yours? Mezuzah. The ultimate security system. The Torah - It's relevance in our days How to dress and handle the Torah
Health,   Kabala,   and   Hebrew   Letters:   How   can   we   make   sense of   our   health?   Is   it   all   just   a   coincidence   with   no   one   to   blame? Even   a   leaf   does   not   fall   from   the   tree   without   a   divine   reason. The   Ba'al   Shem   Tov   and   other   Jewish   mystic   masters   have taught    the    connection    between    our    physical    and    spiritual existence   and   how   they   are   connected   through   the   Hebrew letters. Tzu Gezunt! What's   the   Meaning   of   Your   Name?   Shakespeare   said,   What's in   a   name?When   creation   was   finished,   Man   was   instructed   to give   names   and   distinctiveness   to   all   the   animals.   When   a   child is   born,   it   is   the   parents'   first   gift   -   a   name   that   becomes   an identity.   Learn   how   Jewish   names   are   collections   of   stories, events,   namesakes,   actions   and   Jewish   symbolism.      So   what's your name? Kosher   Magic:   Have   you   been   a   real   Magician   your   whole   life and   didn't   notice   it?   You   can   (if   you   wish)   touch   the   infinite, make    an    object    appear    out    of    nowhere,    and    (really)    see nothingness... Wow, this is a program not to miss!  Lettering   Our   Legacy;   Make   Your   Mark:   Can   we   really   leave   an everlasting   and   purposeful   mark   in   this   world.   A   very   lofty   idea with   down   to   earth   realities.   Are   all   marks   the   same   and   how about   half   a   mark?   When   does   it   begin   and   does   it   ever   end? Come   and   join   us   on   a   Journey   not   of   self   discovery   but   rather towards completing our goal and reason for existence. Adam,   Jacob,   Enron   and   You:   Do   you   know   what   the   last   story of   the   Torah   is,   or   what   is   the   last   Mitzvah   (commandment)   of the   Torah?      Learn   how   the   Torah   is   not   just   the   story   of   events in   our   history,   but   how   the   Mitzvot   are   woven   into   that   storyline. How   can   a   Mitzvah   resonate   with   us   in   our   minds,   our   hearts and deeds? A   Little   Scribble   Here;   A   Little   Scribble   There:   Why   are   there laws   on   how   to   write   the   letters   of   the   Torah?   What   happens   if one   letter   is   wrong   in   a   Torah?   If   a   talented   artist   wants   to   write a   Sefer   Torah,   is   it   permissible?      What   is   the   most   important skill needed to write a Torah scroll? Tune   In, Turn   On:   We   all   have   the   spark   -   we   just   have   to   give   it more   fuel!   Explore   questions   pertaining   to   personal   spirituality and   holiness.   How   do   we   understand   them   perhaps   differently from the rest of the world? The   Aura   Of   Torah:   Distinguishing   Light   Darkness   -   A   Practical And     Spiritual     Workshop:     Practical:     How     to     protect     your community   from   the   modern,   rampant   deception   in   the   repair and purchase of Torah Scrolls. Spiritual:   Learn   the   secrets   of   a   Kabalistic   Scroll,   and   why   all Torahs reveal more than meets the eye.
Did you know G-d stands at your door? Seeing at the speed of light - Jewish Meditation The Worlds 1st Tourist Guide Book - over 3000 years old Homosapiens  (humans) have 5 Senses - Jews have 12 Yale's University's Emblem - The Breast Plate Harvard's Motto - Kail Shakkai The Great Seal of America The Liberty Bell and Yovel Kabalistic Letters in Czech Torah Scrolls G-d Talk - A Holy Language Tefillin - our red telephone to upstairs How authentic is our Torah? It takes 22 Lines, 713 Letters, 4649 Laws to write ONE Mezuzah What can make cows skin holy? - A Torah! Hebrew letters - G-Ds blueprint of the world, can it really be? So you used it…but did you connect? Does G-d only listen to expensive Tefillin? Jewish money & spiritual credit Stress, meditation and vacation The everlasting Torah, still in our time? Is the Torah written 'black on white' or 'white on black'? Abracadabra is a Hebrew word/toy/magic? Laugh & Learn
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