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By Fredda Sacharow, Jewish Exponent Feature, PA With   the   scribe   right   beside   him on   the   bimah   guiding   his   hand, Rabbi    Peter    Rigler    picked    up the     quill     and     oh-so-carefully filled   in   the   Hebrew   letter   raisch --    "R"    --    in    the    word    Yisrael, helping   to   complete   the   Torah his   congregation   had   embarked upon creating. As   the   ink   flowed,   the   former   assistant   rabbi   at   Reform   Congregation Keneseth   Israel   in   Elkins   Park   was   ending   a   yearlong   process   and helping   etch   a   memory   that   would   last   a   lifetime.   Rigler's   experience, although powerful and spiritual, was not unique.
2010 BY JAWEED KALEEM The Miami Herald - FL  In a quiet North Miami Beach house on Tuesday, dozens of parchments from cow and deerskin lay scattered on drawing tables and sat rolled on shelves, as ink-stained shirts and quills were flung... 2010 2013 CHRIS SEGAL / News Herald  PANAMA CITY —  The mystery surrounding the origins and some of the history of two scrolls at Temple B’nai Israel were uncovered Wednesday by a visiting Sofer Torah rabbi.  The two Torahs used in Temple B’nai Israel likely were written in western Europe in the early 1930s, said Rabbi Menachem Bialo.  A Sofer Torah is a scribe who is able to transcribe Torahs and make repairs. Bialo is a certified scribe, who traveled to Panama City from South Florida to fix ... 2010
2011 2010 Rabbi Yochanan Salazar can tell when a congregation is taking its Judaism seriously - they are the ones that take care of and respect their Torahs.  A traveling sofer, or Torah scribe, from Sofer on Site in Miami, Salazar spent several days in Birmingham last month examining Torahs at Temple Beth-EI and doing educational programs for congregants and the religious school.  "Being able to take care of your Torahs encourages people to be more connected-that what you're doing is meaningful;' he said. "This is about Jewish life. It's about preserving our heritage, our customs, our way of life”. He examined all 11 of Beth-El's scrolls, and while most were in good shape, there were a couple that needed more work. He said the scrolls ranged in age from this decade to 200 years old… 2011 From the   July 30 2012 - GA  A 19th century Torah scroll, which once belonged to a synagogue in what is now the Czech Republic, has been restored to kosher condition and can once again be read at worship services on special occasions at Congregation B’nai Israel (CBI), a Reform Jewish synagogue in Fayetteville. CBI first obtained what it calls its Holocaust Torah in April 1984 on permanent loan from the Westminster Torah Trust in England. 2012 An Interview with Rabbi Moshe Druin, Sofer for our Tikkun Torah, by Rabbi Matzkin CA, Congregation Kol Emeth  Rabbi Matzkin: Can you describe your experience working on our Torah? Rabbi Druin: It's wonderful to work on any Torah, but it's positively uplifting to work on a Torah that has such a history! When I'm working on restoring the Hebrew letters, I'm focused on the task but my imagination goes free. I like to imagine 300 years ago, in the shtetl of Czechoslovakia, and ask: Who was the man who wrote this scroll, sitting in a wooden house in a dark corner … 2006
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2010 By Phyllis Steinberg The Holy Rollers of Temple Beth El of Hollywood are not a rock group. They are a group of women with a mission. Their mission is to save their congregation's sacred scrolls of Jewish law. This hearty band of women, ages 13 to 80, have been working diligently since last December three to four hours a week cleaning and caring for five of the congregation's Torahs, including one Torah rescued from the Holocaust. 2010