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Rabbi Gedaliah Druin   was     born     and     raised     in Brooklyn,         New         York, received   his   B.A.   from   The University    of    Oklahoma    in psychology,    sociology    and philosophy.     He     was     the science         curator         and supervisor    of    education    at the       Brooklyn       Children's Museum.    He    received    his M.A.   from   The   University   of Oklahoma...
more info more info more info more info more info more info We are Sofer On Site - Scribes, Educators and Master Storytellers!    A father, son & son-in-law team, together with our dedicated staff — we have found that being a Sofer entails great responsibility. The spiritual work of writing and caring for Torah scrolls is everlasting and therefore, we have to answer to a Higher Authority.   As our name suggests, we are always local and on-site, wherever a Torah is found. We  pride ourselves in traveling and visiting congregations and their Torah’s. Our on-site services range from... more info
Norma   Robles      Her   education   was   well   rounded   between   public   schools,   Hebrew   day   schools   and   yeshivahs depending   on   where   they   lived.   She   spent   her   formative   years   in   Tucson,   Arizona   and   then   her   family   moved back   to   New   York   where   she   attended   Queens   College   and   graduated   with   an   English   degree.   During   college, she   worked   as   a   manager   in   various   retail   shops   and   met   her   husband   while   they   both   worked   at   The   Gap. After they   married,   they   moved   to   Boston   and   after   a   year,   followed   her   parents   down   to   Miami   where   they   have   been for   25   years.   Norma   spent   13   years   working   at   LEC   where   her   4   children   attended   school.   Upon   leaving   the school   environment,      she   spent   some   time   working   in   a   synagogue,   learning   the   operations   before   joining   the team   at   Sofer   on   Site. As   a   fluent   Hebrew   speaking   staff   member,   she   is   quite   helpful   with   our   overseas   contacts and affiliates.
Riki   Holtzman was   born   in   Johannesburg,   South   Africa   and   raised   in   North   Miami   Beach,   Florida.   Her   practical and   organized   nature   manifests   itself   in   that   she   is   able   to   break   down   large   tasks   and   work   efficiently   on   any project.   She   is   open   minded,   can   think   out   of   the   box,   and   can   even   be   unconventional   if   necessary.   She   is passionate   about   her   Judaism,   yet   is   accepting   of   others.   She   has   a   unique   combination   of   being   a   self-motivated learner   who   is   a   very   capable   doer   as   well.   She   taught   Hebrew   School   for   5   years   and   then   furthered   her education   by   learning   in   Israel   for   a   year.   Buoyed   by   the   profound   experience   she   went   back   for   a   second   year   as a   faculty   member   to   lead,   mentor,   nurture,   inspire   and   run   programs   for   new   students.   Teaching   in   a   Montessori preschool in Philadelphia and running educational programs furthered her commitment to Jewish Education. After   marriage,   Riki   and   her   husband   lived   in   Israel   for   a   year   to   start   their   life   together   in   a   holy   uplifting   way. They   also   traveled   the   world   volunteering   themselves   to   local   communities:   running   a   Pesach   seder   in   India, assisting   synagogues   during   the   High   Holidays,   etc.   Settling   back   in   her   hometown   of   North   Miami   Beach,   she   is committed   to   working   with   Sofer   On   Site   and   using   her   vast   experience   for   the   growth   and   Holy   work   of   Sofer   On Site.  
Rabbi   Pinchas   Benhamu          was   born   in   Morocco,   North   Africa,   made   Aliyah   to   Israel   when   he   was   6.   He   lived for   a   while   in   Italy   and   now   in   the   USA   with   his   family.   Rabbi   Benhamu   served   in   the   Israeli   air   force   as   a technician.   After   the   army   he   discovered   the   wonder   of   the   Hebrew   letters   and   especially   the   making   of   Tefillin and   Mezuzot   which   awoke   in   him   the   desire   to   become   a   Sofer.   He   studied   to   become   a   scribe   in   Israel   and   in 1994   moved   with   his   family   to   NY   and   later   to   Florida   where   he   continued   practising   and   training   under   Sofer   On Site   and   receiving   his   degree   as   a   scribe.   His   work   of   love   and   dedication   to   detail,   have   earned   him   much praise in this holy profession of Safrut. 
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Leah   Yehudah    was   born   in   Singapore   and   raised   in   Sydney Australia.   She   is   worldly   educated   and   after   a   short stay   in   Israel   during   the   Yom   Kippur   war,   she   went   back   to   the   land   down   under   -   Australia.      She   is   a   loving mother   of   3   wonderful   children.      As   a   Ba’alos   Teshuva   (a   “returnee   to   observant   Judaism”),   she   respects   and appreciates   Jews   from   all   walks   of   life.      She   worked   as   a   legal   secretary   for   one   of   the   largest   law   firms   in Century    City,    California.    After    moving    to    Florida,    she    did    challenging    volunteer    work    with    special    needs individuals   in   various   hospitals   &   settings.      Leah   is   an   incredibly   sweet   and   good   natured   person   and   as   a   newly welcomed   member   of   Sofer   On   Site,   she   serves   as   a   networking   assistant,   reaching   out   to   congregations internationally.   She   inspires   our   team   with   her   warmth   and   pleasant   disposition   and   has   endeared   herself   to   our staff and colleagues here.
Rabbi   Yaakov   Landau    was   born   in   Israel   in   1971   to   a   Chabad   Chassidic   family.      His   schooling   included   Talmud Torah   in   Bnei   Brak   and   yeshivot   in   Lod   and   Safed.      He   also   came   to   the   US   and   studied   at   the   Lubavitch headquarters   in   Crown   Heights   under   the   supervision   of   the   Lubavitcher   Rebbe.     At   the   young   age   of   seventeen, Yaakov   was   ordained   as   a   Sofer   from   Mishmeret   STa’M   in   Bnei   Brak,   Israel.      After   completing   his   studies,   he served   his   mandatory   term   in   the   IDF’s   Military   Rabbinate   Corps,   caring   the   the   spiritual   welfare   of   his   fellow soldiers.   Since   then,   he   has   written   two   Torah   scrolls   and   many   tefillin   and   mezuzot.   In   2013,   Rabbi   Landau,   his wife   and   four   children   moved   to   South   Florida   and   has   been   sharing   his   knowledge,   skills   and   expertise   with   us here at Sofer on Site.  
Rabbi   Eliyahu   Golan was   born   in Afula,   Israel   where   he      attended   vocational   school. At   the   age   of   18   he   joined the   I.D.F   where   he   served   for   3   years   and   was   released   at   the   rank   of   sergeant.   He   continued   his   studies   at      the Bio   Technological   College   in   Tel   Aviv   where   he   earned   a   degree   in   Software   Engineering.   After   coming   to   the United   States   in   the   year   2000,   he   was   later   married   in   Flatbush,   New   York.      Subsequently   he   was   a   manager   in the   food   industry   and   afterwards   in   investment   banking.   From   this   background,   he      joined   Sofer   On   Site   in   2010 and   received   his   ordination   in   Sofrut   to   serve   as   a   sofer   with   a   specialty   in   restoration   of   old   Torah   scrolls   that were rescued during the Holocaust.  
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