News & Links Site Map 991 North Miami Beach Blvd. North Miami Beach, FL 33162 / 1-877-HASOFER (427-6337) / Need More Info? In May, as Temple Israel of NYC rededicated our Holocaust Torah, students and families were invited to help write the last few letters to complete the restoration Torah.  Our ECLC closed the year with Sweet Shabbat, a service and Oneg for… 2016 2011 2011 BY DANIEL GELMAN, CONTRIBUTING WRITER Temple Ahavat Shalom - CA A Reform congregation in Northridge and an Orthodox sofer (scribe) have joined forces to restore a rescued 360-year-old Czech Torah scroll, which has been with the synagogue since the 1970s. About 150 congregants at Temple Ahavat Shalom kicked off the synagogue’s Kolin Torah restoration project with song and prayer in a tribute to Jewish continuity on Oct. 10. The Torah, which belonged originally to a synagogue in the Czechoslovakian town of Kolin before World War II, has played a role in every bar and bat mitzvah and High Holy Days service since arriving in Northridge, but due to its condition, no one there has ever read from it. The Torah’s recent deterioration sparked a decision by the synagogue’s senior staff to rescue it once again. “It’s not ours,” Rabbi Barry Lutz told his congregation. “It belongs to the people of Kolin. Our covenant ...    2010 From the   July 30 2012 - GA  A 19th century Torah scroll, which once belonged to a synagogue in what is now the Czech Republic, has been restored to kosher condition and can once again be read at worship services on special occasions at Congregation B’nai Israel (CBI), a Reform Jewish synagogue in Fayetteville. CBI first obtained what it calls its Holocaust Torah in April 1984 on permanent loan from the Westminster Torah Trust in England. 2012 From the - AL  August 26, 2012  Sunday’s celebration of the Torah at Dothan’s Temple Emanu-El wasn’t about nostalgia for those who belong to the Temple. Signifying a communication from God is far from the same feeling derived from dusting off and fixing up an old record album. It was more than symbolism. For this synagogue, the Torah does more than stand in the place of something. It offers a real connection with God. 2012
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2013 2014 On Monday, January 18, 2016 at B’nai Havurah, Rabbi Moshe Druin from Sofer on Site visited B’nai Havurah to do some work on our priceless Holocaust Torah. Our special Torah represents a link between our past and the continuing story of Jewish life unfolding. The Torah scroll, originally from Libochovice, a town in the Czech Republic, was rescued after World War II and is on permanent loan from Memorial Scrolls Trust, is Holocaust Torah #1411. It is one of the 1,564 Czech Memorial Sifre Torah which constituted part of the treasures looted by the Nazis during… 2016 2014