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Rabbi Moshe Druin is a renowned public speaker, sought after lecturer and  a story telling educator. His heartfelt, yet dynamic presentations have  endeared him to Jews of all affiliations, ages and backgrounds. Rabbi Druin’s  exciting and electrifying personality brings the relevance of Torah to life in a  most meaningful and inspirational way.   Born in New York, his family made Aliyah when he was six. He has been  through the three main streams of Judaism and has studied in Yeshivot of  diverse affiliations in Israel. He was ordained as a Rabbi and Scribe in New  York and together with his wife Ahuva, they moved to Johannesburg, South  Africa where he served as a Youth Director, Vice-Principal of the Jewish High  School and later as pulpit Rabbi.   He continued with his higher education in Jewish studies curriculum  development at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Upon returning to the  United States in 1998, his scribal expertise and public appearances moved to  the forefront.   Rabbi Druin has benefited congregations across the country and around the  world in developing tailor-made educational, fundraising and community  building Torah Projects. Sharing the warmth and inner wonder of Torah with a  personalized and engaging approach, he is able to connect with all  audiences. Today his company, Sofer On Site International, is distinguished  as one of the world’s premier Torah Project developers, working with  communities from Omaha to India on all facets of management, marketing,  graphic artwork, fundraising and programming.   Rabbi Moshe Druin lives in North Miami Beach, Florida with his wife and  children. 
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