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Welcome     to     the     worldwide services   of   Sofer   On   Site.   We are    excited    you’re    here    and are   glad   to   offer   an   incredibly vast    range    of    powerful   Torah services    that    exceeds    those offered   by   any   other.      We   are Sofer     On     Site     -     Scribes, Educators          and          Master Storytellers,   and   as   our   name suggests,    we    pride    ourselves in   being   able   to   work   on-site   at your     location.          This     is     in addition     to     our     office     and workshop     located     in     South Florida. Sofer    On    Site    has    expanded the   definition   of   a   typical   Torah scribe,   who   merely   just   writes, to    propelling    the    energy    and beauty   of   scribing   a   Torah   to   others,   as   it   relates   to   the   21st century.      Each   of   our   services   are   created   exclusively   to   enrich   the participants    to    the    highest    level    of    inspiration    and    Jewish commitment. Over   the   past   25   years,   we   have   served   communities   on   all   five continents.   Together   we   offer   a   unique   and   diverse   educational experience.   Our   strength   is   our   exceptional   ability   to   relate   to Jews   of   all   ages   and   backgrounds,   as   we   have   been   through   the main streams of Judaism ourselves.   Evaluations   -   Gain   an   up-to-date   condition   report   of   your   Torah.     During   the   evaluation   process   we   inform   you   of   our   findings   and explain   the   causes   of   any   issues.   We   identify   the   overall   quality, status,   and   restoration/repairs   (if   any   are   necessary)   and   send you   a   written   report      which   doubles   as   both   a   quote   for   repairs   as well as a planning tool for the future. Insurance   Appraisals     -    Secure    your    scrolls    with    a    valid    and insurance   approved   appraisal.   Be   able   to   distinguish   between   all your   scrolls   and   accurately   know   their   replacement   value.   Each scroll   is   identified   and   marked   individually.   Update   your   appraisals every five years. Restoration    -   Is   your   Torah   in   need   of   repair?   We   can   help.   Our expert   and   certified   Master   Sofrim   can   fix   any   issue   with   a   Torah. Whether   on-site   at   your   location,   or   at   our   large   workshop   in Florida,    all    your    Torah    needs    are    accounted    for.    Since    Torah scrolls   are   made   from   organic   materials,   if   issues   are   happening, they   will   continue   regardless   of   whether   the   scroll   is   used   or   not. The    rate    of    deterioration    cannot    be    gauged,    but    ignoring    the issues will always cost more to repair down the road. Maintenance    -   Torah   is   like   a   child;   it   requires   ongoing   love   and care.   Often   there   is   a   false   assumption   that   after   a   Torah   has been   repaired,   it   will   remain   in   a   good   condition   forever.   This   is regretfully   incorrect.   Torahs   require   regular   care   and   upkeep   to ensure   they   remain   Kosher.   Let   us   show   you   how   to   look   after your   Torah   with   our   Holy   Rollers   Torah   Care   Program.   Call   us   to schedule a visit to perform all necessary maintenance. Holy   Rollers    -   Now   this   IS   something   new!   Fall   in   love   with   your Torahs.   We   provide   a   personal   hands-on   guide   and   training   to care,   nurture   and   embrace   your   scrolls.   It’s   a   family   affair   where everyone   can   participate   in   re-adopting   your   scrolls   and   gaining insights   to   the   special   characteristics   which   make   each   of   Torah unique.
Computer   Torah   Checking    -   All   new   Torahs   we   sell   are   computer checked    before    being    delivered.   This    type    of    vital    examination    is    a modern    spellcheck    for    Torahs.    Often    older    scrolls    reveal    missing, additional    or    substituted    letters.    The    extent    and    locations    of    all problematic letters will be identified with such a checking. Marketing   -   So   you   want   your   members   to   know   what   you’re   doing?   We can   help!   Our   graphic   designers,   MS   Studios,   with   its   talented   and experienced   artists,   can   create   unique   images   and   marketing   materials that   suit   your   specific   needs.   From   setting   a   long   term   advertising   goal to in-depth color and design, we got you covered.   Scholar-In-Residence    -   The   Hebrew   root   word   for   “sofer”   (scribe)   also means    a    story!    We    are    master    storytellers,    educators    and    keynote speakers    capable    of    addressing    all    audiences.    From    small    group settings   to   large   scale   presentations,   we   are   renowned   for   mesmerizing all ears and leaving a mark by letting the story of Torah come to life. Tefillin   &   Mezuzah   Checking    -   It   is   a   known   Jewish   custom   to   regularly check   our   Tefillin   and      Mezuzah   scrolls.   Whether   new   or   old,   we   can examine   and   restore   these   ritual   items.   They   can   be   sent   to   us   or examined   on   site   -   you   decide.   Ensure   these   precious   items   retain   their kosher status. Memorial   Trust   Scrolls    -   Once   upon   a   time   they   tried   to   destroy   us, now   these   Torahs   are   amongst   the   last   remaining   testimonies   of   that dark   era.   Our   generation   is   the   guardian   of   these   scrolls,   upholding   a tremendous    responsibility    to    care    and    preserve    them    for    the    next generation.   The   Memorial   Scrolls   Trust   in   London   has   entrusted   Sofer On   Site   to   serve   and   look   out   for   these   precious   scrolls.   Has   your Holocaust scroll been looked at lately? Full   List   of   Services    -   And   when   you   think   you   have   seen   it   all,   we have    not    even    started.    Explore    the    many    creative    ideas    we    offer communities   to   enrich   their   Jewish   experience   together   with   their   Torah scrolls.   From   elaborate   yearlong   activities,   to   a   stand   alone   program,   we cater to all budgets. Find out what Sofer On Site can do for you! Of    course,    we    know    the    only    way    we    can    make    sure    that    you're completely   satisfied   with   every   aspect   of   our   work   is   to   let   you   know   that you're   the   boss.      You're   the   one   we   have   to   please,   the   community whose   loyalty   we   have   to   earn   and   we   will   accomplish   through   our   vast knowledge, professional experience, and integrity. After   we   complete   our   work   for   you,   you   can   be   assured   that   we   will continue   to   provide   the   same   quality   service   and   attention   that   you   may need in the future. Good   relationships   are   vital   and   we're   proud   to   be   your   expert   resource for   Torah   care   and   STaM   services,   Torah    Projects    and   Education ,    and we want to keep it that way.
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