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Restoring Torah becomes a community effort
200-year-old Torah at Shalom Institute by Virginia Isaad Feb. 10, 2016 The   history   of   the   200-year-old   Torah   at Shalom   Institute   in   Malibu   was   shrouded in   mystery   for   more   than   two   decades until   a   campaign   began   this   past   summer   to   restore   the   worn, bloodstained relic. Now,   the   scroll   from   central   Bohemia   —   on   loan   since   1989   from the   Memorial   Scrolls   Trust   in   London   —   is   set   to   not   only   be repaired   but   also   to   rejoin   its   sacred   peers   in   a   commemoration   of Czech   scrolls   at   the   Los   Angeles   Museum   of   the   Holocaust   for Yom HaShoah. Click Here for photos of our event.
From THE JEWISH PRESS November 25, 2016  At a ceremony on the anniversary of Kristall-nacht, Calvary Hospital dedicated a restored 135-year-old Sefer Torah that is itself a “Holocaust-survivor.” The Torah, dating from 1880, is originally from the town of Taus-Domazlice, in what is now the Czech Republic.  2016 2016 991 North Miami Beach Blvd. North Miami Beach, FL 33162 / 1-877-HASOFER (427-6337) / Need More Info?
Memorial Scroll Trust 50th Anniversary - 2014
FORT WALTON BEACH — A miracle is an event or a series of circumstances that would otherwise be inconceivable to the imagination. A religious miracle is one that also, reveals a larger truth. The story of the Holocaust Torahs is just this kind of miracle 2014 by Kevin Hardy, |  Yochanan Salazar is a sofer whose duty is to scribe and maintain the Torah. He uses adhesive to repair the binding of a 90-year-old Torah at B'nai Zion Synagogue in Chattanooga. Yochanan Salazar is constantly afraid.  Rabbi Salazar is a sofer, a Jewish scribe fluent in the faith's most important text, the Torah. He's trained both in writing new Torah scrolls and repairing ancient Hebrew texts. This week, he started repair work on Torah scrolls at B'nai Zion Congregation, a Jewish synagogue on McBrien Road. Over the next two years, he'll repair several of the congregation's scrolls, some of which were penned more than a century ago.      2014 2015
From the Jewish Independent   Friday 8th, May 2015   On Sunday, May 3, Temple Sholom completed a new Torah in honor of its 50th anniversary. Florida-based sofer (scribe) Rabbi Moshe Druin was assisted by more than 1,000 hands in writing the scroll and there were so many people who contributed to the project that Temple Sholom Rabbi Dan Moskovitz noted at the siyum hasefer that the congregation had also written “a new Torah of volunteerism.” Gratitude and community were the words of the afternoon, as the … 2015 From the NY Daily News  November 21, 2015  A 19th century Torah scroll rescued from the Nazis is getting a second life at a Bronx hospital. The damaged scroll, which dates from 1880 in what is now the Czech Republic, is being carefully restored at Calvary Hospital for eventual use in services and rituals for its Jewish patients. The restoration is part of a decades long effort to repair nearly 1,600 sacred Torahs — Jewish Scriptures written by hand on parchment scrolls — damaged after German forces seized cultural … 2015
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