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Writing Your Purim Story Celebrate   Purim   like   never   before   by   being   a   part   of   writing   this   timeless amazing   story.      In   this   one   month   project,   participants   will   be   able   to partake   in   the   scribing   of   special   sections   and   witness   the   beauty   of   an illuminated megillah, depicting the story of Purim as it unfolds. As   an   bonus   to   such   a   project,   children   may   join   in   the   fun   with   others   by creating   their   own   personalized   case   for   their   own   megillah   (purchased separately).      Students   of   all   ages   can   come   to   learn   about   the   making   of Megillah    and    have    fun    in    this    interactive    experience.    It    even    includes learning    acting    out    of    the    famous    characters    through    an    enjoyable storytelling experience.