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Rabbi     Yochanan     Salazar-Loewe      is     a     master     sofer     (scribe), educator   and   lecturer.   Born   in   Ecuador,   South America,   he   moved   to the   US   as   a   teen.   Before   becoming   a   scribe   he   studied   in   Hudson College   and   later   attended   NJIT   where   he   majored   in   electronics engineering   and   public   speaking.   While   in   college   he   met   his   wife Hanna,   together   they   moved   to   Florida   where   they   now   live   with   their six children. He    received    his    rabbinic    ordination    in    2004    from    Rabbi    Daniel Channen   in   Beit   Shemesh,   Israel.   In   Miami,   Rabbi   Salazar   studied art   of   Sofrut   as   an   apprentice   under   Rabbi’s   Druin   at   Sofer   on   Site. After   years   of   training   he   received   his   ordination   as   a   Sofer   from Rabbi   Eliyahu   Ben   Hayyim   the   Head   of   Shepardic   studies   at   Yeshiva University   in   New   York.   With   his   expert   and   gifted   talent   for   precise and   accurate   Torah   repair   work,   he   now   heads   the   Torah   Restoration Department   of   Sofer   On   Site.   He   often   travels   around   the   country restoring   Torahs   On   Site,   while   educating   communities   on   the   proper techniques of Torah care.
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