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Holy Rollers Torah Care Only If You Touch Torah Will Torah Touch You! Become a Holy Roller™ “A Torah should last hundreds and hundreds of years.  So why is there a need for ongoing costly repairs?” You   are   the   guardian   of   the   Torah   from   generation   to   generation.   The Sofer    serves    the    community    as    the    “Torah    Doctor”.        You,    as    the guardian,   are   like   a   parent   caring   for   your   child.   Don’t   abandon   your child! Sofer   On   Site   now   offers   a   fresh,   new   and   exciting   way   to   empower congregations    to    re-adopt    their    Torah    scrolls.        Our    “Holy    Roller”™ Program   trains   individuals   in   the   craft   of   proactive   Torah   care   and ongoing   maintenance.   We   teach   you   about   your   own   Torahs   and   the origins   of   their   problems.   We   show   how   you    can   discover   the   source   of these   problems   in   order   to   control    or   even   eliminate   their   presence. This   knowledge   will   enable   you   to   maintain   and   improve   the   condition of   your   Torahs   -   even   save   you   thousands   of   dollars   by   eliminating future un-necessary repairs! Our   three   hour   hands   on   program,   identifies   the   difference   between real   problems   and   superficial   issues.   Learn   the   correct   way   to   handle and   maintain   your   scrolls,   as   well   as   how   to   monitor   the   condition   in your   “Holy   Ark(s)”.      While   your   Holy   Rollers   group   is   tracking   real issues   we   will   continue   to   provide   assistance   with   both   online   and phone   support.   With   digital   pictures   of   your   scrolls,   you   can   discuss your questions with our many certified,   trained Sofers . The    Holy    Rollers    training    provides    an    opportunity    for    people    to participate   and   contribute   in   a   practical   manner.   This   becomes   a   most exciting   and   uplifting   way   for   members   of   your   community   to   connect with   Torah.   It   is   also   an   excellent   method   to   keep   post   B’nai   Mitzvah youth   involved,   and   an   opportunity   to   bring   youngsters   together   with their elders for Jewish activities!!!
What is a Holy Roller? A “Holy Roller” can be any congregant… senior, family member or post B’nai Mitzvah students. A “Holy Roller” will learn what to look for and how to ask questions concerning issues regarding their Sefer Torahs. (Sometimes you will be shocked at what you see!) A “Holy Roller” will be trained to properly roll, lift and dress the Torah scroll. This process can lengthen the life and maintain the quality of your scroll. A “Holy Roller” will learn to appreciate the advantage of handling a scroll properly and the consequences when it is not. A “Holy Roller” will know (when appropriate) how to physically clean, sew and repair tears in a Sefer Torah.   Holy   Rollers   education   can   and   should   be   thoroughly   taught   to   your community.   Let   us   assist   you   in   setting   up   this   endeavor   through   our intriguing and hands-on workshop. Roll it and Roll it for Everything is in it! Be a Holy Roller.