Pre-Owned Torah Site Map
Sofer On Site offers Pre-Owned Torahs that have been acquired from reliable sources at exceptional pricing for those congregations in need of a Torah scroll.  We thoroughly examine each and every scroll before the congregation receives the Torah and warrant its complete kashrut. There are a few aspects to take into account when purchasing a second hand scroll. • The script beauty • The blackness of the letters versus the light brown letters • The weight of the scroll • The height of the scroll • The price. Some scrolls will have Torah poles while others will require a new set (sold separately). Please use the images below to get a closer look at the scripts available.
Pre-Owned Torah Guidelines for Purchasing
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Sefer Torah #10111 Height of Parchment: 13.5” Weight: Light  Glazed: Back Comments: Clear letters,mainly black letters Age: ~ 95+ years Sale Price: $17,000
Sefer Torah #12230 Height of Parchment: 20.5” Weight: Med Heavy  Glazed:  Back Comments: Clear, mainly black letters Age: ~  95+ Years Sale Price: $14,000
Sefer Torah #14121 Height of Parchment: 21” Weight: Heavy  Glazed: Back Comments: Large script, mainly black letters Age: ~ 90+ years Sale Price: $13,000