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MST 5 Year Condition Report   The     Memorial     Scrolls     Trust     stipulates     that     every     Synagogue produce,   once   every   5-years,   a   condition   report,   which   includes   an insurance appraisal. The insurance document is only done once. It   is   highly   recommended   for   those   who   care   for   this   scroll,   to   come during   the   evaluation,   not   only   for   the   incredible   experience   of   what this   scroll   will   tell   you   about   itself,   but   to   be   given   tips   and   techniques on how best to care for this historic Torah.
What are they saying about Sofer On Site’s MST Services: Dear Ms Kaminski,   Thank you for contacting us regarding Sofer-on-Site.   I   can   assure   you   that   we   are   working   directly   with   Rabbi   Moshe Druin   and   his   team   in America   and   they   are   indeed   sanctioned   by   us to identify, evaluate the condition of, and repair MST Scrolls.   On   occasion,   the   Sofer-on-Site   team   may   temporarily   safekeep   an MST   Scroll   that   has   been   returned   to   the   Trust,   in   perhaps   the   case of    a    Shul    closing    down,    until    it    is    allocated    on    loan    to    another congregation.   We   have   received   enthusiastic   reports   from   other   congregations, following   a   visit   by   Rabbi   Druin,   who   appreciated   his   knowledge   and passion about Scrolls.   Best wishes,   Julia Hollenbery MST Administrator
Dear Ms. Hollenbery,   "We   were   able   to   meet   with   Rabbi   Gedaliah   Druin   and   I   cannot tell   you   how   wonderful   it   was   to   meet   him   and   speak   with   him. He    truly    has    a    commitment    to    the    living    memories    of    the communities   these   precious   scrolls   represent.   Congregation   Kol Am   will   continue   to   use,   celebrate   and   preserve   the   memories that are part of this Torah."   Best regards,   Ronni Kaminski Congregation Kol Am 1023 Chesterfield Parkway East Chesterfield, MO  63017 (636) 519-0082
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