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A Plan to Care for Your Torah You have spoken – We have listened. By   popular   demand   and   for   the   first   time   ever,   congregations   can   now sign   up   for   a   money   savings   Torah   Care   Insurance.      This   plan   offers communities   the   benefit   of   both   keeping   their   Torahs   Kosher   indefinitely (after    they    have    been    restored)    while    saving    congregations    much necessary funds. The    Need:     Every    congregation    knows    and    wants    their    Torahs    to    be Kosher.   Every   congregation   knows   that   from   time   to   time   they   will   have   to fix   and   repair   these   scrolls,   at   a   cost.   Every   congregation   wants   however to reduce the cost of these repairs as funds are very limited. The   Problem:   At   some   point   in   time   most   congregations   have   had   their Torahs   restored   at   a   great   cost.   It   creates   a   false   belief   that   now   their scrolls    are    good    for    5,    7    or    even    10    years    before    they    need    to    be reviewed   again.   When   the   Torahs   are   eventually   examined,   the   report reveals   an   extensive   expense   to   once   again   bring   them   back   to   a   Kosher status.   As   a   result,   most   community   board’s   push   off   the   next   restoration phase   for   a   long   time,   just   to   find   out   the   repair   quotes   gets   higher   and higher. How can this cycle be broken? The   Consideration:   A   Torah,   even   if   it   has   been   made   Kosher,   does   not remain   permanently   in   this   condition.   After   a   short   while,   it   will   begin   to deteriorate. The   process   escalates   after   one   or   two   years   of   neglect. After five   years   lacking   maintenance,   the   scrolls   condition   can   be   close   to where   it   was   before   the   last   restoration.   By   the   time   it   has   been   ten   years since    the    last    check-up,    the    cost    of    repair    now    requires    a    major undertaking. The    “solution”    therefore    is    to    prevent    the    scroll    from    deteriorating immediately    after    restoration    is    completed    and    thereby    saving    the congregation thousands of dollars over the years. The   Fact:   It   is   estimated   that   the   cost   to   repair   a   scroll   of   75   years   and older   (which   is   the   average   age   of   most   scrolls   owned   by   the   majority   of congregations today), can be as high $15k or more over 20 years! The   Result:   Today   more   and   more   Torah   scrolls   are   neglected,   not   being restored   and   are   not   Kosher,   because   of   the   estimated   high   cost   to   repair them. The   worry   is   that   even   if   they   are   restored,   the   cost   will   repeat   itself in   a   few   years   again   anyway.   The   downward   cycle   continues   and   the scrolls are the losers as they continue to deteriorate. The   Solution:    The   Sofer   On   Site   Torah   Maintenance   Plan   (TMP).   This TMP   was   developed,   in   part,   to   satisfy   the   need   for   economical   Torah care and ensure it remains within a realistic and affordable budget. The   Price?   Plans   begin   as   low   as   $18   a   month   or   just   over   $200   yearly per scroll.
A    Simple    Plan:    We    offer    to    come    in    once    a    year    and    perform maintenance    on    your    scrolls,    on    site.    We    intend    to    gain    two    major objectives: Our   regular   Torah   care   visits   will   ensure   your   scrolls   will   never require full restoration again! The cost to care for your scrolls will be reduced by over 90%! How   Does   It   Work?   After   a Torah   has   been   restored,   we   sign   you   up   for our   TMP.   We   will   come   in   to   visit   your   scroll(s)   once   a   year   to   perform the   necessary   maintenance   on   site.   All   you   pay   is   your   yearly   TMP   fee and   the   share   of   travel   for   that   visit.   You   will   be   guaranteed   that   your scroll(s)   will   remain   Kosher   and   not   require   any   additional   restoration   as long as you are participating in the TMP! Now that is a Money saving idea! What   is   the   cost? After   we   have   restored   your   scroll,   you   can   sign   up   for one   of   the   plans.   Select   a   plan   that   works   best   for   you.   Contact   us    for more information on fees and costs. Your   TMP   is   intended   to   ensure   that   your   Torahs   remains   in   a   Kosher state indefinitely Providing that: The congregations TMP payments are current and up-to-date Scrolls   are   rolled   and   wrapped   correctly   as   will   be   demonstrated and directed by SOS (see our Holy Rollers Guide ) There isn’t any major fluctuation in temperature in the ark These    items    should    be    installed    when    required:    a    humidifier, DampRid® or fan
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