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Your Special Hebrew Name A   name   is   not   just   a   bunch   of   letters   combined   in   a   way   to   call   to   someone across   the   room   or   in   a   classroom.   Its   so   much   more   than   that.   It   helps   give life   to   the   soul   of   the   individual,   define   their   personality   and   traits   and   more.      In fact,   the   Kabbalists   say   that   when   parents   name   a   child,   they   experience   a minor   prophecy—because,   somehow,   that   child’s   destiny   is   wrapped   up   in   the combination   of   Hebrew   letters   that   make   up   his   or   her   name.   Tradition   also tells   us   that   the   Jews   of   ancient   Egypt   kept   their   Jewish   names   given   to   them by   their   parents.   That’s   one   of   the   ways   they   stayed   together   as   a   people   and merited redemption.