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Mission Statement
We    are    Sofer    On    Site    -    Scribes,    Educators    and    Master Storytellers!      A   father,   son   &   son-in-law   team,   together   with   our dedicated   staff   —   we   have   found   that   being   a   Sofer   entails great   responsibility.   The   spiritual   work   of   writing   and   caring   for Torah   scrolls   is   everlasting   and   therefore,   we   have   to   answer   to a Higher Authority. As    our    name    suggests,    we    are    always    local    and    on-site, wherever   a   Torah   is   found.   We      pride   ourselves   in   traveling   and visiting congregations and their Torah’s. Torah Scribing & Torah Care Our    on-site    services    range    from    scribing    new    scrolls,    to providing   professional   STa”M   expertise   on   location,   all   while sharing   the   wondrous   insights   of   this   tradition   with   the   people we meet. We     have     been     writing     new     Sifrei     Torah     and     serving communities   in   all   five   continents   for   over   25   years.   We   work with   over   50   scribing   Sofrim   in   Israel,   who   are   writing   news Torah’s   on   our   behalf.      We   specialize   in   evaluating,   appraising, repairing,    maintaining    and    supplying    a    full    range    of    STa”m, while   demonstrating   the   art   of   the   sofer   and   inspiring   audiences about the magic of the Hebrew letters. We    strive    to    enhance    an    awareness    of    the    importance    of correct    professional    repairs    of    a    Torah.    We    also    promote ongoing   community   involvement   in   the   care   and   maintenance. We   will   show   you   how   correct   care   will   save   you   money   at every stage. Czech Memorial Scrolls The   Memorial   Scrolls   Trust   has   accepted   and   endorsed   Sofer on   Site   as   an   authorized   Sofer   group   to   perform   restorations   on the   precious   Czech   Memorial   Scrolls   that   have   been   placed with   congregations   worldwide.   Sofer   on   Site   is   also   an   official “Safe    Haven”    for    the    Southeast    United    States    for    Czech Memorial   Scrolls   an   “in   between   homes."   We   can   perform   the required five year condition report of these MST scrolls. Educate Our   passion   is   to   link   all   Jews   to   the   beauty   of   Torah   and   their Jewish   heritage   by   enabling   communities   to   adopt   their   own Torahs   with   a   real   living   relationship.   We   do   this   through   our unique   ability   to   inspire,   educate   and   connect   with   a   diverse spectrum of Jews, both here in the United States and abroad. Collectively,   the   Sofer   On   Site   team   have   over   100   years   of educational    background    in    formal    and    informal    education. Education   is   the   foundation   to   what   we   do.   Our   greatest   joy   is
finding   the   point   at   which   the   listener   not   only   becomes   engaged in Torah, but claims his/her ownership of our sacred traditions. Our    Sofrim    travel    the    country    as    master    scribes,    lecturers, educators   and   storytellers   —   mesmerizing   audiences   of   all   ages. We    utilize    our    past    educational    and    personal    experiences    to provide    a    distinctive    program    as    we    share        the    wonders    and inspirational meanings of the Hebrew alphabet. Together we offer a unique, diverse and educational experience. Fundraising Torah Projects As Torah   is   timeless,   so   is   its   teachings.   Everyone   can   be   inspired to   find   their   personal   connection   with   it.   One   of   the   most   profound experiences   a   Sofer   can   provide   is   a   meaningful   and   inspirational Torah Journey Project. We    specialize    in    creating    community    based    unifying    Torah Projects.   Whether   writing   a   new   Torah   or   restoring   an   old   one, connecting   a   project   with   our   unique   fundraising   approach,   will ensure   the   experience   is   memorable,   long   lasting   and   financially rewarding. Our   dedicated   staff   guide   and   assist   communities   of   all   sizes   and backgrounds     to     develop     tailor-made     educational     programs, provide   marketing   and   publicity   materials   and   expertise,   prepare financial   spreadsheets   and   collaboration   tools   to   turn   Fundraising into Friendraising. Email   or   call    us   to   find   out   more   about   what   we   do   and   how   we can enhance your next Torah Journey!