Poles & Services: From   time   of   order,   delivery   is   approximately   2-3   weeks.   Silver   dedication   plates   for   personlized engraving   is   sold   separately.   We   also   offer   the   attaching   of   Torah   scrolls   to   the   poles.   Call   for   current pricing on materials and services. ALL   poles   and   plates   can   be   interchangeable. Click on thumbnails images below to enlarge
Torah Poles - Atzei Chaim
Torah         is         the         prized         inheritance        of         the         Jewish         people.         It         moves,        motivates,         and         unites         us         as         a        nation.         For      3,000         years         we         have        learned      to      live      our      lives      through     the          teachings,          guidance          and       message      of      Torah.      We   search      for     new        ways        to        bring        ourselves      closer      to      it.      At      Sofer      On      Site,      we     are      honored      to      provide      beautiful STa’M        of        the        highest        Halachic      standards,      while      bringing      Torah’s     timeless        messages        to        you,        and      inspire generations to come.
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Torah Ornaments
Torah Poles - Atzei Chaim
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