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Torah   Evaluation:   This   service   establishes   a   benchmark   on the    overall    condition    of    the    scroll    and    what    work,    if    any,    is necessary.      This   task   takes   about   one   hour   per   Sefer   Torah   and a   detailed   report   is   prepared.   An   evaluation   is   especially   useful as   a   tool   to   set   a   long-term   plan   for   the   overall   care   of   your scrolls.     Those   involved   with   the   care   of   your Torahs   are   strongly encouraged   to   come   &   watch   while   we   are   evaluating,   so   they will   come   away   with   a   whole   new   appreciation   of   their   scroll   as seen   through   the   eyes   of   the   Sofer. This   then   should   be   followed by a Holy Rollers training program. Insurance Appraisals:   After   apprising   the Torah   by   one   of   our certified   scribes,   an   insurance   approved   appraisal   document   is prepared   by   a   certified   scribe   and   sent   to   you.   This   includes:   all the   necessary   evaluations,   measurements,   digital   photo   &   its location,     list     of     secret-marks     made     on     the     scroll     and age/origin/replacement value declarations. o If       evaluations       and       appraisals       are       performed simultaneously,   then   a   discounted   fee   is   offered   for   both services o Updating existing appraisals: (Per document) o Silver appraisals Torah   Restoration:    This   is   invoiced   according   to   each   scroll's individual    quote,    which    is    an    estimate    of    how    much    time    it should   take   to   complete.      Please   be   aware   that   a   day   of   on-site work   can   be   up   to   fifteen   hours   of   work   and   not   merely   an   eight- hour   day*   It   is   possible   to   accomplish   upwards   of   18   hours   of work when necessary.   Education   Presentations:    Lectures,   Programs,   Classes   and Workshops    are    offered    on    various    levels    of    knowledge    and ages.    From    large    and    grand    entertaining    school    or    family presentations    to    personal    interactive    and    hands-on    activities. Our   Sofrim   are   Master   storytellers   and   educators   enlightening all    audiences    in    the    love    of    Torah.    Ask    for    details    on    our educational component presentations. (Minimum 2 hours) Holy   Rollers:    A   very   unique   Torah   Care   Training   Program.   An informative   yet   fascinating   lecture/workshop   on   Torah   making, history   and   proactive   care.   The   overall   goal   of   this   training   is   to have    a    group    of    congregants    become    knowledgeable    and capable   to   take   regular   care   of   your   scrolls.   This   will   save   you thousands   of   dollars   by   improving   the   condition   of   your   Torah and   by   preventing   possible   damage   as   a   result   of   the   lack   of care.    This    develops    into    an    interactive    Torah    Maintenance Program   where   we   come   for   a   visit   according   to   your   awareness of   the   needs   of   each   of   your   Torah   scrolls,   only   which   we   have trained   you   to   notice   and   have   also   trained   you   how   to   keep   the cost down to a minimum. Torah   Maintenance:    This   is   offered   for   only   for   a   scroll   which Sofer   On   Site   has   restored   in   the   past   two   years.   Beyond   this time    it    may    cost    more,    especially    if    you    haven't    initiated    & trained   a   Holy   Rollers   Group   to   maintain   your   scrolls.      With   an active HR Group in place, chances are very good it may be less. MST   5   Year   Condition   Report:    The   Memorial   Scrolls   Trust stipulates   that   every   Synagogue   produce   once   every   5-years,   a condition    report,    which    includes    an    insurance    appraisal.   The insurance   document   is   only   done   once   -   follow   up   condition reports   are   additional.   For   those   who   are   in   charge   for   the   care of    this    scroll,    it    is    highly    recommended    to    come    during    the evaluation,   not   only   for   the   incredible   experience   of   what   this scroll    will    tell    you    about    itself,    but    to    be    given    tips    and techniques    on    how    best    to    care    for    these    types    of    historic Torahs. Specialty Items: 
Sofer On Site Services   (Call for Prices) These services will enable you to fulfill your awesome task as "Guardian of Torah & Sacred Scrolls"   Sofer On Site was established 25 years ago to provide a new yet ancient warmth and excellence in quality of STa”M services. We strive to be always being there for you, your Torah and your congregation and all on-site!
Please   Note:   When   traveling   outside   South   Florida,   a   minimum   of half   a   day   visit   is   required   unless   other   congregations   are   sharing   the other   part   of   the   day.   Travel   expenses   are   extra   and   billed   in   addition to    any    work    we    do.    The    travel    expenses    are    shared    and    split proportionately    with    other    congregations    and    organizations    that participate in the visit.    New    Torah    Projects:     Commission    the    writing    of    any    size, price    or    quality    Torah    scroll.    Develop    a    wide    range    of educational   and   fundraising   components.   Rejoice   in   a   unifying and   uplifting   community   building   experience   like   none   other. Ask for a Torah Project Summary. Torah    Restoration    Projects:     Restore    all    or    some    of    your current    Torah    scrolls,    while    including    the    community    in    the process.   Develop   a   wide   range   of   educational   and   fundraising components.     We     will     show     you     how     to     convert     this administrative    expense    into    a    money    generating    income! Rejoice     in     a     unifying     and     uplifting     community     building experience like none other. Ask for a summary proposal. "Yad    It    Yourself":     (Coming    soon)    Personalized    Torah    Yad making   activity:   Visit   and   program   with   a   minimum   50   Yad's. Call for more information. Torah   Guards:   These   are   attached   to   any   sized Torah   poles   to ensure longer life of your Torah. Megillot,   Tefillin   &   Mezuzahs:    A   full   range   of   reliable   and certified Kosher  ST”aM at wholesale prices. Torah   Poles   -   Etzei   Chaim:       We   provide   a   range   of   new, beautiful poles to honor your Torahs. Torah       Ornaments:        Mantles,       Belts,       Silver       Crowns, Breastplates etc. Prices available upon request. Torah   Projects:    Expert   developers   of   innovative   educational and   Fundraising   Torah   Projects.   Call   and   we’ll   send   you   a Torah Project proposal summary with more information. Attaching:     Attaching    or    re-attaching    Torah    scroll    to    Etzei Chaim (Torah poles)  Tefillin   and   Mezuzah   Checking:    With   “On   Site”   services,   we can   check   Tefillin   and   Mezuzot   for   your   convenience,   avoiding the   hassle   of   shipping   these   precious   items.   In   addition,   this can also be set up as a fundraiser for your organization. Community   Mezuzah   Project:    Complete   the   writing   of   your own   Mezuzah   scroll   as   a   unifying,   educational   and   fundraising Project. (Mezuzah scrolls sold separately) Sefer    Haftarot    Community    Project:     This    new,    innovative project   can   be   customized   to   the   needs   of   your   community   with more flexible dedication opportunities. Torah    Computer    Scan:     The    ultimate    spell    check    for    any Torah!   Scan   your   Torah   in   conjunction   with   restoration   at   a reduced   fee.   A   computer   scan   can   only   be   accomplished   after restoration is complete. Torah   Care   Kit:       This   emergency   Torah   care   package   has   all you   need   to   fix   a   Torah   on   the   spot,   with   instructions   -   and   our guidance (shipping extra). For   full   day   visits,   we   work   long   hours   and   often,   on   more   than   one scroll   at   a   time.   As   the   first   one   is   drying,   we   can   work   on   a   second Sefer Torah and so forth. Please   call   if   you   have   any   questions   on   any   of   the   information   you see above.
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