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A Unifying Project Sofer On Site The Worlds Premier Developer Of Torah Projects The    writing    of    a    new    Torah,    in    conjunction    with    a    Project    is    the fulfillment   of   Mitzvah   613   –   to   “Write   a   Torah.” A   Torah   Project   Journey is    an    enriching    and    unifying    community    experience.    The    central message   will   always   be:   “When   you   walk   in,   someone   loves   you,   when you walk out someone misses you.” Build your community around Torah, on the highest level. Sofer   On   Site   has   developed   over   the   years   a   new   and   fresh   approach to   fulfilling   the   command   to   write   a   Torah   scroll.   We   tailor   learning   & educational   components   that   excite   and   include   every   member   of   a community.   In   addition,   we   serve   as   consultants   and   provide   innovative marketing & fundraising tools and ideas. The   center   and   focus   of   the   Project   is   to   present   a   community   with   a rare   spiritual   &   uplifting   opportunity   for   each   member.   Everyone   can participate;   not   only   by   giving   towards   the   writing,   and   not   only   learning &   being   inspired   by   the   writing,   but   most   importantly   by   receiving   a once-in-a-lifetime   chance   to   actually   become   part   of   making   Jewish history! This   is   done   in   part   by   holding   the   quill   (together   with   the   Sofer) and scribing in the Torah. The   feelings   of   astonishment   &   wonder   are   intertwined   with   divine coincidences    and    insights    that    families    and    individuals    experience during   the   letter   writing   sessions.   This   spiritual   exhilaration   offers   a cherished   lifelong   Jewish   memory   and   a   new   sense   of   belonging   and connection with Judaism! A    Sofer    On    Site    Torah    Project    provides    a    whole    new    world    of opportunity   for   a   yearning   congregation.   Our   loyal   and   experienced staff   provide   the   highest   caliber   of   consultation   and   Project   guidance   in a wide range of services. Prospective: A Torah Project will have two major funding expenses to consider:     • The Scribing of a Torah     • Sofer On Site Services The   Project   costs   amounts   can   either   be   paid   from   a   budgeted   fund   or solicited    up    front    from    a    prospective    donor,    or    calculated    as    a percentage of the projected fundraising goal. The Year of the Torah Torah Scribing Selection:    Sofer    On    Site    provides    a    wide    selection    of   Torah    script samples   and   their   respective   quoted   prices.   Once   a   script   has   been selected,   a   scribing   contract   will   be   drawn   up.   The   average   cost   of   a good   quality   Torah   is   around   $30,000   to   a   high   of   $40,000.   We   offer scrolls   for   as   low   as   $22K,   while   there   are   also   scrolls   costing   over $45K.    The    cost    of    a    Torah    depends    on    the    clarity,    beauty    and consistency of the script as well as the weight of the parchment. Click Here  to see Torah script samples For   more   information   on   the   purchase   of   a   Sefer   Torah   and   payment options, please contact us Torah Project Services Sofer    On    Site    offers    a    wide    range    of    valuable    Project    tools    and services in six segments: A. Project Management / Analysis & Development: “You Are The Captain Of Your Journey” Sofer   On   Site   has   many   years   of   hands-on   experience   in   managing Torah   Projects   of   all   sizes.   We   oversee   all   aspects   of   a   Project   and   are in   constant   communication   with   all   relevant   parties.   Creating   a   vision   is what    we    do    best    while    providing    the    tools    to    achieve    them.    From conception,   committee   chair   selection   &   training,   through   incorporating a   Project   Time-Line   and   Community Analysis   &   Feasibility   studies   –   we have   it   covered!   Why   re-create   the   wheel      when   we   have   been   rolling   it for years!
B.    Letter Fill-In Visits: “The Experience of a Life Time” The   Mitzvah   IS   to   write!   The   goal   is   to   allow   and   encourage   every family   member   to   participate   in   writing   their   own   special   letter   in   the Torah.   This   opportunity   becomes   the   Jewish   highlight   in   a   member’s life   as   they   listen   and   learn   about   the   specific   letter   or   word   they   are about    to    write.    The    number    of    visits    is    based    on    the    size    of    the congregation.   Unique   methods   to   invite   families   to   the   letter   writing sessions,   record   families   experiences   and   recognize   the   moment   in   a spectacular   fashion   is   provided   as   part   of   our   Project   services.   To enhance    the    writing    experience,    a    wide    variety    of    educational    and information   stations   are   set   up   around   the   letter   fill-ins.   Torah   writing where every letter counts! Call us  to learn more C.  Ceremonies: “Let there be Light, Sound and... Action!” To    mobilize    and    get    families    involved,    an    opening    and    closing ceremony/event    is    devised.    With    much    fanfare    and    enthusiasm, coupled   with   drama,   song,   surprises   and   an   interactive   audience,   will insure   a   lasting   memory.   Mesmerize   your   community   with   our   creative, “out-of    the    box”    thinking    ideas    for    launching    and    celebrating    your Project. Call Us  to learn more D.    Education Component: “Education is Everything” All    the    Sofrim    at    Sofer    On    Site    are    professional    and    experienced educators   and   public   speakers,   able   to   engage   all   ages   and   audiences. The    backbone    of    any    successful    Torah    Project    is    the    enthralling educational   component   that   connects   members   with   the   Torah   in   a deeper    way.    We    offer    a    spread    of    educational    wealth,    from    a    full developed    curriculum,    through    inspirational    classes,    lectures    and programs,   concluding   with   a   yearlong   of   educational   activities.   Connect the   Mind   with   the   Heart   through   Knowledge.   Click   Here    for   our   further Educational services. E.    Marketing & Publicity: “First Impressions Last”! Sofer   On   Sites   dedicated   and   skilled   graphics   art   department   team, can   take   your   marketing   vision   from   concept   to   reality.   Why   re-invent the   materials,   when   it’s   available   there   already?!   Get   the   word   out…   in style. Click Here  for our further Marketing services. F. Fundraising Consultation: “The Art of Generously Asking” Sofer   On   Site   has   been   organizing,   planning   and   implementing   such fundraising    campaigns    for    over    25    years    with    an    acclaimed    track record.   We   provide   a   wide   range   of   fundraising   tools,   methods   and ideas   to   get   you   up   and   running   successfully.   Make   a   Torah   Project fundraising   Project   a   successful   one   with   our   support.   Click   Here   for our further Fundraising services. So what is the cost? Sofer    On    Site    is    proud    to    offer    all    its    services    in    a    tailored    and personalized   fashion.   Our   full   Torah   Project   proposal   includes   a   detail list   of   all   our   services   and   prices.   While   fees   listed   in   our   proposal   are for   complete   segments,   each   congregation   can   choose   and   select   the items and services they require to customize their expenses. Ask us for a Torah Project proposal. We   hope   this   brief   Torah   Project   summary   gives   you   a   taste   of   what   is in   store,   when   engaging   an   all-out   and   inclusive   Torah   Project   with Sofer   On   Site.   We   are   confident   that   with   our   combined   efforts,   this important   and   holy   objective   of   writing   a   Torah   will   excite   and   inspire your   congregation   in   Judaism,   while   motivating   them   to   a   higher   level of Jewish giving. The   energy   Sofer   On   Site   brings   to   a   Project   is   electrifying   and   long lasting.   Just   hear   what   other   happy   and   satisfied   communities   have experienced by visiting our testimonial page on our website. Click Here
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