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Introduction to Sofer On Site’s Educational Programs Are   we   not   all   children? The   Mitzvah   to   learn   and   teach Torah   is   perhaps   the   most   essential   enduring   element   ever   since   we   became   a   nation   and   is fundamental   to   our   continuity.   While   not   all   minds   are   alike   and   not   all   ages   can   grasp   the   finer   subtleties,   nevertheless   every   Jew   is   capable   to   find meaning   and   guidance   from   the   wellsprings   of   Torah’s   wisdom.   At   Sofer   On   Site,   we   strive   to   provide   a   tailored   and   well-planned   educational program for your community to inspire the mind and excite the heart and soul. Sofer   On   Site’s   Torah   Edutainment   programs   consist   of   classes   and   lectures   that   are   offered   on   various   levels   of   both   knowledge   and   ages   in   a entertaining   way. As   Master   storytellers   and   educators,   our   Sofrim   have   enlightened   audiences   of   all   backgrounds   in   the   love   of   Torah.   Whether   you need large entertaining presentations or even just personal interactive hands-on activities, we excel at bringing Torah learning to life. The   importance   of Torah   Education   can   be   inferred   from   the   famous   Mark Twain   who   wrote ,   "If   the   statistics   are   right,   the   Jews   constitute   but   one   per cent.   of   the   human   race...   Properly   the   Jew   ought   hardly   to   be   heard   of;   but   he   is   heard   of,   has   always   been   heard   of...   The   Egyptian,   the Babylonian,   and   the   Persian   rose,   filled   the   planet   with   sound   and   splendor,   then   faded   to   dream-stuff   and   passed   away;   the   Greek   and   the   Roman followed,   and   made   a   vast   noise,   and   they   are   gone...   The   Jew   saw   them   all,   beat   them   all... All   things   are   mortal   but   the   Jew;   all   other   forces   pass, but he remains. What is the secret of his immortality?” We at Sofer on Site truly believe that it is the eternal Torah that G-d gave us! Please use the Navigation Bar below to see more information related to each of these categories.
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