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Questions   &   Answers Q: Why are you called Sofer On Site? A:   Usually   a   Torah   is   brought   to   a   sofer   tofor   repairs.   We   travel   to the scrolls and provide all Torah care on-site. Q: What is a Sofer? A:   A   Sofer   is   a   Jewish   scholar   (usually   an   ordained   rabbi)   who   has studied   and   mastered   the   art   and   the   laws   pertaining   to   scribing and restoring a Torah, tefillin and/or mezuzot. Q: Are ALL Sofrim (scribes) qualified to restore a Torah? A:   No.   Not   at   all.   The   majority   of   scribes   have   only   trained   in   the   art of   writing   (their   own   style   of)   script.   To   restore   a   Torah,   a   Sofer must   re-qualify   in   the   art   of   restoration   and   preservation.   Very   few Soferim are ordained and certified in the profession of restoration. Q: Will you actually do work at my Synagogue? A:    Yes.   We   offer   to   come   and   complete   all   necessary   Torah   repair work   at   your   location   while   providing   a   wide   range   of   enlightening and inspiring educational programs. Q: Are members allowed to watch Torahs being repaired? A:   Yes,   of   course.   We   encourage   as   many   people   to   come   in, watch, ask questions and get excited about their Torahs! Q: Do you also have classes on how Torahs are made? A:    Yes.    All    the    Sofrim    (scribes)    at    Sofer    On    Site     are    master educators   and   storytellers   who   come   highly   recommended   for   their intuitive   ability   to   teach   and   inspire   all   ages   about   the   making   and care   of   Torahs.   Our   programs   include   hands   on   activities   for   young and   old,   in-depth   classes   and   lectures   as   well   as   a   full   spread educational curriculum. Q: How often do you travel? A:   The   sofrim   at   Sofer   On   Site    are   on   the   road   almost   every   week of   the   year.   Except   on   Shabbat   and   other   Jewish   Holidays,   we   are always available. Q: Besides repair, do you also sell new Torahs? A:   Yes.   Sofer   On   Site    is   the   center   for   selling   new   Torah   scrolls. Click   Here    Whether   newly   commissioned   scrolls   or   fully   written scrolls   ready   to   pick   up,   we   have   them   all   in   a   variety   of   qualities   at competitive prices. Q: Do you also sell pre-owned Torahs? A: Yes. We offer many pre-owned scrolls on our website. Click     here .     In     addition,     when     congregations     want     to     sell     their   scrolls   and   others   are   interested   in   purchasing   pre-owned   scrolls, we are the matchmaker for such needs. Q: Do you offer fundraising projects? A:   Yes.   Sofer   On   Site    is   renowned   for   its   unifying   and   uplifting community   based   fundraising   Torah   Projects .   Over   the   past   25 years,    we    have    helped    congregations    raise    over    $30,000,000! What an achievement!! Q: How much can you help us fundraise? A:   Our   rule   of   thumb   is:   For   every   100   families,   a   congregation   can raise an average of $100,000. Q: Can women & children participate in scribing a Torah? A: Yes, absolutely!
Q: Do you have references? A:   Please   contact   us   for   a   long   list   of   references.   In   the   meantime, please     visit     our     website     and     Click     Here     to     view     hundreds     of   testimonials Q: How often should a Torah be checked? A:   Once   every   year.   Scrolls   can   deteriorate   over   time   and   become Pasul   -   not   fit   for   ritual   usage.   To   prevent   a   costly   repair,   please   be sure   to   have   your   Torah(s)   inspected   and   maintained   yearly.   Sofer On    Site     offers    a    well    priced    “Torah    Maintenance    Plan”    which provides all the necessary Torah care a synagogue will ever need. Q: What can I do to help take care of my Torah? A:   A   Torah   scroll   should   be   rolled   monthly   to   ensure   its   longevity. Looking   after   a   Torah   is   a   great   mitzvah   and   doing   it   correctly   is the   right   thing   to   do.   We   offer   educational   training   classes.   Please   ask   us   about   our   famed   Holy   Rollers   Torah   Care   Program ”. Q:    Can    you    tell    us    where    &    how    long    ago    our    Torah    was written? A:   Yes.   We   are   trained   in   the   art   and   history   of   Torah   scribing. While   you   will   never   find   a   scribe’s   signature   or   a   marking   to identify   where   and   when   it   was   written,   the   style   and   make   of   the parchment,   the   way   the   seams   are   stitched   together   and   of   course the   style   of   script   all   add   up   to   reveal   the   origins   of   a   particular scroll. Q: Can you appraise Torahs for Insurance purposes? A:    Yes.    Sofer    On    Site     has    been    providing    this    exclusive    and specialized    service    for    over    30    years.   After    an    evaluation,    we prepare   individual   insurance   approved   appraisal   documents   for every scroll. Q: Are your classes for children only? A:   No.   Our   Sofrim   are   all   famed   public   speakers   and   educators.   We specialize   in   engaging   and   entertaining   programs   and   hands   on presentations for children and adults. Q: Do you repair Scrolls in your workshop in Miami? A:   Our   Miami   workshop   is   fully   equipped   and   set   up   for   Torah repair   work   of   all   types   and   complexities.   We   receive   scrolls   at   our workshop needing repairs from all over the world. Q: As a small congregation, are fundraisers for us too? A:    Assisting    small    congregations    with    fundraising    to    support    a Torah   care   campaign   is   one   of   our   specialties.   It   is   not   a   “one glove   fits   all”   approach   but   rather   we   tailor   our   tools   and   guidance to   fit   your   needs   and   budget.   Our   fundraising   campaigns   have   not only   helped   congregations   cover   the   costs   of   the   repairs,   but   also provide a most needed resource of funds. Q:   Do   you   sell   Torah   ornaments   such   as   Torah   poles,   silver ornaments and Torah covers? A:    We    provide    all    items    related    to    Torah.    Please    Click    Here    to    see   what   we   offer. Q: Do you enjoy being a Sofer? A:   There   is   nothing   better!   We   love   Jews   and   we   love   Torah   and we are honored to work with both. See you soon!
Torah         is         the         prized         inheritance        of         the         Jewish         people.         It         moves,        motivates,         and         unites         us         as         a        nation.         For      3,000         years         we         have        learned      to      live      our      lives      through     the          teachings,          guidance          and       message      of      Torah.      We   search      for     new        ways        to        bring        ourselves      closer      to      it.      At      Sofer      On      Site,      we     are      honored      to      provide      beautiful STa’M        of        the        highest        Halachic      standards,      while      bringing      Torah’s     timeless        messages        to        you,        and      inspire generations to come.
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