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Insurance Appraisals Sofer   On   Site   are   certified   to   appraise   the   current   and   replacement value   of   Torah   scrolls   as   well   as   all   Torah   Ornaments.   We   offer   to provide this service On Site, at your location. In   todays   environment,   every   Torah   must   be   insured   with   ample coverage   against   theft,   water   or   fire   damage   or   loss.   However   just writing   down   an   estimated   value   and   paying   insurance   premiums does   not   adequately   provide   insurance   coverage   for   your   Torah.   An insurance    approved    appraisal    document    must    be    prepared    and accompany    each    appraised   Torah    value    to    insure    each    scroll    is properly insured. Assessing   your   Sifrei   Torah   of   their   monetary   value   provides   you with    a    written    fact    sheet    about    each    Scroll.    This    appraising evaluation includes: Owners Name and Address Applied identifying number Date the document was prepared Style and quality of writing Quality and Type of parchment Entire overall scroll condition and current status All    external    and    internal    measurements    i.e.    size    of    script, written and black spacing etc.) Scroll possible origin and estimated age Digital photograph of the text is provided with source location List   of   hidden   secret   pin   marks,   specially   located   throughout the scroll. Appraised replacement value This   information   which   is   included   in   the   appraisal   document   will assist    you    in    identifying    your   Torah's    true    replacement    value    for insurance   or   current   resell   value,   provide   proof   of   ownership   and establishes    an    benchmark    date    of    the    last    time    the    scroll    was examined.
Please note: Appraising a Torah, takes about one hour to accomplish If   evaluations   (for   restoration   purposes)   and   appraising   are   performed simultaneously, then a discount is offered for both services Sofer    On    Site    can    provide    regular    updates    of    existing    insurance appraisals. Please   be   aware;   the   kind   of   insurance   you   should   carry   on   your   Sifrei Torah    should    be    one    that    covers    the    scrolls    wherever    they    are, including   being   taken   to   a   retreat,   a   shiva   minyan,   etc.,   as   well   as   in transit.   Sometimes   it   is   known   as   “inland   marine   insurance”   or   can   be a simple additional rider to your existing policy. Contact   us   for   more   information   on   insurance   documentation   and   fees or to schedule an appointment.
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