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Rabbi   Menachem   Bialo    was   born   in   Cleveland   OH   and   raised   with the   warmth   of   the   Midwest   and   unconditional   love   of   Torah   and   the Jewish   people.   He   now   lives   in   Miami   with   his   wife,   Neomi,   and   3 daughters. He   studied   in   Yeshivot   in   Cleveland,   Israel   and   Miami   while   training in    the    art    of    a    Sofer    and    delving    into    the    deeper    meaning    and esoteric   messages   of   the   Hebrew   letters.   The   son   of   an   artist,   he has    always    marveled    at    the    beauty    and    wonder    of    the    Hebrew letters, which led him to become an expert and meticulous Sofer. He   served   as   a   youth   and   ritual   director   in   Sydney,   Australia   as   well as   a   teacher   in   the   local   Hebrew   school.   He   was   ordained   as   a Rabbi   in   New   Jersey   and   then   qualified   as   a   Sofer   in   2003.   Since then    he    has    been    working    with    Sofer    On    Site    in    restoring    and maintaining   Torahs   from   all   over   the   world.   He   travels   and   visits congregations    for    on    site    scribing    and    conversing    about    the meanings   of   the   Hebrew   letters   during   Torah   Projects   letter   writing sessions.   He   teaches   and   inspiring   audiences   of   all   ages   about   his passion of Torah.
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