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Rabbi   Gedaliah   Druin    was   born   and   raised   in   Brooklyn,   New   York, where   he   received   his   B.A.   from   The   University   of   Oklahoma   in psychology,   sociology   and   philosophy.   He   was   the   science   curator and   supervisor   of   education   at   the   Brooklyn   Children's   Museum.   He received   his   M.A.   from   The   University   of   Oklahoma    in   philosophy   - the   spiritual   and   ethical   development   of   mankind   and   completed   his philosophy   coursework   and   dissertation   research   for   his   Ph.D.   He also taught Philosophy at the Santa Rosa College in California. In   Israel,   he   managed   a   farm   and   later   spent   seven   years   learning   in various   Yeshivot   and   Kollels.   He   has   been   a   teacher   of   Judaism, Israel   and   Ashkenazi   and   Sepharadi   traditions   in   diverse   institutions at   the   elementary,   high   school   and   university   level.   He   worked   with youth   movements   and   summer   camps   providing   focused   informal Jewish   education.   He   returned   to   the   USA   to   care   for   aging   parents and studied and qualified as a Sofer STa"M. Today,   Rabbi   Druin   travels   the   world   as   a   master   scribe   restoring scrolls   back   to   their   original   glory,   and   lecturing   on   the   wisdom   and wonders   of   the   Torah,   its   making   and   letters.   He   inspires   audiences of   all   ages   with   his   unique   and   clear   way   of   transforming   ancient traditions into lively and exciting relevant lessons.
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