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Haftara Project The   writing   of   a   Torah   or   any   part   of   the   Holy   Scriptures,   in   conjunction with   a   Project   is   the   fulfillment   of   Mitzvah   613   –   to   “Write   a   Torah.”   A Sefer   Haftara   Project   Journey   is   an   enriching   and   unifying   community experience. Sofer   On   Site   has   developed   over   the   years   a   new   and   fresh   approach to   fulfilling   the   command   of   writing   a   scroll.   Scribing   a   Sefer   Haftarot transforms   from   a   traditional   idea   into   an   opportunity   to   enrich   Jewish identity.   We   tailor   learning   &   educational   components   that   excite   and include    every    member    of    a    community.    In    addition,    we    serve    as consultants   and   provide   innovative   marketing   &   fundraising   tools   and ideas.   The   center   and   focus   of   the   Project   is   to   present   a   community with   a   rare   spiritual   &   uplifting   opportunity   for   each   member.   Everyone can   participate;   not   only   by   giving   towards   the   writing,   and   not   only learning    &    being    inspired    by    the    writing,    but    most    importantly    by receiving   a   once-in-a-lifetime   chance   to   actually   become   part   of   making Jewish   history!   This   is   done   in   part   by   holding   the   quill   (together   with   the Sofer) and scribing in the scroll. The    feelings    of    astonishment    &    wonder    are    intertwined    with    divine coincidences    and    insights    that    families    and    individuals    experience during    the    letter    writing    sessions.    This    spiritual    exhilaration    offers    a cherished   lifelong   Jewish   memory   and   a   new   sense   of   belonging   and connection with Judaism! We   are   confident   that   with   our   combined   efforts,   this   important   and   holy objective    of    writing    a    Sefer    Haftara    will    excite    and    inspire    your congregation   in   Judaism,   while   motivating   them   to   a   higher   level   of Jewish giving Prospective: A    Sefer    Haftara    Project    will    have    two    major    funding    expenses    to consider: The scribing of the Sefer Haftarot scroll Sofer On Site Project Services These   amounts   can   either   be   solicited   up   front   from   a   prospective   donor, or calculated as a percentage of the projected fundraising goal. The Year of the Sefer Haftara Haftara Scroll Scribing We   provide   you   with   a   script   sample   and   quoted   price,   if   requested, other   samples   and   prices   will   be   provided.   Once   the   script   is   confirmed, a   scribing   contract   will   be   drawn   up.   The   average   cost   of   a   good   quality Sefer   Haftarah   is   around   $15-20,000.   There   are   scrolls   for   less,   though the   quality   will   be   reduced   as   well.   The   cost   of   a   scroll   depends   on   the clarity,   beauty   and   consistency   of   the   script   as   well   as   the   weight   and size   of   the   parchment.   We   accommodate   adding   Nekudot   to   the   script which will cost about $3-5,000 extra. Once   the   price   of   the   scroll   is   finalized,   a   down   payment   of   1/4   of   the cost    will    be    due    upon    signing    of    the    contract.    Then    the    remaining amount   will   be   paid   in   three   equal   payments   after   each   third   of   the   scroll is    complete,    examined    &    shipped    to    us    for    verification    and    quality inspection.   Upon   receipt   of   each   of   these   portions,   the   congregation   is billed for the remaining 3/4 of the cost.
Sefer Haftara Project Services Sofer   On   Site   offers   a   one-stop-shop   of   wide   ranging   valuable   project tools and services in five segments: A. Project Management, Analysis & Development: B. Letter Fill-In Ceremonies & Visits: C. Education Component: D. Marketing & Publicity:  E. Fundraising Consultation: (for more information on above, please call) So what are the costs? Sofer    On    Site    is    proud    to    offer    all    its    services    in    a    tailored    and personalized    fashion.    The    quotes    below    are    for    Project    complete segments,   while   each   congregation   can   choose   and   select   the   items   and services they require to customize the prices. An   overall   estimate   can   be   from   a   mere   $5k   to   as   high   as   $45k, depending   on   the   congregation   size,   the   scope   of   your   Project, the   number   of   visits   required   and   your   community   unique   needs. Travel costs are extra and billed separately All   costs   and   fees   are   paid   out   as   equal   payments   spread   out over   the   duration   of   the   Project.   We   work   with   you   to   tailor   our services and fees to fit your needs and budget To   reduce   the   upfront   set   service   cost,   we   provide   an   attractive offer    to    “pay    as    you    earn”    payment    plan    on    a    portion    of    our services.   We   do   the   marketing   and   fundraising   work   and   only   get paid   a   percentage   of   the   fundraising   income.   With   this   option, there is no upfront cost or commitment. Just pay as you earn. A   good   cost   calculation   is   to   consider   the   cost   and   fees   of   the   Project   to be around 20-25% of the fundraising goal. Please   ask   us   for   a   full   and   complete   Project   Proposal   (that   will   include script    samples    to    select    from    and    a    detail    and    itemized    list    of    our services and fees).