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Curriculum Sofer   On   Site   offers   professionally   designed   set   of   lesson   plans,   for   classroom   settings   that   teachers   may   use   as   part   of   their   daily curriculum   in   away   that   the   student   will   have   a   basis   of   knowledge   on   the   subject   matter   before   a   Sofer   visit.   The   topics   are   applicable and   relevant   to   all   age   groups.     As   each   class   is   a   world   unto   its   own,   teachers   are   empowered   and   encouraged   to   modify   and   adjust   the material as necessary to adapt to the character of the community, school and student.  Our curriculum includes topics from the following areas:
Lesson Plans Each of the above topics contains lesson plan that cover: Title - Overall Title Topics - General topics to be discussed General Goal - Overarching goal of lesson Overview - A brief synopsis of subject Specific Objectives - Expectations of students to be assessed by teacher (modifiable according to age level by teacher) Required Materials - General materials needed for lesson (additional materials may be necessary according to individual teacher and age level) Anticipatory Set (Lead-In) - Statements by teacher to engage the attention of students Discussion - Initial introduction to topic, as part of the classroom discussion Expanded Information - Contains information that teacher utilizes as reference material towards student objectives Further Discussion - Contains sub-topics that can be used for higher levels of learning and deeper discussion Activities - Contains various activities on varying age levels, that can be implemented to enhance the lesson Quizzes - Contains open-ended quiz templates that can be used to assess the students learning In addition to the above, we provide other relative materials that can augment what you may currently have.  For more information or samples, contact us using the link on the bottom of this page and fill-out the form.